Severe Stomach Pains and no help

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Hi Everybody,

Ok where do I start. I am a 24 year old and generally fit and healthy minus being a smoker. I dont really drink alcohol, if I have 2 pints a month then that's more than usual. I do not take drugs.

In August last year I got stomach pains which started off very mild, as the hours went on the pains got worse and worse and eventually unbearable. I couldn't keep still and they moved from the centre of my stomach to the bottom right of my stomach. I attended the drop in doctors as I was away from home and they prescribed my Buscopan :-| needless to say this did not work.

The whole ordeal lasted around 12/15 hours, things got worse as the hours went on and this only went when I was so exhausted from the pain and being unable to keep still, I fell asleep (somehow).

Around 2 months later the same thing happened again! Same as before pain and time frame. I couldn't handle the pain this time so my partner called 999. They said it wasn't classed as an emergency so call 101 or 111 (don't know what the number is). They said we needed to wait for an ambulance and as it wasnt an emergency and being Friday night they were very busy (attending to all the self inflicted drunks in the local towns!). They said it would be 2 hours, after 2 and a half they called back and said it was so busy it could be even longer! Eventually I started to fall asleep again so I asked my my partner to cancel the ambulance that was probably never coming.

Around 5 days later I went to the doctors who said they think it could be appendicitis and sent me to the hospital, they kept me in a few hours and said it wasn't that. Off home I go with no explanation.

(Overall fantasic service from the NHS).

This morning it happened again, this time it started at around 1 am and woke me up, it wasn't as severe this time but still most uncomfortable. I eventually fell asleep at around 4am and was back up for work at 5:30. I work on the road 5 days a week on the wagons, the other times I have been away and at home. Still at this hour I feel uncomfortable and just want the whole ordeal to stop.

After these bouts of excruciating pain it takes me up to a week to recover fully, it feels like damage has been done to my stomach/or I have done 12 rounds with Tyson.

The doctors can't seem to help and offer me no explanation. I can't go on not knowing when this is next going to happen, I have been dreading this happening whilst at work and fortunately this time it's not as bad but still awful.

Just to clarify this isn't a permanent thing, it lasts 12/15 hours then goes, but leaves me sore for up to a week afterwards. This has now happened 3 times since August 2014.

Has anybody else experienced this and had any answers? I really need this to stop.

Thanks in Advance

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    you do need them to check your gall bladder for stones also pancreas. Is it worse after fatty foods? have you been checked for an ulcer? What did the hospital say it maybe? Are you big small? sorry loads of questions
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      When I was in the hospital they ruled out stones (even though they did nothing to check they said "it sounds like it's not that". I'm average build, size L to XL depending on brand. They haven't tested me for anything other than take my bloods 5 days after the last bout I had, with this they ruled out appendicitis.

      Thank You

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    You want to keep a food diary as well just incase it's certain foods that set your stomach of. Get your iron and B12 checked just incase. Other than that you might have to have an endoscapy but I warn you, it's not fun! If your doc won't or can't tell you what they think ask for a second opinion.Good luck.
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      Thank you for the reply, I will ask my GP to put me through all of the above, I don't mind having things shoved down my throat if it finds the cause of the problem. The only thing in common is the day before I've eaten chicken, but I eat chicken 5/6/7 days a week. I'd be the most unlucky person if it's food poisoning all 3 times, two times I had food at reputable restaurants and another time I cooked myself.
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    I think the next port of call must be to the dr. Its easy for them to check for an ulcer. They can do that with an endoscope and also a barium meal. It could be IBS but you need make sure as they often pass it off as that and it isn't. Do you have the runs then constipation for instance? there are too many things it could be but I do suggest that you pester your dr because if you don't you won't get anywhere. Don't let them sugest its in your head either.

    I do speak with some knowledge as I have been ill since being 11 yrs old with tummy problems. I have now been very ill for 6 yrs I think and every year it will get progressively worse for me. I have a very rare problem but certainly caused by not being listen to by the medics. I am now 61 yrs old. You can do the sums!


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    hi i suffer bad stomach pains when my ibs flares up but it is relived by colpermin tablets what i take but ibs may be something to take in account and if your doctor is not taking any futher test then keep swaping your dcotors till you get the answers and relief you need 
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    Hi DanielQuine

    You are entitled to a second opinion under the Patients Charter for England and Wales if you are a UK resident. Go back to your GP and ask for an ultrasound scan. Something is causing this pain. You may have a hiatus hernia or an ulcer.

    Dont take no for an answer it is your entitlement you pay tax and National Insurance contributions dont you? insist on a second wishes...


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    Today I have been feeling worse, this is the first time this has happened but when I walk I get a butterfly/aching sensation in my heart area, I struggle to walk and it makes me feel sick. Can anybody shed any light on this?

    I would seek medical help but I'm still away at work.

    Thank you

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      I suggest you take time off work and go seek medical help at an A & E department at the nearest hospital. You cannot ignore pain in the chest area especially if your feeling unwell....

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