Severe stomach pain and nausea for 6 months. Extreme weightloss. Help!

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My name is Tiffany and I'm a 23 years old female.

Unfortunately my story starts 6 months ago. I have intense pain that feels like an angry ball of pain that sits in my upper abdominal area. It feels like my stomach is eating itself. I am naseaous all the time, life feels like it's becoming unbearable to live. It affects my life every single day. I am freshly married and this not only effects my life but my husbands as well. Most days I can barely get out of bed.I am up for any suggestions, and will answer any questions. If you care to read further detail here is my story.

About six months ago I started having intense nausea and stomach pain and threw up everything I ate. My bowel movements were all over the place from diarrhea for three days to severe constipation.

When this problem started I weighed 160lbs. Within 4 months I dropped 30lbs and have continued to lose weight and am down to 120 lbs. I can't stop losing. I have no appetite at all I could not eat for days and never get hungry.

A month after this issue started I ended in the ER due to myself passing out and barely even being able to walk. The doctors said I had the flu and sent me me home with zofran to help the vomiting. However the constipation from zofran became almost As unbearable as my sickness, I found myself feeling worse.

Fast forward almost 6 months and this is what I've been through. Endoscopy, colonoscopy, several blood sample, stool samples, ct scan, and an 3 ER visits, countless bags of fluids, and an ultrasound. All of which we found nothing.

Promethazine, ranitidine and tramadol are currently what I'm on but the dizziness from the nausea med is so bad I cant even stand after taking it. I'm finding that none of these meds are subsiding the issues enough to live life.

I also use to smoke marijuana, a doctor advised stopping so I did but it has not helped at all. If anything it's made it worse, smoking (indica only) was the only way I could get myself to feel up to eating.

My diet consists of crackers, bread, soup broth, this slices of turkey lunch meat, and very plain lentil and noodle soup. I can feel myself shrinking and getting weaker. I can barely walk through a grocery store without feeling weak like passing out.

I'm feeling beyond helpless and just need some answers. I feel like I'm slowly waiting to shrink and die. Im freshly married for only 4 months, this is not the life my husband signed up for. I'm so desperate for answers I will try anything. Any opinions suggestions, really anything? I feel like the doctors have just given up and keep passing me around to other doctors.

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    Have you been tested for celiac and were your stool samples tested for h pylori and parasites?   What you were smoking may have irritated your intestine and caused damage.  Keep a food diary in case you have a food intolerance.  Go back to your doctor and say that your medications are not helping your symptoms and are giving you bad side effects. Ask for something different.  Ask about IBS since all your tests were negative.

    I don't think your doctor has given up on you.  You are being referred to other specialists because he/she doesn't  know what is wrong and is sending you to medics who have more expertise in the problems you are having.

    I went through three and half months of constant stomach pain, constipation     nausea and loose stools  last year.  Seven doctors did not recognise my symptoms and tests showed nothing.  My eiighth doctor diagnosed IBS.  I too gave up hope of getting  answers.


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    Hi tfriel0409

    Have you ha any tests on your pancreas?...problems with the pancreas present with abnormal bowel movement, nausea and weight loss....ask your doc to test for any pancreatic wishes...

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    Yes get your pancrease tested. I however feel your pain as I go through everyday as if I have the flu and like you just want to stay in my PJ's and bed and my husband seems to be at a loss to help me. All the tests done come back negative and I don't understand how that can be when I feel so sick. Being on this sight I have seen that there are many of us in the same situation and we are all really frustrated. On TV they manange to solve way out problems but here in real life with all our technoglogy they can't help us. All I can say just keep trying different things to find something that works for you because what may work for me may not do anything for you. Talke with a knowledgable person at a health store to see if they can suggest something  for you to try. Hope you can find something to help you and post info for the rest of us to see as we all are looking for some help as living life this way is no fun.

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    Go see a naturopath, ive been having stomach pain for a year doctors couldnt find anything. Its been 2 weeks since I seen a naturopath and its improved so much almost gone. He gave me a mix or herbal drops and minerals smile

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