Sharp ear pain!

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Since yesterday I'm having a very Sharp back ear pain and tip of shoulder both connected to each other it's very Sharp and lasts for only seconds.. Its on my left side, I do get the left side temple headaches every month for 3 days like clock work, but never had the Sharp pain in back of ear and shoulder.. Anyone else experience this?? Is it a peri/meno symptom??

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    I get this as well. My headaches (which I call a "weird head day" lol because sometimes they don't "hurt", it's more like heavy weight in the back of my head along with weird dizziness mild but annoying) will sometimes start, and then I'll get a crazy bad sharp pain in my ear, either side. Like you, only lasts a few seconds and then it's gone.

    Mine is more often on the right side.

    When I get these "weird head days", many times they're accompanied by heart palpitations and very MILD naseau, but not "every time". 

    I do notice (I think?) that they're more severe close to ovulation and now and then during my period. But again- not "all" the time.

    I've read that allergies and sinus issues get worse with peri- that would TOTALLY make sense to me. We just had a hurricane in Florida in September (as the whole world knows LOL) and I've noticed my weird head symptoms are worse now- there is still tons of trash piles which are now growing mold and a LOT of people are sick.

    Also, I had a very very bad sinus infection/cough around beginning of 2017. Took some antibiotics but didn't do them on time everyday- and every since then, I've had these head/ear/mild vertigo issues. 

    The strange things is this: what you're experiencing i HAVE read several people on this forum talk about. Saying they've been to doc, had tests, nothing found, and doesn't surprise me at ALL that it could be related to peri.

    But it also wouldn't surprise me if many of us also have a hard to pinpoint sinus issue, maybe intermittent fluid in the ear also? 

    I don't have health insurance, so I can't run to the clinic every time I freak out, which is constantly because I have health anxiety so bad I have to fight for it to not ruin my life lately lol.

    But I do wonder quite often if it's multiple things, like a "you know what rolls downhills" type scenario lol.

    Peru- hormones causing body to act like a spoiled brat with a temper tantrum

    Causing...sinuses to not work right and be more susceptible to colds and what-not...

    Causing...fluid and swelling in/around the ear, head/sinus cavities.... ear pain

    Causing...weird headaches with pain or not...

    Causing....dizziness and vertigo

    Which then for many of us causes....

    Health anxiety, panic attacks and heart palpitations.

    Mix in the funky stomach with gas gurgles or contipation that causes stomach aches....throw in some ovulation pains and all leads back to peri lol

    I hope my analogy made sense there lol

    If you can afford a doctor visit and/or have insurance, get your ear checked. 

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      Thank you str8fans for sharing your story, yes it all makes perfect sense all these symptoms are connected to this peri/meno ride we all seem to be on! My symptoms have magnified since this all began that I do know.. Yes whole world watching that bad hurricane in Florida, I have family in Miami who had to drive up state for days to get away from it, so we were all watching closely... Hope everything gets cleaned up for you in your area soon so no more mold.. I do know mold is a big trigger for my sinus/ allergies...
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      Hi str8t.  I just ran across this post.  I am currently taking antibx for an ear infection.  I haven't had one since I was a kid.  And I haven't taken antibx in years.  I just normally don't get this stuff.  I read another post earlier today from someone saying she had to take 3 rounds of antibx to get rid of one.  I do think it's all connected

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      Oh and btw.  The ear infection was causing my throat to hurt which I was sure was a tumor in my throat.  I busted a blood vessel in my thumb today and I don't know how so I think I'm in liver failure.  That's where I am today.  

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      I have to laugh!  I was researching to see if anyone else has experienced sharp pain in their ear as a symptom of peri/meno as this is a new symptom I just experienced and since I am completely deaf in my other ear this has got me going throat had been mildly sore...and I also think I have throat cancer or something.  And a whole bunch of other terminal diseases.   I am so glad I am not the only hypochondriac on the block.
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      Thanks for making me chuckle InnerGrace!

      This menopause stuff is for the birds. Is anybody else with me and experiencing these things?

      1. Pain between right shoulder blade (like a deep ache). MY prognosis with the help of Dr. Google (Lung/Breast Cancer)
      2. Shooting pain in jaw and ear. I also found ONE white like pimple on the right side of my throat which is sensitive when I swallow (feels like a canker soar). I also have a white patch on my lower gum but think that is from my upper denture rubbing on it. MY prognosis with the help of Dr. Google (oral, thyroid and/or esophogial cancer)
      3. Aches and pains in muscles and joints (well of course I have bone cancer)
      4. Twinge in pelvis (well of course - ovarian or uterine cancer).
      5. Nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss (nearly every cancer known to man)
      6. Brain fog (well that HAS to be brain cancer)

      In about 6 months I should be dead right?????

      In all seriousness have you ladies had any of these symptoms

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    My pain was worse yesterday, and slowly improving today as the day goes on!!
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    I'm glad it's improving!

    I noticed you said that 18 hours ago- is it still improving?

    No ear pain for me today- but lots of "hurry up and wait" insurance stuff, so I'm guessing some underlying anxiety from that is causing me some REALLY annoying palpitations today. 

    Gotta love those!!

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