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hi guys, you always think you are alone with this sort of bowel problem especially having to be near a toilet every day .  My problem Is I only get a few min notice and if I'm not near a toilet everything comes away from me.  By the time I get home I am covered, i am as white as a sheet and shaking as if I've went into some sort of mini shock. I've been for coloniscopy and they can see nothing wrong. Is there anyone here this has been their result and how do you cope with employers. I am at the stage I need to go off work but the worry is what diagnoses would the doctor put on sick note since they can find nothing wrong. I don't have understanding employers. 

Many thanks guys 

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    Oh bless you - I do not have any real good advice for you, but could not read and run.  I can so sympathise, as I am in the midst of recovering from bowle surgery in December - i had half of my large bowel removed, and during the recovery I too had moments where I did not make it to the toilet in time - fortunately, I was home on both occassions - but its soul destroying.  I am tearing up just recalling it, and for you too, imaginging what it must be like for you if you are out and about.  No one can understand until it happens to them.  

    I just want to send you some encouragement and hopes and wishes that they soon find out what is causing you these troubles and they can sort it for you. When they do my sick note the just put something general like "Recovery from surgery".  Yours may be something general as well, like Digestive Troubles or something?? But don;t worry about your employers - your doctors note protects you 100%.  Im sorry they are not understanding - that certainly helps when they are. 

    I have taken my health for granted for 54 years - no more - its so important we maintain good health and when we have these things happen it really shakes our lives up, for sure.

    I hope you will get the answers you need  - both here and from your doctor.  

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    Hi Teri

    Sorry to hear about your probs, it sounds like you are going through a rough time and I hope you get the help you need soon.

    As far as work goes, if your condition affects your day to day living then the doctor should be able to sign you off sick. I am currently off work, and have been for 6 months, my doctor puts 'Investigation into abdominal pain' on the sick note. As far as your employers go, there are many factors to take into consideration. Are you PAYE (meaning tax, etc are taken from your wages) or are you self employed? How long have you worked for them? How many days off work have you had as sick days? If you have worked for them for a while, (can't remember the minimum but you can find the info online), and your tax and NI is taken from your wages, then you will be entitled to SSP (Statutory Sick Pay) which your employer must pay, and there is nothing your employer can do for at least 6 months, which is the maximum SSP is paid. If you are off that long, then your employer may wish to have a meeting with you about half way through this period, just to discuss your current condition and the likelyhood of you being able to work for them again. If this happens, I was told by my solicitor to say something like 'I love my job, I want to come back to work and I'm going to do all I can to get back to work asap, but I am not in a position to as yet due to my current condition'. This will delay any other action by your employer. However, and this happened to me, after 6 months your employer has the right to dismiss you on grounds of ill health, and stop SSP payments. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do about this, as I found out from my solicitor, but it does mean, as long as you are still getting sick notes from your doctor, you will be able to claim ESA, but this is a long way down the line and you might find that you are in a position to work again before this.

    One other thing to take into consideration, has the condition you are suffering with developed since you have been working for your employer, or was it there before you started work for them? If it developed whilst being there, then no worries. If it developed before you started working for them, then as long as you informed your employer of this beforehand, again no probs there. If you didn't then there may be a clause there for your employer to dismiss you for withholding information.

    Thats about all the info and advice I can give you. As long as you have satisfied the requirements to be entitled to SSP, been up front and honest, and keep getting sick notes from your doctor, then there is nothing your employer can do. If they give you grief and start hassling you, get in contact with Citizens Advice for help or better still, get a solicitor to send a snotty letter to them, it'll soon shut them up, it worked for me. If they just dismiss you and you have a valid sick note, then sue them for unfair dismissal.

    Hope that helps, good luck and get well soon!

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    Sounds to me like your tummy is strongly objecting to what you throw at it.

    it cannot digest something and is putting a bubbling charge behind it all!

    Answer? Paper and pencil and write down everything you put down your throat with the time, amount and record minute effects on your tummy and excretion.

    Sometimes you have to purposely eat something to see if it has a bad effect.

    Also the order you eat stuff and whether you are regular or constipated when you eat it.

    it takes months to track it down and loads of written notes. but it's worth it.

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    Hi Teri..

    Have you ever considered trying something to relax you when you wake up maybe.

    I suffered similar to you, vomiting with little to no warning. Seeing several stomach doctors and having every test done was no fun.. Especially just to find out the doctors could find nothing wrong.

    I still suffer, but today it is so much more manageable. Anxiety, turns out was... Pretty much my problem. I know it sounds ridiculous. I couldn't recognize those feelings.. I suppose they were showing physically.

    When I was sick... I would try anything to feel better. I hope you are better today. But I'd you're not, please consider this as a possibility.

    It might change your life. Possibly get it back.

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    Hi. Have you any other symptoms? Pain fever weight loss loss of appetite.

    I had some real surprises once the doc started to do the right sort of tests.

    Check out my post. My symptoms started similarly. Not saying you have anything more than a food intolerance but you'd be surprised how often we don't recognise aches and pains as associated symptoms.

    Good luck.

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    Hi; if you are referring to the bowel and faecal incontinence; then it may be worth looking at the liver an BILE  excess. If there is too much bile then the result is loose stools.   So how to address this to find out if the bile is the issue; it may be worth taking bicarb of soda stuff ; that will lower ph of the stomach and (do NOT take with ilk proucts as can affect the kidneys) and take Milk Thistel for the liver  if (the liver processes bile so if it is oerly good at doing its job then you will want to clean itup a bit; and some stuff to assist cholesterol (it's the cholesterol that is used in the liver to make the bile).. if your liver gets too 'worked' then fat clogs up and this then affects (as i undertand it in layman's terms) can casue fatty liver; all these things can affect the bile; and / or stomach acid. So taking a ppi from the GP is better IF it is excess bile affecting your bowel. YOu may also want to consider psylium? husks ; as the SECONDARY action also assists (works as an equivalnt to a ppi - natural remedy-  and assists stool - it's a fiber type; and can assist with 'that end'. Let me know Teri if any of htis is uself adn let me know if ti does work.. Wish you better soon> smile

    ** Take Vitiamins and anti-inflammatories to assist with any pain and look at eating good foods to improve cellular function, including anti-oxidants. Juice raw food and get FIBRE in your diet along with the good stuff (bowel of cereal in the morning; (no milk if taking bicarb of sodium - add omething like coconut water) and EAT omega 3 oil and VEG

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