Should I Be Worried? 28 y/o, 140/80 BP while at work.

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Hello All,

I am a bit concerned about my health, and currently have OCD worrying about my blood pressure quite a bit. Quick background is that I am 28 y/o, and I have had elevated blood pressure ever since my 20's. It fluctuates widely - for the most part, I average around 130/70 on a consistent basis. Whenever I am truly relaxed and stress free, it will go down to 120/65. However, I have had a very stressful job and very stressful career, so I take my BP while I'm at work during my breaks, and it will shoot up to 140/85, sometimes even 150/85 whenever I give a presentation or during a very stressful time at work. However, after about a good 5 minutes of just breathing and relaxing, it will go back down to between 125/65 to 130/70. 

I do this on almost a daily basis and have figured out the trend that yes, my job is stressful, and yes, I need to learn to somehow manage my stress while I'm at work.

Also want to add that I was a good 35 pounds overweight. I shedded 35 pounds which has definitely helped. I am 5 feet 9 inches, and my current weight is 160 lb (normal range). I am trying to drop another 10-20 pounds to help with my blood pressure, because I really want to stay below the 120/70 threshold. Ideally, I would like my BP in the realm of 110/70 on a daily basis. I have read too much about how high BP is a major issue and therefore have taken the necessary steps to really keep it down as much as possible. I have been dieting and exercising everyday, which definitely helps with it. However, the hardest part right now is keeping my BP down while I'm at work due to a stressful job (a lot of thinking, programming, math, solving complex problems, etc). This is something I need to somehow manage. Also, I would like to add I do have anxiety issues and stress myself out a lot pretty easily. I've been seeing a therapist to help with my anxiety because its definitely affecting my health and BP.

I have gone to numerous doctors about this issue (i.e. a cardiologist and my primary care physician doctor). I've passed all the tests (EKG, echocardiogram, stress test, etc). Both doctors passed me as a healthy 28 y/o. However, it really disturbs me that my BP can peak up to 140  to 150 systolic while I'm at work. I don't see how this will be sustainable in the long run if my BP keeps peaking this high while I work on a daily basis. 

Is there a cause for concern? I know me worrying about this issue definitely doesn't help my BP either. The fact that I am pretty young and my systolic averages between 130  to 140 systolic has got me worried. 

Any advice would be appreciated, thank you. 

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    Scott, Most of what I will tell you, you already know based on your Post itself.  Your top Number (Systolic) is pretty much controlled by Stress.  The "Stressors" in your life are sometimes beyond your control - But how you respond is not.  Ever noticed how someone loses their job, signs up for unemployment, sits down and updates their resume', and then goes looking for a new employer - or decides to start their own Business?  But at the same time, the very same thing happens to another and they can't function for weeks, staying in their home, becoming more depressed, and actually making their situation worse?  Bottom Line:  Our "Reaction to Stress" is Internal and Self Induced/Controlled.  At 70+ Years Old; Having Held an Upper Level Managerial Job - One Step below Officer Level - with the Largest Company in the U.S. 25+ Years ago; I Stressed, Worried, Obsessed, about virtually everything I did and/or confronted.  Nothing I ever did was good enough FOR ME! (I received the Biggest Bonuses of my Peers EVERY QUARTER AND AT THE END OF EVERY YEAR!)  But still stressed!  Now, at 70+. I look back and think - "Of ALL the Bad things I Worried about/Stressed Over - NONE EVER HAPPENED"!

    Having "Built You a Clock", let me suggest a Few things......

    ?1.  Stay away from Psychiatrists! Period!  Their Need for Intervention is for "The Worst of the Worst"!  Those who are Truly a Danger to Themselves or Others!  Mild to somewhat Excessive Anxiety/Depression can be handled via Talk therapy; an understanding Spouse or Very Close Friend; or TEMPORARY Proven Med prescribed and monitored by your GP who CARES!  And one of the Keys is "Temporary" while you decide if you need to consider moving to a less Stressful Job/Company - or even change of Discipline (Line of work)!

