Should I go back up to 7.5?

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I have been reducing for a month now thereabouts from 10mg to 5mg. Usual withdrawal symptoms but giddiness for the last few days have been very debilitating. Should I ride it out or increase to 7.5 for a while?

Any replies gratefully accepted.

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    Both times I've been withdrawing the drug, I have found week 3/4 of the reduction to be a bit of a struggle. This happens much more for me than in weeks 1 or 2 of the decrease. Personally, I would give it a couple more weeks if the intensity stays the same.... really depends how much you are held back. Is it very debilitating?

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      Thanks for replying Ruth.

      It sounds a bit like that for me too. Did you manage to come off it for good?

      After I posted this I went out for a few hours with family, I could have stayed in bed with the way I felt but I pushed myself to go and I did ok whilst out.

      Yesterday I felt the same way as today but I gave in to it and stayed in all day which didn't help.

      Now I'm thinking about it more, I seem to be having different symptoms and they come in phases. When I first reduced I felt good for a few days, then I got headaches for a few days, then giddiness. It then seems to start over again in cycles. When I get my good days I think this is the turning point but it's just part of the cycle. I get some anxiety in between but I am coping with that.

      I took my 5mgs this afternoon and I didn't get my usual headache after taking it so that is a good sign.

      Perhaps I'll enter a different phase tomorrow, who knows.

      I think you're right, I'll stick with 5 and see how it goes.

      Just talking about it to someone with similar experiences is a big help so thanks for letting me sound off.

      Best wishes

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      You're welcome... I reckon it will settle, but if it doesn't, you have a plan b.

      I still take cit at the mo. I am taking 7.5 and won't be reducing for a while, had a very wobbly summer and so just staying put. So much of this is about timing.

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      Thanks Ruth

      Your reassurance has been a great help, it's what I need right now. I will try to focus on this being a blip to a better future.

      I wish you well with your withdrawal too.


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    Personally I would go back to the original dose. But always chat to a docĀ 
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      Hi Oliking

      Thanks for replying.

      I was tempted to go back to 10mgs but I am coping better with anxiety now and I need to see how I feel without them. They worked great for me when I really needed them but I have other issues now like cervical spondylosis and this is giving me symptoms which I do not want to confuse with celexa symptoms. I get headaches and lightheadedness in any case which can be a symptom of cs and I take otc pain killers and I am trying to only take the meds I need to take. The headaches and lightheadedness with cs is not as severe as those I am getting with withdrawing from celexa.

      I still have weaning in mind and will have to see if I can cope without them. One thing I have noticed is that my neck hurts more since reducing and that could be the reduction in the analgesic effect of celexa.

      Best wishes

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    Hi again

    Dizziness/muzzy head horrible today. I took my 5mgs a bit earlier hoping it would help but I felt worse after taking it. The thought now of increasing is out of the question if it is going to make me feel worse. I know I said I'd give it more time but I'm wondering if I should stop it all together seen as if I'm getting these withdrawal symptoms in any case .

    Anxiety is not an issue now just the withdrawal symptoms.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks for reading.

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      I think stopping could make you feel worse, to be honest. I wouldn't stop unless I felt stable at the dose I was on; stable meaning pretty much side effect free.

      I wouldn't do anything, either increase or decrease, until this phase has settled.

      I also notice that sometimes I feel worse a couple hours after taking the cit. This seems to be the case with both increasing and decreasing...

      I know it's hard, but still reckon ride this wave out a bit. How long ago was it that you cut from 10 to 5mg? Has it been 3 weeks yet?

      Something else I have noticed is that if I take the cit on an empty stomach, I seem to feel worse side effects a couple of hours later. If I eat something beforehand, it seems to make the onset a lot smoother.

      Don't be discouraged. When I dropped from 20 to 10 back in 2013, I had quite a hard time with withdrawal effects and they lasted for a good twelve weeks. But they DID resolve. I was depressed, anxious and crying a lot, and also irritable and impulsive.

