Should I go on Roaccutane!? Please help.

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I am a 27 year old female dancer. I have suffered from acne since i can even remember. Trying every pill and cream out there over the years.

It is now no where near as bad as it used to be but i still have adult acne- and it is now on my back also quite bad.

The dermatologist is now wanting to put me onto Roaccutane as my last option. After hearing a lot of side affects physically and mentally i am terrified to try it. Bad flare ups and snake like skin will stop me with work for a while also as a dancer in front of the camera and live work.- Let alone play with my mental state of mind and confidence.

Please can you comment and help me with either negative or hopefully positive feedback of the drug. i am currently in tears and so unsure of what to do- but the thought of this acne the rest of my life i also cant cope with.

I appreciate any feedback so much. THANK YOU x

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    Hi, I completely understand how you're feeling, im 25 & have been suffering with acne since i was 17. I tried everything you can think of, nothing worked. Im currently on roaccutane, month 3 & so far it has worked & im so happy.

    the reviews terrified me, but please dont read anything other than actual medical websites, ignore the blogs & youtube videos. find everything out that you can from your dermo, see more than one if you have to.

    the first month of accutane my acne got worse but it gets worse to get better. you may need time to stay at home then (or not, everyones different)

    I always get a boil around my time if month and this month i had a tiny spot in the place it would normally be. Its working really well!

    my side effects have just been dry skin so far, its sore & annoying but better than acne.

    If you go down this route my advice would be to take the drug seriously, eat well, eat liver promoting foods, dont drink/smoke, its what ive done & i think its really hrlped with side effects.

    i really hope you dont have the suffer much longer, i really feel your pain!

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    sometimes stress wont help , i know it hard to switch off but the more you stress the worse it will get , but saying that i do understand my hubby had from the age of 12yr and it was that bad there was also cysts oh they were nasty , he tried every form of drug going they would work for a while and hey ho they come back worse ... but i can say for defo he hasnt had really any for a few years ,our youngest son has it also pretty bad went to the doctor he gave a gel to put on which helps but the we,ve found that washing in coal tar soap has really helped its reduced the number of outbursts ,he also drinks nettle tea which cleanses out all your toxins out plus its great for hay fever try and stay off as much sugary food as possible and drink pretty of water check what your washing your clothes as sometimes certain powders make it worse , and please dont worry x

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    I have actually been on it quite a few times in my adult life. Truthfully, there is nothing better. It is the only real "cure" for acne. I am 61 and my acne only got worse as I got older. I first went on Accutane in my 40's. My skin was remarkably better in less than six months. I have had other situations since that time that were cause for me to go back on it. For me, it's a miracle. I never had snake like skin however one's skin and lips do get dry, so it's "easier" to not be on it during the winter. My son was on it too, and he has chronic dry eye from it. However, even in spite of that, I still think it's a great choice. Once you're on it, you will be monitored very closely. It you find it's not for you, you can go off.

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    H I emphasise. I have never taken rouccatine as it wasn't available when I was young. However my nephew had bad acne and after trying everything else in vain took this drug and is so glad he did as his acne cleared up quickly.

    I do know there is a risk of depression and suicidal thoughts on it but if you can handle that it should work for you. Good luck. x

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    I am a 20 year old male who has been on an 'accutane' course twice. I understand the concerns you have before going on with the medicine. To be fair, it's nothing like what you sometimes read on the Internet. People go on and on, as if it's idk something that can really damage you in multiple way or whatever. However, this medicine requires seriousness and commitment. Don't get me wrong, if you're careless about the dosage & duration, then yes something might go wrong. The only major side effect i suffered, which still prevails(though not as intensely), is dryness: specially on my hands. Now most importantly, YOU NEED A VERY GOOD F*****G DERMATOLOGISTS, WHO SPECIALIZES IN ACNE, TO MONITOR YOUR COURSE IN TERMS OF DOSAGE, DURATION, SKIN PRODUCTS & LIVER FUNCTIONING. YOU CAN'T BE USING ANYTHING WRONG ON YOUR SKIN WHILE ON ACCUTANE BECAUSE IT'S IS VERY SENSITIVE THEN. No matter how bad your acne, there's a 90% chance accutane will fix it, sooner or later, or at least make it better. Another problem is the RELAPSE ! I myself have been a victim to that twice. You get some time off acne completely: such a relaxing duration I swear. But it comes back in a lot of people, maybe because the acne is really chronic, or because your dosage wasn't according to how severe your acne was. The drug is definitely worth it. Best of luck and i hope this helped.

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