Severe stomach pain and flare up every 2-3 weeks

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since April 21 I have been having these so called flare ups (doctors name for them) I get severe abdominal pain where I can't move, vomiting, diarrhea, cold sweats, shakes, rapid heart beat, confusion and dizzyness, I pass out nearly every time, I ring an ambulance straight away but its been months and my doctors don't have a clue what is causing it as we've found no triggers, I've been on a strict diet, gluten free, no alcohol, no dairy no coffee and no spicy food. Its really disheartening not knowing what it is, is anyone else having the same problem?

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    I had the same list of symptoms, and they would come and go daily as flare ups, ended up at A&E or calling out ambulances or paramedics many times too.

    You say you found no triggers for the flare ups, but, does it happen more often at certain times of the day, or is it completely random?

    Do the symptoms happen in a specific order?

    Also, can you be more specific about diet and what you do or don't avoid? No coffee... but, tea? Tomatoes, onions, chocolate? Do you smoke or vape?

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      it can happen at any time including waking up in the middle of the night, I don't have caffeine, gluten, dairy, alcohol, I'm actually allergic to tomatoes so I can't touch them haha, I don't smoke, I have recently been given tablets for sickness as I can't keep much food down and there not sure if it's a symptom or a side affect from the tablets.

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      I assume you've had some doctors mention reflux? You're not doing anything in terms of usual triggers for that with diet and stuff, but... lying down / sleeping can be a trigger for it. I had the same list of symptoms as you and night-time reflux was the cause of mine, so, I wouldn't rule it out. Especially if you say it wakes you up in the middle of the night. It doesn't have to be 'acid' reflux... you can have non-acidic types as well, and it can be what is called 'silent' reflux, meaning you wouldn't associate your symptoms with reflux because they're not common ones like heartburn or bitter tastes in your mouth. A few other questions...

      What medications do you take, if any?

      Do you have a preferred position for sleeping, like on a specific side of your body?

      Do you have unpleasant or very vivid dreams?

      Or do you know if you grind your teeth while sleeping or maybe wake up with a sore jaw?

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      They have given me tablets for gastritis a few days ago and now I'm waiting on a camera for my stomach, I sleep quite upright and I ended up having another flare up yesterday in the middle of the day which is unusual and still suffering with a rapid heartbeat and body aches. so I'm currently taking omeprazole and anti sickness now, I don't grind my teeth and no vivid dreams and I normally sleep on my back or side. I noticed i woke up yesterday morning with a rapid heart rate and didn't feel like eating and I ended up having another flare up so not eating didn't help it but my doctors have also emailed the hospital about further tests as there not sure what to do and a stool sample is needed which I will do next week.

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      If I could offer you one suggestion, it would be to try Gaviscon Advance. It's available without prescription. People get prescribed Gaviscon for reflux, but if it's non-acidic reflux, which your symptoms sound like more than they do acid reflux, then you will need the 'Advance' version for it to have any effect and it will be more effective than the acid blockers like Omeprazole (although there are zero issues with taking both at the same time). You can take up to 10ml after each meal and before bed, but I found it best to take 5ml after each meal and another 5 inbetween meals, then 5ml before bed and 5 again during the night if you wake up. I had tried the normal Gaviscon when I first had symptoms like yours and stopped because it didn't help at all. I didn't find out about the Advance one for about 6 months but that was what changed everything for me. If that doesn't help, then it will be important to continue the Omeprazole until you have your Gastroscopy (camera for your stomach).

      In terms of sleeping positions, if it was reflux causing your symptoms, unfortunately every position except only one is going to cause you more discomfort. The one to avoid at all costs is sleeping on the right side of your body. But, on your back or front are also not advisable. So, if you can manage it, try sleeping only on your left side and at least give it a while to see if you start noticing improvements with that. When you say you already sleep quite upright, were you doing that before your symptoms? Or did you doctor suggest it after they started?

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