Short-term Zopiclone use and longer term muscular weakness/pain

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Has anybody experienced muscle weakness and pain/aches (in the legs) following taking Zopiclone for a short amount of time? I’ve had it for 6 weeks, since taking the Zopiclone. I also started on an antidepressant at the same time, so it’s dofficult to know if these are side-effects from them instead..

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    Hi there🙂landavis

     You are right ! it is really hard to figer out what meds are doing what that’s for sure!

     This is all I know been on Zopiclone for 6 years yes 6!! (Only supposed to be given in short spells) it’s an hypnotic that “tricks”the brain into thinking it’s bed time then you get a pattern then you come off them...... that’s the gist I’m sure you know this.

     This is what I’ve found with Zopiclone.. 

    it does / did put me to sleep but I  always Wake 45 mins later have to get up! Then back to bed. I used to get a full night somtimes but always woke / wake feeling weak! Almost hung over really heavy weird feeling.

    Never refreshed as most people.

    When I had them for long periods at first they made me feel  like that for maybe a couple months then it settled. It worked I thought but I got used to them then the dose upped so now rarely take them. I don’t find them as affective as they were.

    when I don’t take them I don’t get the heavy feeling I know for myself it’s the Zopiclone.

    i have them now when I really am desperate to rest my head.

     I would talk to your dr it’s quite possible that this is side affects of either really.

    I would say any medication that’s making it uncomfortable for you needs re assessment by you dr. Agiain it may not be the Zopiclone it maybe the other medication you’ve started! I’m no doctor.

     Please seek your drs advice as everyone’s different when it comes to medication. Tell them these symptoms they will advise you best.

    i hope you can get some answers and some 💤 

    take care 


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    I don't take Zopiclone but take Oxazepam but don't have those symptoms.

    I did have terrible trouble with the AD Mirtazapine like that though..particularly at night. It nearly drove me up the wall but I stuck it out and it subsided over has taken me 10 months to get over the worst of the side effects of the new one I'm on too Lexapro so I must just be very sensitive to them..

    It could be either one but I guess you won't know unless you try and go without one.. possibly not take a Zopiclone for one dose and see how you feel..

    Otherwise, ask the doctor and see what he says..he may know which but possibly not ,as everyone is so different.

    Look after yourself,


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    Hiya mate iv been taking them about 5 years . It feels like I always need them else my head isn't right and get really anxious , which will cause weekness in the body . But mainly is psychological . I wmet through a stage of taking 5 to 6 7.5 tablets a day and the withdrawl from that was terrible . But now take two to three a day and feel a bit better when I miss a dose . But after the new year I'm quiting them for good . . Just tell yourself it's only a faze your going through . Diap helped me a few times coming off them . But best way is cold turkey and keep positive and active . Hope things get better for you

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    Thanks for all of your replies :-)

    I actually took the Zopiclone for just 3 consecutive nights, around 6 weeks ago. I started taking the antidepressant at the same time - which I’m still taking. I haven’t taken any more Zopiclone pills..

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    Hi there 🙂

    it seems from the outside looking in that a conversation with your dr maybe in order.

     You’ve said you took them a while back now i wonder wether that is your antidepressants that are affecting you?

    i hope yo7 get to the bottom of this


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      Thanks for your reply Vicky 🙂

      I’ve spoken to my doctor about it, he thinks that what I’m experiencing could be psychosomatic and/or a side-effect of antidepressants. He doesn’t think it’s connected with the Zopiclone. I just worry that it is to do with the Zopiclone though, as it started when I took it (as well as the antidepressant).

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      Hi again

      i would trust in what your dr said, seems it’s the antidepressants that has given you this.

      Maybe a look at the antidepressants you’re on needs looking at if it’s giving you theses symptoms.

      i hope you get to the bottom of it


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