    I PROMISE YOU, You don't want to reach 40, 50, 60, etc. before you realize - "This Anxiety was all for Naught"!

    ?YOU CAN DO THIS!  You have too much going for you!  28 Years Old.  An already Confirmation that your Health is Good!  Great BMI!  As We say in my area "You Got it ALL"!  I know you don't necessarily feel that way today but take a few minutes and sit down and write two Headings!      "Positives"                      "Negatives"

    Hey!  Be even Light about it!


    "I'm Pretty Darn Good Looking"!          Negatives:

                                                                "Some Gals are Missing Out on Me Because I'm working Too Much!!  LOL!

    And then get Serious about It!

    You'll find much more Great about Your Life than Stressing about your Job!

    Repost shortly!  You got this!  You just need to relax and focus on the Good things You Have.

    I'll Be thinking about You!

    God Bless!


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      Ernie has already given you some good advice.  The fact is that it

      is natural for our blood pressure to go up and down from time to time.  It is when it is consistently raised that we need to  take action.  It sounds as though your’s may be increasing due to stressful situations at work but there is every likelihood that you are also adding to the stress on yourself and therefore causing a spike in your BP by obsessing about taking your blood pressure throughout the day whilst at work.  Have you tried joining either a Tai Chi class or Mindfulness class.  Focusing on relaxing and breathing techniques can reduce your anxiety, removing your obsession and that in itself will be a great distraction than focusing on your BP.  You can do this - you have already shown your positivity in successfully managing your weight loss.  Good luck.

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      Thank you so much for the reply and the re-assurance, really appreciate it Ernie. 

      I do think my health is fine (although, I think I did some good amount of damage to my body already). However things can change! I need to really learn to stop being so anxious! It's just the way I was born and raised, but I know I can change that. I just checked my BP again today after work, and it was 120/70! But yes, I was not as stressed, also I did some swimming which is why it probably artificially lowered it. Without exercise, my BP does remain high, however, after exercising, it decreases to a normal range. Thank you again for the response, re-assurance is always a great thing, which is what I was really looking for. 

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      Hello MrsO-UK Surrey,

      Thank you for the response, Yes, I plan to start meditating more often. I even bought a book and read it in 3 days on how not to stress, or how to fight off stress. I definitely need to stay fit and maintain my exercise routine which definitely helps out on the BP. Thanks again for your response,  reallly appreciate it!

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      Scott, as I said previously, you have already shown your positive side by taking control of various things rather than letting them control you so continue in that vein and you will be fine - you are wiser than you give yourself credit for.  Be happy.
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      ?So glad you already seem to be taking a more Positive Outlook on your Life.  Although I'm not a Big Fan of the currently Popular Phrase here in the States of "Love Yourself", I DO think it's important Accept One's Self - and Focus on the things YOU wish to change - Not what you may perceive OTHERS wish you to Be or Become.  We're ALL different!  I realize I'm very Opinionated.  I finally realized my Personality is not going to change at my age (If anyone can ever change their innate personality).  What I have worked on over the Years is to NOT  share it so frequently!  I do not give my two Sons - 44 and 48 - unsolicited advice.  I provide it when they ASK for it.  And believe it or not, when they do ask me, I ask them in a Kind way - "Do you really want my Advice OR do you want my concurrence"?  Big Difference!  

      ?I don't know what "damage" You feel you have already done to your Body but the Body is quite resilient.  It does its' best to Fix whatever damage one does so far as possible.  

      Keep Posting.  People on here Really Care!  And the collective knowledge will amaze you!

      ?Take Care and May God Bless You and Yours!


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    ?Mrs.O gave some good advice.  Had my response not have already become so lengthy, I would have included some of the very same things She covered.  As she said, BP changes CONSTANTLY during the Day (And even while You sleep!  (Ever awakened following a Nightmare with Your Heart Racing?  Rest assured your BP would be elevated as well!)

