Shingle poem

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It starts as a raised pimple on your face

It’s not a normal one it looks out of place

It turns red and starts to itch

You know it’s shingles

Life’s a b***h

The cluster grows and starts to spread

The pain goes right into you head

Don’t touch it, do not scratch

The itchy red irritated patch

Blisters start to form and burst

Running down your face making it worse

Scared of it spreading even more

It’s getting really bloody sore

The numbness attacks your nerves

You know the symptoms by chapter and verse

Been through this so many times

The crying and sleepless nights

How many more outbreaks can you take

Before your heart finally breaks

And you breakdown and give up

Because you’ve finally had enough

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    Ha ha good for you! Laughter is one way of helping to get through this disability. I have reoccurring shingles, and keeping positive, laughing and eating healthy, keep me sane. Thanks for sharing!!!💚🤗

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    Don't give up Ruth, it's awful but hopefully one day soon some scientist will discover the cure!

    Hang in there and keep sharing!! Sue

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    THE poem is a best seller! Its so true in pain! You cant comb your hair and so scared to see a

    red patch anywhere! I have black eyes from sleepless nights!! Each doctor has a different opinion! But you know we are better doctors ourselves because its US going through this misery, not them!!

    We know our bodies and our symtoms!

    We are better doctors!!!!

    Be well


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      thanks Myrna

      im so annoyed, rushing to get dressed and knocked scab off face and is all pink and gonna scar now as scab wasnt ready to come off its supposed to come off on its own!!! im always so careful after 15times of having them i should know to be careful! im so angry and annoyed with myself. going to have people looking at scars now, its bad enough having a raised massive ugly horrible scab on face let alone scars! im so ANGRY

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      HELLO Ruth

      Sorry to hear about the scabs! But use cocoa butter, it helps erase scars! Had to go to the dentist and my GP today!

      My face and mouth hurts so much because the flu triggered my shingles again and a bad case! of sinus!!

      I am in bad pain Ruth! Cant open my mouth to eat! I Hate this! Not happy! Couldnt go to my grandchild's birthday!! I hate myself today!!

      Hope you are feeling better!


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      Hi Myrna,

      oh no, not the dentist??? i wont go to one ever again after my experience with them! you poor thing , you must be in so much pain, sinusitis is awful i suffer from it too and rhinitis. I find steam helps, or a hot face cloth over your nose and eyes eases the pain. im sorry you feel so poorly. did the doctor or dentist give you anything to help you??? i had a bad experience with dentist had to have a tooth out and instead of just pulling it he also fkd about with other teeth did a root canal filling he did about 6 teeth on one go my whole mouth and face was numb snd the next day i woke up with shingles on my face because of all the nerve work he did he unsettled the nerves and reactivated the shingles, i couldnt eat properly for five months all i ate was soft pasta and soup i lost so much weight from a size 12 to a size 8!!!!! lost my boobs too from 36DD to a 34C!!! so im petrified of dentists incase it happens again!

      i will have a look for cocoa butter cream is it facial cream? where can i buy it?? i have to be so careful what i use on my body as im allergic to lots of things. i use nivea lotion and always just to keep moiture in the skin on face. someone said to use sun tan lotion to stop the Uv light darkening the skin making it scar???? but its so red at the moment im to scared to put anything in it incase it stings???? or makes it worse???!!

      im sorry you are going through all of this yet again! this bloody germ seems to hang around and wont leave?? my nose is running and my heads sore and ears are blocked feeks like im going deaf??? its like someone has their hands over my ears??? sounds muffled i just pray the shingles havent caused hearing loss?? coz i know they can do that but i thought it was only if you had them near your ears???? although mind is in my right cheek going towards my ear and all nerves are connected arent they? my neck and collarbone is numb too as well as my face head and ear!?

      i think we need to find a cure for this. im going to do some research myself because there has to be something someone can do about this awful debilitating disease!!!!

      i pray for you my friend, i pray and send you positive thoughts and vibes healing vibes to you. pray the virus leaves your body, takes the pain with it. xxxx

      big HUGS to you xxxx

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      Dear Ruth

      I also pray for yiu my dear Friend! I have yiu in my heart and pray that yiu also get better! The cocoa butter comes in a stick and also cream! I went to the dentist and gave me some sort of mouth wash and the doctor gave me

      pills for the sinus pain! I had test done for the influenza aND that came out negative! My immune system is down and that is why i got a bout of shingles! The doc said to stay away from sick people! THAT is impossible because my poor daughter is sick and I took her to the hospital and while i was there I fainted and gad to go to the ER with my daughter! Both were with IV! My husband got surgery in his eyes because of diabetes! My 83 mom is sick with the flu and i take care of her!

      I believe this is a curse of some kind! I am hurting in the heart for my family and i am in great pain! I have only yiu to hear me out!

