Shingles and Loss of Appetite

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HI! I'm 43 years old and was diagnosed with shingles last week. The bumps are all on the side of my right breast and the itching is unbearable!! Only now, 7 days in, are the blisters starting to burn. I've noticed that i have total loss of appetite and nausea with this as well. Also extremely fatigued and i cant take any time off work as i've already exhausted my sick time last week. Am i alone?? Is this normal symptoms of the virus?

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    hi i have had it for awhile my doctor put me on Lyrica for burning and itching because it's the nerve

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      I am over a year now with shingles, I accept now I have PHN as result of it. My doctor put me on Lyrica , but after a couple of months I just stopped using it as I always felt like I was drunk and and could not walk a straight line, I also stopped using the Versatis patch. I now use Valtrex tablets. I would recommend people to check their diet as I found certain foods like nuts and seeds then to make it more severe. I found this out with my food change on holidays as I did not use them. I find now avoiding certain foods help.

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      also stress i have had it for about five years i learn to excersise and de stress you are right i change the way i cook i haven't had a attack in two years now even when i was sick with sepis and in a comma for four days it's all about you the only time i use Lyrica is when i had a flare

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    SO Sorry to hear you have fallen foul to Shingles, you have my sympathies - I hope that your Dr has had you on a course if anti virals and should also have given you something to help with the itching too - you will need strong pain killers too as if it hasnt started already at some point the pain will come - sorry to be the one to bring you the bad news, but not to tell you the truth about what to expect as the virus follows its course would be very unkind if me - fore warned is fire armed as they say.

    GO to your chemist/drug store and get CALAMINE LOTION - this will help stop the itch - ALOE VERA GEL to help at night when you overheat - spread it on the affected area areas it will help to cool and ease the discomfort - cool baths with an oatmeal based bath product will also help a great deal.

    I know you are worried about losing time from work but im afraid it is going to be unavoidable - you have to go with the flow of the virus, you are going to be extremely tired and basically exhausted as the virus takes it toll on your body - get as much sleep as you can, dont fight it, you wont win - overtiredness and stress will be fuel to the virus's fire im afraid when you are not sleeping rest as much as possible and wear lose clothing - rubbing or even touching clothing will cause you more pain and discomfort.

    Keep well hydrated and try to eat a good and healthy diet - if you cant face eating then make yourself some fruit or vegetable smoothies as you must start to build up your strength and immune system - Shingles will knock the stuffing out if your immune system and leave you open to further illness and infections, so you must fight back. Take vitamin supplements to help you - vit C - vit B - Vit D anything that supports the immune system .

    Im sorry if i have scared you - that isnt my intention - but you need to know what you are dealing with, and how best to help get yourself back to good health - most Drs havnt much of a clue how to advise you, other than write a prescription . Make sure you get some strong pain killers and some anti itch from the Dr - research Shingles online and get to know the beast you are dealing with - mine at its worst lasted 6 weeks - but it was 3 months before I was free of it - that was 12months ago and i still get occasional pain from nerve end damage - others suffer longer - so start to fight back now and help yourself back to fitness.

    Good Luck to you and a speedy return to good health - you will find untold help and support on this site - let us know how your doing - you not alone with this - we will support you through it.


    Barbara x

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    Hello everyone - I don't mean to be discouraging in any way, but because I was given the medicine that shortens shingles, thinking it was pain medication which wasn't working & threw it away - I now am past 10 months of Post Herpetic Neuralgia (the continuation of shingles) I am waiting (impatiently) for the slight pain in my neck and ear to totally be gone) this is preposterous !! I do wish just one person would have informed me that I needed the shingles shot, as this disease was by far the worst of all illnesses I ever suffered in my entire life (75 years) Hang in there ! things could always be better and they could always be worse ! there ARE worse things than shingles, like burns, blindness, cancer, auto wrecks and TBIs. pray and ask God to help you to make it thru this evil disease.

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    I am now 8 days into my symptoms. My shingles is in my eye and on my face, but I am guessing general symptoms would be similar to yours.

    From day 3 up to now, I had no appetite either, and had to force myself to eat anything at all. This is dramatic for me, as I struggle with my weight, I have never experienced anything like it. I am just starting to get my appetite back - I don't actually want to eat, but can tolerate more food (lost 1 1/2 kilos).

    I was unbelievably tired and doing anything was hell. I feel slightly better today.

    So I would think your lack of appetite and your tiredness are normal. I hope you are already feeling better, but from my experience I would expect you to recover okay from those symptoms - pretty sure that recovery time will vary a lot.

    I cannot imagine working while having shingles. Sounds like a nightmare.

    Sending very warm wishes to you and hoping you are already better.

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    Hi all. I am 72 years old. I have had shingles for 11 days now. I was given a course of anti-viral medication (Aciclovir) for 7 days. I have also be given 10mg of Amitriptyline, one a day, for nerve pain. I have no appetite and have lost 3kg in 11 days. I am always tired but so fed up of staying in bed! I try to have one balanced meal a day and have fruit and crisps. I just hope all pain disappears soon so I can enjoy my holiday with my kids and grandkids in 4 weeks time! Amitriptyline makes me feel like a zombie and have had one fall, luckily a gentle one. Does anyone know how long after shingles one can have Shingles Vaccination.

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    Shingles does that to your appetite. Take small meal portions and increase the frequency of your intake. Grind vegetables or fruits into semi-fluid juices and consume to boost energy levels.

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