Shaky vision and tremors symptoms of Anxiety?

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I have generalized anxiety disorder and the last year I haven't been sleeping well. 3-5 hours tops per night.

A few weeks ago I got a Migraine which triggered severe Insomnia, eyelid twitching and some visual issues that ended up being dry eyes, but I rushed to get my eyes checked and the optometrist said my eyes are perfectly healthy and the twitch is fatigue.

However I then developed a "flickering" in my vision kind of like a steady strobe light, which then turned into "vibrating" or "shaking" mostly in my peripheral vision. Especially notice vertical lines like doorways and hallways look like they're moving left to right rapidly. I then developed internal tremors, like I'm shaking from the inside but not visible to others. I saw my GP and she said it's all sleep deprivation, and anxiety and she doesn't think its Neurological, gave me some vitamins/relaxation exercises.

I managed to get a bit of sleep and the eyelid twitch went away, the shaky vision got better but not resolved, and the tremors almost stopped for a few days. But my eyes were still flickering and shaking although doing better. Then I started noticing flickers and flashes and sometimes objects "twitch" which triggered my anxiety all over again, can't sleep, tremors are back.

Has anyone experienced these issues with anxiety? They've been constant, the shaky vision hasn't stopped for 4 weeks I'm terrified its Nurological.

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    Hi,I would visit an opthomologist for the vision symptoms. I also have very bad anxiety. maybe a med would help.

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    yes...i developed this in late 2015 and still experience symptoms to this day. likewise i felt it was neurological. i suffer from GAD as well. when i'm reading something up close my vision shakes or twitches...what i see that is. like a quick vibration. i've also had muscle twitching all over since 2015. i did experience a severe bout of what felt like internal vibrations, mostly in the legs which made it difficult to sleep at night. likewise, i've suffered from segmented sleep for years leading up to 2015 full blown symptoms. i've had every physical symptom you could possibly think of due to GAD.

    likewise, i'd have tiny flashes in my vision, ears ringing suddenly then it goes away. i'm still the same weight as 2015 and had no loss in strength. but at times i feel very odd and numb. legs will feel weak and rubbery some days. other days it feels like i'm clumsy.

    i've had poor posture and sit too much at a computer desk. my spine is twisted constantly as i'll slouch and lean back looking at the computer screen. i've done this for years. likewise, lack of sleep and underlying theme among all.

    but the worries you describe above, i've been there. at some point, you just don't have the energy to care anymore when it comes to worrying about symptoms. this is when real progress is made. i was just too mentally drained to worry anymore and it came about naturally, I didn't force the mental fatigue from worrying all the time.

    i've ran every test in the book and my reflexes are fine. my doctor has been keen on all of my symptoms and is a good doctor who listens to my concerns. he also explained that i need to make an effort as well. furthermore, he went on about my effort to make lifestyle changes like eating better, not sitting at a desk as often, exercising even if it's just walking, etc... he explained if i were doing all the above and still had issues, lost bodily function in some way or lost a lot of weight or had sudden weakness, then he'd send me to a neurologist, which incidentally is protocol anyway.

    if your doctors have cleared you, at least have some confidence in them as they know much more than many give them credit for. they've endured the long-term education and have likely practiced for some time. follow their advice and try to eliminate as much worry as possible. you can do it, many of us have. myself, i've made a lot of progress and some of the most worrisome symptoms I used to dwell on no longer exist. anyway, good luck.

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      Thanks for taking the time to reply. It's crazy how much we share in common. I also spend a lot of time behind desks and have back/neck pain and issues due to bad posture. Little sleep, and the visual symptoms you described are exactly the same. Your post is incredibly reassuring that its nothing serious and you got better.

      My doctor said if I don't get better in 30 says she will send me to a Neurologist because the visual issues puzzle her. I got 15 days left. I would like some peace of mind as well but hopefully I feel better by then.

      Have you seen a chiropractor? My sisters a massage therapist said a spine/body realignment is what I Need to correct my neck issues and poor posture. I think that might have to do with large amounts of stress and possible nerve issues/healing.

