Sickness occuring while I drink not after?

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Hi I've been an alcoholic for about a year now actually in 6 days it will be a year entirely the 18th of December 2015 I had a really bad anxiety attack and then they started happening constantly the night I had the first attack I had a few Olde English 40s and it helped so I started doing it constantly anyways now that I've clarified I'm an alcoholic and how long I have been. I couldn't tell you exactly how long this has been happening lets say 6 months give or take but now don't forget it takes alot to get me drunk considering I do it 24/7 and even if I drink 3x the amount I know I can handle no matter how messed up I get I rarely like maybe 5 times in my life have gotten hangovers so I should have absolutely no reason to feel sick but a drink or two in I'm not even feeling slightly buzzed and I start to get a nauseous feeling in my stomach and throat and I salivate alot as if I was getting ready to puke I never do puke from it but its terrible I drink the cheapest vodka money can buy and I drink it with soda usually all throughout the day if not at the end of the night I also chew and chewing upsets my stomach and gives me that nauseous feeling as well and worsens it if I've already been drinking I don't want any comments about how if I quit I'd feel better or anything like that I'm just curious as to if anyone else has experienced this or knows what it could be caused by I would assume that drinking carbonated soda and alcohol causes gas and indegestion which could be the cause and chew probably causes it aswell but I am scared it could be something like an ulcer but I never really get pain or any symptoms of a ulcer just the nausea if anyone knows what could be causing this is there anyway I can fix it? Maybe use something else as a chaser/mixer?

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    Hi David, What is your diet like? I should imagine you don't eat alot? Alcohol starts to shrink the Stomach after a while. Nausia could be a symptom of this and also hunger. Do you find you don't have much of a appetite?


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      I actually don't have any different of an appetite than before I started drinking surprisingly and if anything I usually am hungry even when I probably should'nt be but I usually just chop it up to the nausea causing me to think food will help and considering all the calories I intake from drinking I try my hardest to limit the amount I eat so that I don't just rapidly gain weight however I don't necessarily eat healthy

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    It is the vodka, not the soda. It COULD be an ulcer, especially if you are drinking vodka on an empty stomach. You need to see your doctor because, if it is an ulcer, left untreated, it can turn cancerous.

    You don't say what you are chewing but chewing (gum for example) increases the stomach acid because the stomach is expecting food to digest. That will lead to symptoms like heart burn and acid reflux.

    I know you don't want to be told to stop drinking but your body is telling you to do something about it. It doesn't have to be awful, these days. There are treatments which can stop you drinking and even medical help to drink in a more controlled way.

    Have a look at:

    Good luck!

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      I appreciate your thoughts Paul I will definitely get the ulcer thing checked out and planned on it just better to be safe than sorry but what I meant by chewing was like dip or chewing tobacco sorry to not be clear on that lol and if it makes a difference I chew wintergreen which I've heard causes heartburn in alot of people whilist other flavors of chew don't as much but heartburn isn't really what i feel

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    Also for a little more information I meant chewing tobacco copenhagen wintergreen to be exact and I have no history of health problems or anything I'm only 17 and recently went to treatment or rehab for the alcohol use around 4 or 5 months ago and when I went they checked my vital organs to see if there is any damage and they said that all of those things so for example my heart and liver or kidney whatever one it is that alcohol can cause failure in they checked for sure and they said that everything was working at 110% they said I had even healthier functions than alot people my age who haven't touched alcohol or anything harming like that in their lives I am not sure what they all checked but those two were for sure some of the things they told me they checked out

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      It's the chewing action that causes the issue. Your saliva increases and your stomach acid does too, in anticipation of some food arriving in the stomach that needs breaking down.If you have an empty stomach it can burn the stomach lining and cause an ulcer.

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      Well the feeling occurs even when I'm not chewing I could go all day without chewing and then eat a full meal and then drink and I still feel the sickness and I don't literally chew I just put the chewing tobacco in my lip and let it sit there and spit out the spit when it starts to fill up my mouth. However today when I drank instead of using soda for the chaser I used powerade and I didn't feel sick once so I firmly believe it is from the carbonation or something

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      It is definitely from the alcohol David, although I accept that other things may not help and carbonated drinks can bloat you. Anything that makes you salivate will simultaneously increase your stomach acid. Try ensuring that you have eaten before using the chewing tobacco

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