      Please take care and be


      with love


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      Dear Myrna

      i feel for you, i really do, it sounds like you are going through hell, you have so much to deal with! and i agree it is so impossible to stay away from sick people!!!!! there are germs everywhere, go to the doctors and sit in a waiting room with other sick people, go to a chemist and thats where sick people go, even in shops you will get served by someone who has a cold!!! this is why i turned into a hermit and wouldnt go out anywhere!!!! and once again i feel like a hermit!!!!

      i pray all of your family get better real soon! especially you!!! i know why you feel like its a curse, it seems that the whole world is against us sufferers!

      they say there is a light at the end of the tunnel when things get bad, we just have to get to the end of the tunnel it may take some time but we will get there, positive words, positive thinking!! i am trying to think positive even though its hard.

      we all need something to look forward to, i know we feel there is nothing especially when we feel so poorly and look in the mirror and see scars and awful blisters etc etc. this disease leaves scars on the inside..... scars that wont heal because it takes away our happiness our confidence, our self esteem, it takes everything and makes us feel so worthless. its upsetting for us and nobody understands especially those who have NEVER HAD SHINGLES!!!!!! now my goal is to find a cure for this, all the research will keep my brain busy stop me thinking bad thoughts! im determined to find it! make life worth living for all of us sufferers.

      big HUGS to you and your family. xx

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      Dear Ruth

      Hoping you are feeling better! I pray that in that research we both can find a cure or a miracle.

      Last night I coulnt sleep for many reasons! I am so depressed with all that is going on with these bouts of shingles! I dont go out anymore because where I Live now is the tropics and the weather here is always warm except for x-mas. I dont like the sun especially on my head!

      My daughter last night cried with me! She is a beautiful 28 years old girl that just got her master's degree and cant get a job in this island! I moved here quite a while ago and i am guessing if we should of stayed in NYC! Jobs here are tough and you need people in piwer to give you that push! She is in debt with so much students loans! She is so diwn Ruth because everything has got down for her! She was going to wed after a 7 years relationship and 3 months before the wedding, he cancelled everything and now after a couple of years struggling to get back on her feet she graduates with MAGNA CUM LAUDER abd cant find a job! Her saving was invested in a car that broke down a few days ago and has spent it all and the car is still not working! AT her age its like the end of the world and she tells me that i cant imagine her pain!!

      Of course I can feel for her a d Iam dying helpless in not knowing what to do or say to her that would make her smile again!

      SORRY I tell yiu all this, but my chest is so tight i dont know who to talk to! My family doesnt help us in nothing so I dont bother!

      We three here are alone and my mom is 83! My husband is sick as well and he tries so hard to help us both that my heart breaks too!

      Ruth thank you for hearing me out!

      I have you in my prayers as well!


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      Dear Myrna,

      so sorry to hear you are all going through so much s**t at the moment! i dont blame you not going out in hot weather its best to stay indoors as UV rays are not good for shingles it will cause more itching and scarring! your poor daughter is going through alot, but she must not give up she must be so proud of herself she graduates and has all the brains to get her to the top, im sure she will find a job soon, get her to send her CV to every business out there no matter what it is, someone will snap her up with her grades and degree!! im sorry your husband is poorly it must be hard for him to look after you too, but we must all keep going coz if we dont then nothing will get done. take each day as it comes, lay down when feeling tired have a nap and get back up again!

      i am still feeling low and my nose is full of gunk and my chest is bad. i have a headache and am tired im not sleeping much not getting a full nights sleep!!!! im annoyed too because i got my prescription today and they havent given me enough tablets!!?? im supposed to get 56 a full weeks worth but i only got 25???? and by time i realised it was too late to contact chemist as they closed!! will have to ring tomorro to see whats happened to see if that new GP has changed how many i get??? coz she did say she was going to stop some of my meds!?? if it is the doctor i will be seeing them monday so il have a word!!!! im worried shingles are coming back because of this stuff in my nose?? i was like this a week before the rash appeard?? il be talking to GP monday about my blood results and asking for a cure because i am sick of all of this! my postive thinking is going down the drain today

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      Myra i have been researching for a cure but i cannot find anything yet! each book i read says NO CURE BUT YOU CAN BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!! and take antivirals!!!??

      the best vitamins to take are....

      Vitamin C is one of the biggest immune system boosters of all. In fact, a lack of vitamin C can even make you more prone to getting sick. ...

      Vitamin B6 is vital to supporting biochemical reactions in the immune system. ...

      Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body fight off infection.

      i take vitamin b co strong vitamins prescribed by my GP as i have b6 b9 and b12 deficiency. take three tablets a day!!! but im going to ask my GP if its ok to take other vitamins too on top of the ones i already get precribed!!

      oranges are full of vitamin C so drink plenty of orange juice!!

      plenty of rest to allow your body to boost its strength up again.

      little exercise is ok but dont over do it!!

      im still researching more into what else we can do!!!

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