Should I Take Mebeverine Hydrochloride?

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Im 20 years old and just been diagnosed with IBS D. Compared to some of the stories on here i don't have it nearly as bad and am considered a minor sufferer.

However i suffer from Generalized Aniexty Disorder and have just been through / still going through (and will be for a while) a very stressful experience. And my symptoms last for days with little to no relief. The pariona and stress is making this 10x worse. It reduces me to tears at times as i feel unable to live my life and work etc.

I am on medication for my aniexty which has just been raised. Although i suffer daily from it anyway. The doctor Diagnosed me with IBS D with no tests. He gave me a sample kit which i have just sent back. But other than that he just linked the stress and aniexty to my symptoms.

I suffer from loose BM for days sometimes over a week on end. I have only had one very minor stomach pain and dont seem to suffer from any of the other factors in IBS i,e bloating etc. I know this may seem like the easy option for some of the suffers but for me its still very diffiicult to deal with and has rendered me housebound (unless doctors appointments) for nearly a month. I dont want to eat anything as i have read all about the food triggers. But am still drinking plenty.

The doctor prescribed me Mebeverine Hydrochloride 135mg Tablets for the loose BM. (wont affect any of my other tablets) And said i can take them regulary or just when i suffer (it would be regular with me anyway)

BUT i have read all these horrible stories about it and im now to frightened to try it for fear of making it worse!! How does it help anybody else? Especially with IBS D as i know alot of people with IBS C don't bode with it well. Does anybody have any good feedback (or bad) for this drug?

I need some relief from this condition. So any feedback will be very welcomed. Thankyou!

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    My brother was diagnosed with IBS without tests other than fecal calprotectin to check for  IBD. His trigger was stress and potato.  I had tests which were negative but because they were inconclusive, they wanted to repeat them. However, an eighth doctor said no and diagnosed IBS. However, not everyone has food triggers so just eat normally and keep a food diary to see if anything causes problems.  I have no food problems just stress triggers.

    Unfortunately, Mebeverine didn't agree with me.  It is a known irritant.  My usual indigestion was far worse and so was my constipation.  I developed lack of appetite as well.  I was aware of digesting food for an hour and it felt as if I had swallowed a stone, within minutes of the first tablet.  I didn't get through the first slide of medication,  I threw them out after trying them twice to see if my symptoms were really getting worse or if it was just drug side effects. I felt so awful on them that I began to panic.  The patient leaflet only mentioned mild side effects.  I had to google the medication to confirm the side effects I was suffering from.   I tried Buscopan which is mild and reduced my pain.   I started with IBS C and then A. However, everyone is different and some people have no trouble with Mebeverine.


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      I don't think food is triggering much of my IBS D because it only ever comes on when im stressed or worrying about it. My doctor hasn't offered any further tests other than the stool sample and raised my other medication which has had no affect at all. However because i am constantly worried either about IBS or something else i am getting no relief from it. (although im keeping a food diary)

      I dont suffer from any real pain. Maybe the odd twinge but nothing i would take medication for. My main issue is the loose BM so i was looking down the line of peppermint capsuals or Immodioum but the doctor said Immodioum can cause pain. Buscopan seems to be mainly for the cramps to. Because the leaflet in the tablets are so unhelpful i have been trying to find different affects online. But from what i can make out Mebeverine is not used to stop Loose BM but it has a side affect of constipation? Is this true do you know?

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      I have tried Imodium and I have never experienced pain.  When I researched online it did mention if you suffer from constipation you should tell your doctor if they are going to prescribe Mebeverine because it can cause constipation.  It did with me.  I did try peppermint tea  but it irritated my stomach and gave me heartburn.  I got no relief from pain.  It does say if you have heartburn, peppermint tea or capsules can make it worse because it relaxes the oesophageal sphincter and lets acid leak out.

      Stress triggers my symptoms; even just minor worries.

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      Think i may try the Mebeverine just whilst it flares up as i dont suffer with Consitpation IBS. And if not then try the Immodium or peppermint. How do you keep your stress levels down as apart from not getting the IBS C my condition sounds identical to yours!!rolleyes

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      I have Aspergers so I get anxious over nothing and then my stomach flares up.  I have long accepted my anxious personality and the best I can do is avoid the things that stress me.  So I avoid doctors, opticians and activities that could lead to me have an accident and ending up in hospital as much as I can. In fact in the past, I have had nasty accidents because of my dyspraxia but I have ignored the injury and put up with any pain.

      I also make sure that I have one dental appointment a year rather than two and ask for as much pain medication as possible and which will not cause side effects.

      On holiday, I am relaxed and I do much more exercise so I can control my symptoms.

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      My aniexty is the same. One minuite im fine and the next im a wreck. Its something i have learnt to live with and is controlled slightly with medication. However it seems worse now with IBS as the paranoia gets worse.

      Do your symptoms go on for long periods or do you get a break. I havent had a break or normal BM for a few weeks now. With no real tests from the doctors im half in a mind to go back. But everybody seems different so its a hard call to make. Just started the Mebeverine so will see how that pans out.

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