Should I go back on to citalopram?

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Its been a tough 8 months after being made redundant last year then a job I took in Jan didnt work out and both have really knocked my confidence.  Have had a few temp jobs, and I have a temp to perm at the moment - but my confidence is so low that I am struggling to learn stuff.  Im 50 this year too so its all adding to the stress.  I took the drug about 2 years ago and did really well - so Im thinking maybe it would help again and sharpen my stressed out mind?  What do you think? 

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    I returned to Citalopram 2 years ago when life became an emotional struggle, and it helped me get back on top again.  It can be better than trying to struggle on and getting deeper into a hole - but do remember you might have those initial side effects which some people do find tough.  For me, it was worth it though.

    My second time on these meds I had a difference expecience with the side effects and it took longer to kick in.  I had a long, long spell of just being flat which took months to shake off.  

    Maybe starting on a very low dose and increasing over time would be an option.  Chat with your doctor as he'll be able to guide you.

    It will work out fine for you - give it time.

    K xx

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    Hello Kathy,

    I would completely agree with everything Katecogs has said and just add that at nearly 50 years old is not the reason that you can't learn new stuff as it is still young. Why is approaching 50 daunting you?, those of us who are 65 can tell you that the other side of 50 isn't too bad at all.

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    Morning Kathy, I totally agree with Kate and even though I have not reached this stage by coming off and possibly returning yet (if I do) Kate's advice is second to none!

    Many of us have experienced 'blips', knock backs and low self esteem. Generally speaking, this is the same for everyone these days, but the only difference is that we are already aware of this because, we have suffered more than most. I don't look at this as a sign of weakness or not being able to cope, more of an awareness of how cr*ppy things are. It is corporate control that is bringing more and more people to be prescribed sticking plasters for the brain. Then we are expected to carry on and cope.

    My journey here started 19 months ago with work related stress after the previous six years of working myself nearly into an early grave in the position I was in. If it wasn't for a great GP, this site, people like Kate, a loving and understanding girlfriend (now Fiancée) some Family and Friends well, like I said things would have been quite different.  I do appreciate how lucky I am.

    Anyway back in April I was in the position to look for work again (my last employer did not renew my contract) and with an understanding 'back to work guide' at the Job Centre and then being temporarily signed unfit again I was able to take the time to find the work I wanted. And I got it! I have just completed my first week in a new job and I feel great! Mind you at 59 and being relatively less active for 19 months me poor old bones do ache and osteoarthritis in me knees and two to three stone over optimum weight ain't helping either. It does feel good though.

    You say yer nearly 50, yer just a pup! Lol! I can tell you coming up to 60 I don't (apart from the aches and pains) feel any different from when I was 40 or even 30 well, apart from being more mature and wiser which takes us males a while to reach of course. The number 50 is just that, a number and it ain't worth dwelling on when we have so much to look forward to, now we have the knowledge. We have to accept that with age there are sometimes cr*ppy extras, but it is how we deal with these and continue to move forward that is important.

    I had an assessment recently with a podiatrist, I was told I have to have a raised heal attached to the right shoe of my footwear as me left leg has shrivelled – what's that all about?!  Well, due to an old calf injury and years of impact sports like rugby, badminton, running and jogging (which I don't regret). I also have my next physio appointment to getting the old joints working to overcome (live with) the effects of the arthritis. My Fiancée and I intend to take up Tai Chi to also help remain supple because the old cerebral vortex still works! I have also changed my lifestyle during these past 19 months. I gave up smoking, cut out land meat, we buy organic and grow our own (in buckets and pots as we only have a back yard – mind you we have garden peas growing in the hanging baskets at the front of the house!!!). I have cut down on the alcohol by 90+% and have a bottle or two of ale at weekends or if we go out and catch up with friends.