    ?She also mentioned that "Consistent Elevated BP" is the main thing to be concerned with.  And She's correct.  Anytime someone gets Upset, Angry, etc., one's BP will increase by some amount!  It's usually referred to as the "flight or fight" syndrome.  It's Normal and common.  Don't Ignore your BP - but DON'T become obsessed with checking it!  You mentioned OCD.  Don't know if you were just using this term about thinking about your occasional Slightly Elevated BP Readings OR If you're Certified/Diagnosed OCD.  But regardless, if you start checking it Constantly, You'll NEVER be comfortable with the Readings!  Too high?  You'll wish to take it again to see if the Reading was correct and Really that High.  And Guess what - it will probably be that high or maybe a little higher as you just became more concerned!  Good Reading - or Even Slightly Low?  You're Ecstatic!  And Guess what?  You'll want to "Double Check" that Fabulous Reading - and it will be different!

    ?New NIH Readings have been adjusted to 130/90 vs. the Old 120/80 as of last year.  Yeah, that has created some controversy within the Med Community.  But I believe you mentioned you would actually like to get yours stabilized at 110/70!  Why?  I used to be a Distance Runner and the result was a Resting Pulse of 35 - 38 while laying in Bed.  (Hers averaged 85). Scared my wife out of her wits!  Nothing was wrong!  Hearth muscle was Very Strong and Pumped a LOT at each contraction.  My BP?  Was usually around 120/80!  

    ?I sincerely hope you can get your Anxiety under control!  I'm convinced Your Health is Fine!  My last suggestion at this Point is QUIT taking it multiple times per day.  Take it ONCE per Day - when you're relaxed in the evening - and monitor it for a Month!  If the Diastolic is below 90 and Your Systolic is the only one fluctuating, "Get On with Yo Bad Self" - and ENJOY YOUR LIFE!  

    Good Luck and God Bless!


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      No worries ErnieSC, the more words of wisdom the better! I definitely would like to gain wisdom and insight from people older than me, from people who have been on this earth longer than me, and for people who have gone through the same struggles. Really appreciate all the words of wisdom. I have re-read yours posts 3 times already so that I can have your words of wisdom ingrained into my head. I feel that I already knew the answer to most of my issues, I just need some re-assurance for other people that everything will be okay. And no, I do not have certified OCD. I am not that "OCD", although, i do tend to obsess over trivial matters at time. Anyhow thanks again Ernie! Best of wishes to your health, take care!

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    Scott, I stupidly addressed my earlier reply to Ernie instead of to you.   Ernie was too kind to not tell me to pull my socks up!  Thanks, Ernie, for ignoring my senior moment!
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      You're Fine, MrsO!

      ?It still went on Scott's Forum!  I'm 70+ and have PLENTY Senior Moments!  

      (Actually, My Wife says I have "Half-Heimer's" - only remember the Half I want to remember!)

      Have a Great Day!


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      Well I can give you 5 years, Ernie!😉. Your wife’s comment has made me chuckle.  Wonder if  that’s my hubby’s problem rather than it just being loss of hearing!😀. Easter blessings to you both.🐣

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      Ernie is talking about it being Scott’s forum because this thread was raised by Scott.
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      ?I apologize.  Hopefully You received clarification from MrsO on my behalf.  I meant to say Scott's "Thread" - not "Forum".  Whomever asks or Posts a NEW Issue starts a "Thread" on this Site.  I Personally have not seen your Thread Yet - just MrsO' Reply on my behalf on Scott's Thread.  But hope you're doing well.

      ?Regards, Ernie

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    I notice in your original post that you have been to a number of doctors and they have passed you as a fit and healthy 28 year old.

    In the UK it takes 5 years at medical school before you can call yourself  a doctor, this is followed by two years post graduate foundation training followed by up to eight years specialist training so that's up to around 15 years after leaving school to be a fully qualified specialist, this is followed by ongoing continual professional development for the rest of their careers. I'm not familiar with the US model but it will be similar.

    My point being, these guys know what they are doing. If they all tell you you are well then chances are and unless you have completed a similar training regime they know a lot more about it than you do and you should do them the courtesy of accepting their expertise if you're going to go and ask for it.

    140/80 is a BP I would love to have as an average, why do you feel yours needs to be as low as you do?


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