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ive been ill for 6 months now with right upper abdominal pain and nausea/vomiting. I was originally told i had a blood clot on my liver and then told this wasnt the case it was an autoimmune problem to a nerve problem and i have now been told it is likely to be a fuctional gastrointestinal disorder. The majority of foods make me sick to the point i can't keep anything down and sometimes the pain is unreal to the point i can't get out of bed. All i want is to be able to eat and manage my symptoms, but trying to ask for help is impossible as drs are just not listening.

Ive lost 2 stone in weight and im really worried about my nutrition as i just cant keep most food down and when im sick i can't manage my pain as i can't keep the pain relief down, but last time i rung my gp in tears he just said to deal with it and give me some oramorph! Nobody seems to be concerned over my weight! ive recently seen a specialst at a different hospital but wished i let my local gi consultant do they referral but i let my gp do it and the gp said i have IBS (even though ive never been told this and i dont even meet the criteria!) i was very dissapointed with this consultant again didnt want to listen tried to say ive suffered from trauma and child abuse (even with my mum in the room) none of which have happened ive had a great upbringing and was fine before all this happened! All i want is to be able to eat and not suffer the consquences but its becoming obvious thats too much to ask for!

Im convinced it could be a problem with my gallbladder function but when i asked about this including a HIDA scan he just said i would need to see a surgeon even though i was under the surgeons for 6 weeks while in hospital. Its soo fustrating, and last year i had 2 occasions where i woke up with pain after a heavy fatty meal, it lasted for a couple of hours i was sick then i was fine again (convined i had gallstones but no stones).I have to go back to work soon as i have no choice im dreading it but if i dont go i could lose my job! (i work for the NHS as well, i had no support its been awful)

Anybody else had any problems like this, doctors not listening im sick of it, im sure there is summit out there that could help with symptoms without relaying on opiates and anti emetics 24/7??

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    sorry been there done that got no further I just want my life back at age 68(on Saturday) you never know how much longer you have on this earth I've had problems for over a year and don't seem to be going forward but backwards. Good luck.
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    Hi Rebecca

    Sorry to hear you are suffering; but rest assured; it IS resolvable.. and these are not empty words.

    Just to update you; i have suffered the EXACT same symptoms and this started 6 years ago.. and pretty much got the same response in various forms. It seems when you are sick and ill; you have to fight EVEN harder; and to get signed off with thepain when no one can diagnose you; is pretty much a no-go; and they don't seem to understand why 'we' get so emotional..

    Salvation comes in various forms..

    Get some digestive enzymes from a health food shop.. This helps with the fat digestion and will get the most out of the food you can manage to eat.

    I am unsure of hte pain meds you got given; co-codomol is a favourite for GP's to give; but it doesn't work for everyone becuase of the way it works.  I had really bad headaches after taking so much because the pain was so bad. i took one with an aspirin which worked well for me.

    Then i would like you to have a little water iwth TURMERIC (*spice) in it; it is natures own anti-inflammatory medicine. 

    Please reduce all caffeine intake where you can ; and reduce liquid consumption where you can but for water/ tomato juice/ blueberry juice/ cranberry juice (not too much juice); eat things like applies; so you should drink Coffee/ water/ and tomato juice (*with turmeric).

    Please also eat yoghurt/ probiotic and some cheese with herbs / garlic.

    What you are looking to do is to eat anti-oxidant foods (radishes and suchlike included) htat contain water; to get this into your system rahter than just through 'drinking'.

    it is your liver that covers the area just below your rib cage and across your rib cage (as well as your gallbladder and kidney underneath that.).. 

    Once you are feeling a little better; try a liquid fast for 24 to 48 hours / and see if the pain reduces further; it may be that it takes some time ).. (i hope this is making sense). Eat things withwater in them during the 24 to 48hours and sip some water (or herbal antioxidant tea)..

    You should be aiming to make your bladder empty during this period.

    phew.. i could go into the details about liver/ blood function; but basically you are looking to reduce inflammation in your liver(or gallbladder/kidney etc)  and re-adjust your stomach contents ph balance... but i am not expert on its PH balance ; i just know that the above has taken me 6 years to figure out  smile

    i now am sat here have gained 2 stone (from 6) and pain free... of course; if your vomit changes colour to something like green etc; or this doesn't work then let me know; and your GP!

    I hope this helps and i hpe you get better soon.


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      thanks for the reply, i dont drink much caffine now i usually just drink tea but even that is affecting me now when im bad i just take sips of dirolyte, otherwise i end up on a drip! my next step is to try some probiotics but will prob have to try them in tablet form as i can't eat yogurt or cheese without being sick! im on dihyrdocodiene with paracetamol, take anti inflammetries, buscopan and oramorph when its bad, been on these a long time now! my liver functions were raised but 2 of them have come down but my gamma gt is still raised but medication can affect this! its hard at times im constantly trying little things to eat but more and more makes me sick quite often i just find myself munching on a few arrowroot biscuits as these are also meant to help with sickness x
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    oh; forgot to say; red grapes are a great one as you can get liquid into your system; and they are anti-oxidant... and easy to pick at during the day.. smile
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    Hi rebecca,

    Have you been tested for H. Pylori (Helicobacter Pylori) it is a bacteria that

    causes immense pain, sickness, diahorreah and acid reflux.  It is corkscrew shaped bacteria and can burrow into the gut walls and duodenum and hide..that is why occassionally antibiotics do not work. My friend had all your symptoms and was tested positive for H.Pylori via a stool test. She was given antibiotics and took holistic meds, she is now on the should go back to your GP and as for a HP test..hope this wishes..

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      thanks, ive think ive had one when i had a gastroscopy via the clo test when in hospital because ive had some ulceration to by duodenum caused by the sickness but will ask and make sure its been done. x
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      I had nausea, tummy ache, acid, intestinal spasms and I stopped eating wheat and dairy and it stopped apart from the nausea but after a course of anti biotics after them eventually finding an intestinal bug all my symptoms went but I've had to continue  following the low fodmap diet x really worth a try as it turns out it caused lactose and gluten and fructose intollerance x it would work quickly if it was dairy so give it a go xx
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      Yeh I've had several scans when I was in hospital as before they give me a diagnosis of a blood clot they thought acute cholycystitis but scans ruled it out but you can get function problems without stones or Inflammation trying to get a hida scan though is impossible! ive had the test for coeliac that came back negative but the fodmap diet maybe another good idea, I don't get cramps though just have this horrific sharp pain feel like someone has stabbed me and left the knife in there , when I eat I'm really sick which makes the pain worse just end up getting myself in a right mess! 
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