    All the above has helped me get through it especially, last year when my physical body seemed to say 'okay my turn to crash' as I had a few (non related to stress) medical issues which cumulated in a burst appendix and spending a while in hospital and then recovering at home. All this I took as that which is beyond our control sometimes, but everything else, which is not, we can help ourselves by taking control. Mind you sometimes I felt as if I was in control of a barrel about to go over Niagara Falls!

    I must add I do take vits B6 and D3 to help the old serotonin levels and have a healthier outlook on life.

    Money has been very short, but we have managed which means the job I started of the type I was looking for is part-time so, that it eases me back (as far as I want to go) into the work place. I will never return to the unnatural stressful pathetic and like I said unnatural work place ever again.

    If you are still stressed out at work then change until you find what you want, but do not allow society or finances dictate your happiness, you can take control and live better and move forward.

    Keep posting, reading and become a better person – it is not difficult.

    Best Regards,


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    Adding on to David's reply re age ...... I'm 57, a dance teacher and performer (still).  I have students older than me .... one lady is 69.  Age is a number - and whilst you might be reaching 50, don't forget, everyone around you is coming up with you and also a year older too.  Embrace it ... dye your hair purple, put on Dr Marten boots, take up dancing, get a tattoo or a piercing, go running, swim naked ......... do what you want, at any age (maybe a little more creaky).  I'm more supple now than I was at 20 (ok, ignoring the back ache).....

    Oh ...... btw I've only got Dr Marten boots ...... none of the others winkbiggrin


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    No...but go on another med...I took Citalopram for 8 really worked good the first couple of times...but then it turned on me..making me more anxious...restless...agitated.

    I do not believe in SSRIs so that is my answer.

    Currently taking Wellbutrin and liking it.

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    Morning Kathy,

    When reading these posts in reply to you, specifically, always remember that we are all very different and the use of the word unique is not an over statement by any means. Therefore, what is good or bad for one is not necessarily good or bad for anyone else, of course there can be similarities as we are all human, but that is where it ends. Being a one off never to be repeated individual brings a certain responsibility that we have for our physical and mental health and how we interact with others. I, as many here always say, your GP should know you and hopefully is knowledgeable of sticking plasters for the brain and therefore in knowing you and with regular appointments can only decide which way forward is best.  This may or may not mean changing meds. However, like any good knowledgeable GP and us mere mortals here always (bang on about) say, you have to give it time to begin with and if and only if, there is an issue with you or the med then a change may be for the better. Only you and your GP can discuss and decide this.

    As I wittered on about yesterday part of our recovery is not to be able to return to that which made us ill and return to the old self or me, but to move forward to a better and more natural place which is more conducive to the human whole and in particular the psyche.  Today we usually only associate this word relating to things of the mind however it comes from the Greek language meaning breath, life and soul. From this it developed into the idea of self and, I guess in a way, coming around full cycle to its true meaning.

    I am on 40mg and levelled out. I am at a place where I feel my breath, my life and my soul perhaps for the first time. Now this isn't because of any man made religion, belief system or happy hippiness, it isn't because I take any other drugs at all (especially, of the distorting kind if ya know what I mean!) it is purely because I crashed and have been repaired. Having a great GP, Fiancee and this forum has helped me through and on my part when everything was at its lowest I got the strength from somewhere to see it through and decided to do my part in my own recovery. So, when I came out of that dark place into the light I knew there was no way I am going back to the sh*t (contemporary) lifestyle (and those few eejits) I had been a part of before.  I do hope to reduce if not stop taking Cita one day, but as I have been made aware by my GP and on this forum I may not cone completely off (but then again I may!). What does help in this situation is supplements and a far better lifestyle than you had before - a far more natural lifestyle for humans not a corporate one.

    Positivity through all the negativity Kathy, as a great man once said onwards and upwards, to infinity and beyond! (mind you I think I may just have got confused with Buzz Lightyear there!). 

    Anyway, please try and remember we are all different, it takes time and there is little we cannot help with. Post, read and do not fret about things or over worry or think things either. If there is simething on yer mind just ASK!

    Best Regards,


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