Should I be in this much pain? Burst Ovarian cyst

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I went to the hospital with severe pain in my stomach, being sick and hot and clammy. They suspected appendix or ovarian cyst.

I went for a scan and it was a burst ovarian cyst. They decided not to operate and send me home. Im still in terrible pain to the point where i cant move or walk.

Is this normal? Or should I go back to hospital.

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    Hi Chloe -- I'm so sorry you're suffering from the awful, evil ovarian cyst curse.  

    Did they just do the Ultrasound (internal and external) scan or did they also do a CT? Ultrasound today is *Very* reliable and precise and if they look in the region, they can usually see an enlarged appendix. Did they mention seeing fluid in your abdominal region?

    I've had several nasty O cysts burst on me. My very first cyst burst on me mid flight! Lovely. Anyway, I know it feels like someone has stuck a hot knife into your guts -- mine did, anyway. I had hemorrhagic cysts that, when burst, would spill blood out into the abdominal cavity and my OB told me that was literally akin to pouring scalding hot water onto your guts. Blood is very irritating to the tissues and your body knows it's not normal so your tissues inflame to let you know something isn't right. The good news is that you will not require surgery at this point because the cyst has already burst on it's own. I know it's hard to believe now, but you *will* feel better soon, generally a few to several days later. 

    I hope the ER gave you a script for pain medication -- you can take anti-inflammatories as directed (try not to over-do this - stay in touch with your doctor if you feel you're taking too much).

    I want to reassure you, though...I remember my first cyst and I was astounded they kept saying it would be "fine" and the pain was normal. It is very painful - so what you're describing sounds very par for the course to me.

    **I am NOT a doctor!! I've had my fair share of O cysts and a history of Endo and I can appreciate the pain you're in. 

    Do you have a regular OB/GYN that you see? Do you have a follow up appt scheduled? How many days has it been since your ER visit? You should stay in touch with your OB to keep him/her updated on your progress and also to have a follow up (often they want follow up U/S to verify all is on the healing path). 

    I hope you're already feeling better. Stay on your pain medication, use a heating pad (helped me a lot, but some people don't like it) and get plenty of rest with plenty of hydration (the pain and sweats can dehydrate you terribly).

    Again, all my best wishes to you Chloe.

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      Hi thank you so much for the reply.

      They did internal and external and said there was fluid from the cyst.

      They also told me i have polycystic ovaries which was news to me

      So sorry you suffer too! I feel like im being stabbed and i cant get into a comfortable position atall.

      I was taken in yesterday morning so i havent given it alot of time but i have severe depression and anxiety so this pain is sending me crazy with panic. I have my gp who i see and im going to make an appointment to see him and see what he can do. I feel like getting it all taken out but im only 24 and i would like children.

      I have a lavender wheat pack and a hot water bottle on my stomach at the moment. Im hoping rest will help me.

      Thank you so much

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    Hello sorry to hear your in so much pain.

    I would definately be contacting the hospital. I was admitted to hospital with severe pain a few yrs back. They also found a ruptured cyst via an ultra sound. The pain was crippling so I really feel for you. If you have a temperature that would suggest your body is fighting an infection somewhere and you need antibiotics.

    Go back sweetheart and tell them how much pain your in. Make a diary of pain, what your taking for the pain, when it gets particularly bad and your temperature when you take it.

    I hope this helps

    Big hugs

    Vicky xxx

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      Hi Vicky.

      Thank you for replying. I rang the ward i was on as they said i could ring for advise. They said to take ibuprofen aswell as paracetamol and make sure i rest and eat. If the pain doesnt ease today they want me to go back.

      Sorry you have had to go through this too. Its rubbish being a woman.

      Thank you so much x

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      Ahh make sure you do ring them.

      I just wonder if ibuprofen is strong enough for you. I think you need something stronger and also a muscle relaxant so you can relax.

      I've just recently joined this chat as I have another ovarian cyst which they've diagnosed as complex and are currently investigating. I know what you mean with regards to the depression and anxiety. I'm the same!!!!

      Definately call your GP. It's someone familiar who can hopefully offer reassurance to you.

      Good luck and I'm always here if you want a chat.

      Best wishes



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    Hi Chloe. I have had the same symptoms every year or two over the past twenty years. I almost always faint outright with the pain, plus vomiting, diahorea, sweats etc. I too found heat pads were about the only thing that worked. It's only recently I've been diagnosed with cysts and they seem to be getting bigger! Try the heat pads but if in doubt call your GP. Mine usually wore off after a few hours.
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      Hi, thank you for replying.

      Im sorry to hear you are suffering too. I will keep heat on my stomach and keep taking my pain meds.

      Hopefully ill feel better after rest.

      Take care and hope you can get sorted

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