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I have been on sertraline since January and have had numerous side effects on and off. The tiredness has been persistent, well more like exhaustion. I am  on 150mg now which has helped slightly with anxiety and depression, picking me up from rock bottom. I have been experiencing teeth grinding, jaw clamping, tongue sucking to the point of getting ulcers. I have also had a painful ear and sore throat. My dreams have always been weird and persistent but on reflection I feel they are more bizarre that before taking sertraline. Diarrhea has also been a concern. This happens in bouts, so I'll have it a few days then it will settle. The most recent bout freaked me out as it was black (malaena) I am in healthcare and know this indicates a bleed in the upper part of the digestive tract. When I started sertraline I didn't read the leaflet as I knew I wouldn't take them although I had an idea of the side effects. I didn't take yesterday's dose and stayed in bed all day, sleeping on and off up to now. I know I need to go to DRs but this triggers my anxiety. I have a big issue with going out seeing people. What to do? Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? I have been off work since nov and know I need to get back to work, feeling pressurised.

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    I really feel for you yoyo xx 

    Please go back to the docs !! .. It's important to keep going often, it sets my anxiety off also, but it's very important .. I'm there today & dreading it .. But I must keep telling the doc my symptoms .. 

    It's now week 4 for me ... I'm not feeling a great difference .. The anxiety is very much real & I have too been off work a long time.. Don't think ill ever return to be like my old self again sad 

    You said that's 150mg has helped your anxiety & depression SLIGHTLY ... Is the side effects worth having slight change ? I would go to the docs & discuss this ... 

    I'm very concerned about this drug ... I don't think it's working at all for me .. sad 

    Hope your ok & wishing you all the best ... 

    Hollie x 

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      Thanks Hollie

      seeing cpn tomorrow so will discuss then. I'm sure he'll say see DR. I know I need to but getting there is a battle. Initially the symptoms were manageable but now I have so many I'm weighing up the benefits. I have to say they have helped but then would I have got a little better had I not taken them, who knows. I have a friend on them and she's been fine so I guess everyone's experience is different. It took a while for me to show any recovery and it has been a tough slow battle. Hence why I'm now refered to cpn. Really worried about not working as the chances of getting benefits seem remote. All the crap only adds, compounds feelings when suffering anxiety and depression. 

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      I'm so in the same shoes as you... 

      Is there no one who can go w

      This is awful isn't it.. I feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, I have not seen any benefit as yet ... I'm sure when a go today she Wil say put them up to 150mg .. 

      I feel like I'm fighting a loosing battle 

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    Sorry that was suppose to say ... 

    Is there no one who will go with you to the doctors ? 

    It's an awful situation sad I feel for you .. As I go through exactly the same ordeal each time ... 

    I also see a cpn & have been placed on an intensive course of cbt .. 

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      It is awful. Only those who have been there can understand. I feel like a child at times. Not being able to make decisions and needing someone to hold my hand. Yes I could take husband or a friend. Ohhhh cbt hmmm it's good but it relies on you doing a lot of work which if depressed is so hard. I've been seeing a cbt counsellor for a while now. It's good but I feel like I've plateaued. I suppose the only ones who can help us is ourselves but it's finding the right support and hoping for the time when it all falls into place. I do a lot of writing which I find helpful. I have a little hope which is better than where I was. 
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      It's just a vicious circle .. sad 

      Your right tho ... Only ppl who is / has

      Going through this will only no the true sheer hell of just day to day survival ...

      I feel like I'm selfish, sometimes .. As I've got to pull family away from there homes to come places with me also .. I have to plan journeys & basically life is planned around how bad I will feel at the time of thing I'm doing .. 

      So my limit is really my bedroom for now ... 

      Sad for a 30yr old girl with a boyfriend & nice friends .. Whom I don't see at all .. 

      I hope one day that we can be anxiety free and just start living .. :D 

      That would be a dream come true x

      I will try anything to beat this .. X

      Take care my friend Hollie xx 

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    Hallo Yoyo and Hollie.  I have been on Setraline for seven weeks,  (4weeks + on 100mg)and feeling a little better but still anxious.  I keep reading that it can take some weeks to work!  But I don't feel 100%, but I was told by a clinical psychologist that my depression is mild but I tend to "feed"  it and I agree but when you've been feeling like this it's a vicious circle.  I hope that it works for all of us and I suppose we have to be patient but unless we all start to feel really ok then maybe a change of medication is needed.  I feel for both of you as I'm now retired but being off work adds extra pressure.  Just one thing when I have a drink I feel normal again!  I don't have a lot but a drink of Lager before my main meal as my appetite has been affected.  Thinking of you both.  SuexxSuexx
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      Hi sue xx 

      Could I ask .. What do you mean by "feed" your depression?

      I read on the NHS site that sertaline takes 7 weeks to work, so I hope your feeling better soon sue xx 

      Anxiety is vile .. & I think that there's not enough help out there for us ..  sad 

      I've had this for years now & it's becoming worse .. 

      Yeah your right, the pressure of being off work just adds to the long list of things to keep this dark anxiety and depression tuning my life into hell .. 

      But health comes first .. 

      We are survivors & we have came so far .. 

      Wishing you the best x Hollie xx 

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      Hi Hollie

      i think she meant that I feel down and then I worry about it more than I should and things get worse.  I also have a problem going abroad!  The anxiety tends to kick in then, but I am generally ok in the UK!  Crazy isn't it?

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      Me too !! 

      I have panic attacks on the plane, so I've got to drink & the holiday consists of been overly anxous about going out, roads, wouldn't get in a taxi .. Ext ext ... The list is endless .. That's why I now travel in UK for holidays ... 


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    I feel for you.  I'm ok on the plane but I do have a drink.  I just don't like being out of my comfort zone!  I went to Cornwall with my family and I loved it so I'm better in the UK.  I look around and everyone looks so relaxed and I think why can't I be like that!
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    Sorry Yoyo this was meant for Hollie but I expect she'll see it

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