Side Effects Bendroflumethiazide 2.5mg and Amlodipne 10mg together

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Can some one pkeae advise what I should do? I am 53 years old, always had what was deemed high ISH boold pressure, and was then prescribed after many years being monitored, Bendrofumethiazide 2.5 mg amd Amlodipine 10 mg. Since this time I have had severe problems with ED. not good when I have always been active in that area, and my wife who is only 46 years old also has not had to worry.

It is a major problem I feel now, do I risk a stroke and have a happy and full love life with my wife of 26 years, or do I lose our physical relationship? The doctor prescribed me Sildenafil 100mg, but they do not have a great effect, but keep me awake all night and very flushed! with probably a higher blood pressure than I would have had without the other medication!

Not happy at this time in my life, I have a gorgeous wife, and want to keep her happy



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    As always effects vary by patient. Before I ceased the amlop. I was on bendra 2.5 amlop 10 mg and telmisartan  40 mg. I haver never had the symptoms you describe and I am considerably older than you and my wife is younger than yours, not that that has too much relevance but it just could have raised my anxiety levels if similar symptoms kicked in. When I ceased amlop because of the horrendous side effects, the telm. dose was doubled to 80 mg and this combination of bendra. and telm. has been better for my BP and it lowers travel insurance ( 2 meds not three).

    It has not had any adverse symptoms and in particular those to which you allude. Some BP meds have ED side effects and it might be worth you googling them in turn to see which are known to cause such effects and which are not considered to do so.

    i hope this helps

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      Many thanks. Never had any ED probs until taking these tablets, to the stage I wolud say, I had problems keeping things down!. I am very worried now about what these tabets are doing and should I stop taking and then see how things are after a few weeks off the tablets?

      Then maybe consult my GP again?

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    Stop taking the stuff. It has a wide range of side effects and can cause heart irregularities, collapse, even death.

    Go and see your doctor and tell her/him to give you something else.

    Read the leaflet enclosed with particular reference to who should not take it and side effects. If ok, try it and keep a diary. 

    If no side effects, continue but if you do observe side effects, back to the Doc!

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          I understand that your problem has one of two causes, Physical or Psycological. As the highish dose of Sildenafil is not working, it could suggest that your problem is the latter, the most common.  Also do you, as most men do, wake in the morning sometimes with an erection? If so, this would prove that it is the latter. Consider if you are stressed by anything. Most men suffer a failure at some time which can inundate your mind that it may happen again, and it does. Has interest grown a little dull with either of you? Lethargy is a common side effaect for Amlodipine which leads to lack of interest and tiredness in everything . Perhaps an interesting video or toy would help to spice things a little. I expect there is quite a bit of information on the webb.   There is effective treatment for both causes so you must ask your GP for an appointment with the appropriate consultant.

    In the meantime consider if your way of life may be affecting your performance.(and your BP) Are you overweight? Do you smoke or drink? Either could have an effect.  I would expect that Amlodipine does not help the situation. It has many and varried side effects.      

    I wish you well and hope that this is just a temporary affliction, as it usually is.

    Also google mindfulness and a little book called "Mindfulness Plain and Simple, may help. God bless from someone who has been there.  

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     The reason I suggested googling side effects rather than the leaflet in the meds is that I regard them to be a little short of the totality of effects or their severity. It will also not provide advice on combinations of drugs. I started by entering a list of the drugs I was on and sat back for results.. If no good result shorten the list or drop back to the perceived main culprit. You might need to discard some of the patient views, but not all and the key is being selective. Take careful note of the professional views. This approach got me out of a wheelchair and back leading a normal life, albeit with residual side effects. I should add my decision to drop amlop was discounted by my GP and the stroke consultant, which my GP had sent me too with the swelling symptoms I had. It was only when I announced I was going to stop based on the evidence I had that alternatives were sought. It is a GP I respect too. Doctors rarely like being confronted by pages from the Internet so good to become very learned, make own conclusions and become empowered. Of course your original symptoms still need treatment so it is important to consult your GP and seek alternatives. It is equally important not to abandon the treatment you are on to avoid a short and merry life. There is a mid line of longevity and symptom control without too many downsides but my experience is they it has to be worked at. I work around the medical profession and see how drugs patients take,  and I then see other doctors question the amount .i have heard of patients on many drugs having their life changed for the better by a really good review of them and inevitably a reduction in them. Drugs are always added incrementally and in the complex world we live, I remain unconvinced that the cumulative effect is considered as, in the time available I think you get the immediate treatment for the presenting symptom rather than detailed consideration of the cumulative effect. The difficulty is these things are very complex and GPs are very busy. Many are excellent but in all things skills vary and the press will tell you that GPs are under pressure.  It almost requires a conscensus  from a team of experts for every patient but this will not happen. Becoming knowledgable, and becoming empowered has given me my life back even though I am left with some peripheral neuropathy. Much better then my life in a wheelchair every time I went to the local shopping centre.

    of course people do get other symptoms while on medication unrelated to the medications already being taken. It is too easy to blame the latest cough on a new med. however, some BP meds do give a cough and the challenge is knowing which. The advice you have had on ED is sound. Sometimes symptoms come from a bit you might have got anyway together a bit from the meds. It  is never straightforward and as I started by saying, varies by patient, so other experiences may well differ to your own

    best of luck

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    "... as it also effects my vison at times i feel!"

    That was why I stopped taking Amlodipine. There was a big brown blob on the pavement - but it went before me as I walked!

    I stopped the Amlodipine and had eye examinations by an optician and hospital consultant. They could see no reason for the sight problem so it must have been in my brain.

    The problem cleared up in couple of weeks after I stopped the Amlod. I am now on Atenolol and Bendro in the morning, and Doxazosin and Losartan in the evening. This seems to agree with me.


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    Hi Michael,   Best thing is to go back to your doctor.  On this panel I haven't seen ED mentioned in connection with Amlodipine, but we're not experts, only patients sharing our experience.   

    Don't put up with it though.  ED is a well understood condition nowadays and your doctor should be able to help.

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    Plenty of other BP medications. Ask your GP to change them.
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