      I know that's not the same dosage drop numerically, but it IS a fifty percent drop, and I think it's the percentage that's relevant. Fifty per cent drop is a big drop. You will stabilise, but when you cut from 5mg, I'd do it really slowly.

      Take care. It's frustrating, I know, especially when you just want to feel better.

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      Thank you so much Ruth for taking the time to reply with these very detailed and useful posts.

      I seem to be getting similar symptoms to you, I too have noticed that I feel worse an hour or so after taking my dose but I do take it after eating. Also like you, when I first reduced I did great for a few days before the withdrawal symptoms began.

      I've lost track but I must be somewhere about 4 to 6 weeks in on this reduced dose. I'm foggy headed and can't think as clearly right now. Concentration, ear fullness and tinnitus is a problem too.

      It's the heady feeling and giddy feeling that's worse for me ( not room spinning and not clumsy just a feeling all in my head). When I am busy I can go for hours but once I relax the symptoms come back. I can't make plans or drive at the moment.

      My best time of day is around 7-8pm. I take med at 4pm. When I feel good I start thinking about planning a holiday to the point of almost booking something but the following day I'm back to square one and relieved that I didn't book it.

      I have early neck arthritis that confuses things too. I need to stop this med for me to know what is what, if you see what I mean.

      I had lightheadedness when I was taking 10 mgs and tinnitus. I have been to ENT, had blood works done, echocardiogram - all fine. Rhuematology diagnosed my early neck and spine arthritis. I realize that this could be contributing to the way I feel too.

      I'll go a bit longer on five but I have read your other post about Josephen Glenmullen theory and that makes sense too. That will be my plan B. If I do stabilize on 5 I will reduce more gradually thereafter.

      Thank you again for your very helpful responses. Apologies for going on about it but I find myself doubting and in need of reassurance.

      I have to remain focussed and accept that it is withdrawal symptoms and nothing else and try to stop my negative thoughts.

      I hope you are doing ok on your 7.5 after your wobbly summer.

      Kind regards

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      I know exactly what you mean about relaxing and then symptoms coming back. I'm on school summer break and to be honest, it's really difficult at times... lovely to have the time when feeling well, but sometimes too much time for the mind to wander....

      Ditto re symptoms mimicking other things. Some of mine are like menopausal ones, so I don't know exactly what's what. Annoying.

      No need to apologise, have totally been there. All we want to know is that we're going to get better... and we will. I'm doing okay thank you Lina3x, definitely better than when I 'emotionally crashed' in May, not panicking or even very anxious any more... sometimes feeling a bit more lifted. It's coming. Take good care and ask as many times as you need 😊

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      Thank you Ruth.

      So pleased for you that you are recovering.

      So you have a tidy spell off work, sounds great . Hope you find time to relax and enjoy your leisure time and continue to make good progress.

      Luckily I finished work a few years ago, I took early retirement. I worked in a college, my main role was admin but I also did some teaching. Long before that I was a nurse, they make the worst patients lol.

      Thank you for being so supportive. Enjoy your summer!

      Take care 💐

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    Actually Lina, I just checked out something I read before.

    There's a book about safely reducing from antidepressants by Joseph Glenmullen MD, called The Antidepressant Solution. It's worth checking out.

    What he recommends is this..... and it's kind of what I have followed in the past when reducing.

    He says that if you make a reduction and the withdrawal effects are intolerable, then go back to the previous dose ie 10mg in your case. Wait until you have resettled, a min of 4 weeks, and then try reducing again at a smaller amount (so perhaps to 7.5mg in your case.)

    I did this last April, and it really worked. I cut from 5mg to 2.5, and felt awful about 8 days into the reduction, and so I reinstated at 5 for a month; then tried again.

    It was OK the second time.

    The pain with these things can be that withdrawals don't hit straight away, for me they don't really appear until weeks two or three, and then linger a bit, and then go.

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