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      i have yet to see a chiropractor; i'm one of those, but really should. you mention peace of mind and i certainly hope so. but, what would your train of thought be if you're cleared after neurological checks? if i'm not mistaken, i've read articles of GAD and BFS sufferers that do have EMG irregularities in some cases. GAD is a very complex illness unfortunately with low (full) recovery rates. many GAD sufferers will tell you they've suffered much of their life, if not all of it.

      good news is you're taking the right steps in seeing your doctor and asking for referrals. personally, looking back on all of it in my case...i decided if it is neurological i'd rather not know. i figured if it was worst case scenario, but would have maybe have another 3-4yrs of function, then i'd rather not know until i got to the point of not functioning.

      i still have concerns to this day. i have odd muscle aches and pains. i have muscle twitching. i also have a lot of daily anxiety. i work too hard...when things get done they have to be done right or perfectly. all byproducts of GAD/Anxiety. there are times i feel i can't relax or take a deep breath. because of all of this, along with a little introspection, i realize that to be fair or to have a real accurate assessment of my health i need to tackle these issues first.

      if i had a consistent serene mindset and still had odd physical symptoms then i would and should be concerned. but, i feel until i tackle the anxiety issues and so on...some of these odd symptoms are apparently par for the course. it's a daily grind, but fortunately i do have interests that keep me entertained or distracted.

      anyway, good luck. keep us posted on your progress and try to incorporate changes to your lifestyle that are obviously glaring with regard to sleep, diet and physical wellness.

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      Thanks again for taking the time to reply, If i were cleared after tests I would be able to believe that all this is just stress, fatigue, and anxiety and focus on that. Right now I might finally feel calm and even sort of happy for a moment. Then I notice the visual disturbances or tremors and a massive wave of anxiety and thoughts of having a severe Neurological disease take control and I feel dread and fear all day. I'm about to finish college and take steps to starting a career but the stress and fear is all I can focus on. So when I say piece of mind I mean knowing this is just another anxiety attack that will eventually go away with time, and I'm not dying lol. I suffer from Tinitus and I eventually learned to live with it once I found out it wasn't a brain tumor, just hearing loss. I'll give an update once I get tested by a neurologist.

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    Gabriel, I could've written what you've described. I'm aware that this is likely a zombie thread and I'm aware you haven't been active for a while but this has really hit home for me and I've found it quite reassuring. You're the first person who has described what I'm experiencing to a 't'.

    If you somehow are notified that I've commented on this thread, I would be most obliged if you could reply and let me know how you're getting on. whether your symptoms have lessened or gone or stayed the same and if your anxiety is under control now.

    Many thanks.

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      Hey Rosie, I actually got an email telling me you replied, it feels like I wrote this ages ago I forgot I even started this thread lol I might not be very active after this post though. The quick answer is:

      I was diagnosed with Ocular Migraines, Essential Tremor, and of course Anxiety. In the end I'm healthy as these are benign conditions.

      Long answer: After seeing multiple GP doctors, basic eye doctors, and a neurologist. I had lots of tests including EEG, EKG's and a CT scan (No MRI) they concluded I have Ocular migraines which cause the vision issues, and the tremors, heart, insomnia and stuff was due to heavy anxiety, mainly being so stressed thinking I had a serious health issue. The brutal anxiety has passed however I still suffer from anxiety as a disorder sometimes but its minor, the scary tremors went away and I pretty much feel normal again. Although the visual problems drastically improved they don't really fully go away. I take a small dose of a Beta Blocker to lower my heart rate and prevent migraines and it also calms you down a little bit but my heart is still healthy. That's the only medicine I take.

      I did a lot of research into Visual Snow Syndrome and that explained a lot of the visual symptoms that my doctors were confused by such as the shimmering/flickering vision. Check it out as it's actually very common and also not a threat to your health. Hopefully you find some peace of mind but definitely meet with a doctor to get reassurance from a professional! Stay safe.

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      Gabriel, thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me!

      I've also seen an opthomologist and had an OCT scan of the eyes. All perfectly normal. Nothing concerning. She did actually suggest ocular migraines at the time but i didn't think they fit.

      I'm describing my symptoms as a weird reaction to light and lines/patterns.

      My GP is of the opinion that I'm suffering from ocular migraines and anxiety. I do find my symptoms are worse when I'm anxious but then experiencing symptoms heightens my anxiety anyway which I'm sure you're familiar with!

      I'm not currently on any medication for anxiety/depression but won't rule it out. I've also been researching visual snow and Irlen's syndrome (also totally benign and associated with migraines). Both conditions seem to fit with what I've been experiencing. I like to think if it as a mis-processing within the brain which produces visual distortions. If I wear sunglasses I barely get the symptoms so I'm pretty sure its light sensitivity related.

      Once again, thank you so much for replying to me! I really appreciate it!

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