Shall I now take Losarten as Amlodopine made me so tired?

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Any advice welcome please. I was on atenonol for some years, about 15 year ago, originally because of migraines. Then I developed high blood pressure, and it sorted that too. Then about 5 years ago, doctor decide to move me to Bisoprolol Fumarate 2.5 which again was fine.

A month ago on a routine check he said that my blood pressure was too high, and that Bisoprolol was no longer doing the job. He started me on Amlodopine 5mg. He mentioned that if that didn't work alone, he might add a second drug.

This last month I have been so utterly exhausted and lethargic, much more so than previously, almost from the first day I took this drug. I thought it might wear off after a while, but not so far. Also I have always had swollen ankles since my teens. Now they are worse, occasionally. It feels like my skin is stretched so tight. Today I went back to Doc, mine is away so I saw another. Explained problem, she said Amlodopine does not normally cause tiredness, just causes swollen ankles.

She said as I really am not happy with it, she has now put me on Losarten Pottassium 50mg. I have recently had an ultra sound and blood test re my kidneys, as I was tempoarily bloated, came back all clear.

I am late 60s and quite over weight, which I am trying to address.

I asked why I couldn't keep taking the drug that had suited me - Bisoprolol Fumarat - but in an increased dose of 5mg? She didn't think that was a good idea at all., but I don't understand why an increased dose wouldn't work?

I didn't feel very reassured or confident after seeing her. I don't like to keep changing drugs, but I can't carry on feeling so exhausted.

Can anyone please advise me? Thanks

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    Amlodipine, as a calcium channel blocker, is one kind of drug - that I came to hate.

    Losartan, as an ARB, is a very different drug with generally much milder side-effects, I suggest you give it a try.

    Small doses of beta blockers are OK, larger doses may start having more side-effects.

    If your ankles get swollen, doctor should consider giving you a diuretic as well, this not only helps your ankles but helps reduce your BP as well.

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    how high is no now

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      I didn't keep a note myself, stupidly. But I asked her to check it today, she confirmed it had come down from a month ago, and she was happy with it. I am due to start the Losarten tonight, and must go back next week to get BP checked again by a nurse.

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    Thanks for the replies. I started the Losarten last night, and hope it will be better.

    I have realised that over the last 2 weeks I have had really bad lower back and joint pain. I have had trouble walking far as it hurts, I am bent over. I am just wondering if that is anything to do with the Amlodopine too.

    Of course I may just need a new mattress! I am hoping I feel a lot better soon, as this has really reduced my quality of life.

    I still don't understand why I couldn't just be given a higher dose of my existing drug - Bisoprolol Fumara. I wonder if cost to the NHS is part of it?

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    Hi Barbara,

    As others have stated earlier the issue is Bisoprolol and Amlodipine are different drugs and work on your BP in different ways.

    Bisoprolol is a Beta Blocker and increasing the dose can (and will) have side effects that you may not be happy with, it is commonly used in higher doses to control heart rate and unless you are suffering from AF you may find your heart rate lower than is good for you.

    Amlodipine is a Calcium Channel Blocker and lowers your BP by a different action from Beta Blockers, I would suggest using our friend Google to look at the technicalities of the different actions, I'm not qualified to advise in any way what with me not being a doctor and I'd probably over simplify it to the point of getting it wrong.

    Losartan I have never taken so don't really know much about it, Google reveals that among the common side effects are Muscle Cramps which may be your answer.

    I've been taking Amlodipine for many years now, for a while in conjunction with Bisoprolol and Statins as well as Ramipril and Eplerenone. My Heart condition has improved to the point I don't need the Beta Blockers (That's how I found out about the heart rate. Nearly collapsing in B&Q one weekend and finding I had a RHR of 40. I'm not sure what was worse, the heart rate or being in B&Q) and now have my BP controlled by the Amlodipine, Eplerenone and Ramipril.

    I have found my ankles swell, particularly if I haven't been active for a few hours, (driving or sitting at my desk for example) but only experienced aches and pains when taking Statins. Since they went at the same time as the Bisoprolol I haven't had any aches that I can't explain away as being a 56 year old former rugby player that still runs three times a week.

    I'd carry on with the efforts to lose some weight, I'm also at an age where it seems easier by far to gain than lose weight so you have my sympathy for that. The healthier I get the less tired I seem to be so if you can increase your exercise levels, and remember exercise can be as simple as parking further away from the shop entrance or walking to the post office rather than driving, I'm sure it won't hurt.

    Go back to the GP with your concerns, it may help to write them down and present her (or him) with the list and go through them together. Ask her to explain in terms you can understand why you are being prescribed each drug and what you should expect it to do.

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      Thanks very much Jason. I wish my doctor had explained as clearly and succinctly as you have, why a higher dose of Bisoprolol is not a good idea for me. That's all I wanted to know.

      In the past I have not been too concerned by possible side effects of drugs, perhaps I have been lucky so far. I only started looking up Amlodipin when I was suddenly struggling with being so very tired all the time, and couldn't understand why. Then I realised that this exhaustion coincided with starting the Amlodipin. Also my ankles have always been very prone to swell, in heat and when flying, but these last 2 weeks they have been much more painfully swollen. I am glad I'm off this drug.

      I realise it's hard to know when an ache or pain is really due to drugs you are taking, or is just old age creeping up, or a coincidence. I avoid taking any drugs, even over the counter painkillers, these BPs are all I take.

      When I go back to doc next week I'll make a note of all my recent BP readings, so I can be more aware of how I'm doing.

      I know that if I lose a good amount of weight and exercise more (at all) I will improve my chances of better health. I have been so exhausted that there is no way recently I could manage even a short walk I am hopeful that will improve now. This has been a wake up call for me to take all steps I can to make myself healthier. If I weren't overweight I might never have needed the BP tablets.

      Thanks all for the advice.

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