Side Effects from Amlodopine

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Hello, I have been taking this drug for about 2 years. 

For the last 8 months or so I have leg aches, cramping, muscle stiffness and joint pain. I stopped taking this med about 10 days ago after reading all the comments. I had a hunch about this drug. How long does it take for it to be out of my system. My feet are feeling somewhat better, not 100%  and my legs are feeling less tired at night. I am afraid to jinx myself into thinking that this may be the cause of all this discomfort. Has anyone else experienced this ? How long for a recovery ?  Thanks


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    Did you taper off the Amlodopine or go cold turkey? If so,and you were taking it for high blood pressure, can l ask what you are taking instead of? Only l have just today been the doc's and asked could l stop taking mine. No,she says,too risky,but will halve the dose from 10mg to 5mg. Have to see how l go on. But am sure I've read on this forum that the side effects do last quite a while afterwards,more so l suspect if you've been on it for some time. Good luck anyhow,and hope things improve daily for you.

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      Once I read about the side effects, I went cold turkey on my own. It has been about 10 days and I have a dr apt tomorrow. I am sure the dr will be upset that I did this on my own.  My blood pressure is running a tad high but not out of control. When I was first placed on this med I was smoking. I am no longer smoking so my pressures have improved.  I am sure she will place me on another drug. I am hoping it was the amlodopine that was causing all my pain. 


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      Wow that was brave to go cold turkey. Wish l could summon up that backbone. Am too scared that my bp will rocket if l did that,also because am on a betta blocker for fast heart rate would panic if that got any worse.
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      BP is reasonable.. not sky high and I am so sick of the pain that I was desperate to try anything, Once I read all these posts I threw the meds away. I am sure my DR wont be happy but I want to be pain free. I am only guessing the meds are the reason for my pain, i have been tested for lymes disease, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.. I am hoping this will be the reason. 


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      I hope so too for your sake. Your pain must be bad to go to them lengths of throwing all the meds out.
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    Hi Bella

    Like you, I had been on them for about a year without problems, then things began to change. I had so much going wrong with me that I ended up back and forth to the doctors every month or so. Over the next 4 years I had so much wrong with me that I was given every test they could come up with, all came back negative and all the while I was told it was nothing to do with the meds I was taking. I was told that if it was the amlodipine I would have had a reaction in the beginning, not after 12 months. This sounded reasonable to me so I kept taking them (and others, and stuff to counteract what the amlodipine was doing) it was a nightmare. 

    I went on holiday about 18 months ago and forgot to take the meds with me. I was so ill at the time, that I didn't care and decided to go without for the fortnight I was away rather than run around trying to get an emergency supply from somewhere.

    After a week, I felt totally different. So much improved. By the time I came back from holiday, the difference was so remarkable I vowed never again would I take those pills. So I went cold turkey too.

    As I said, it wasn't a conscious decision, but I did nothing but improve from then on. I had all your symptoms and over time many, many more. The psychological effect was devastating for me.

    Once I stopped them, after the initial improvements, it took a few weeks to feel 'normal' and it's hard to say how long it took for me to feel completely free of the stuff, but maybe a few months? I had been on them for approx 5 years though. 

    I don't know whether your doctor will be happy or not, probably not, but it's your body, just tell them you want to try something else if they insist you need to take something for your BP and be aware of the side effects. Many on here take BP tablets without any problems, it just needs your doctor to listen to you and find something that works for you, not insist you take something that causes you pain and misery just so their numbers add up. They're not the ones having to take them..............yet. xx

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    I'm so relieved to find this discussion. I've been on Amlodopine 10MG's for the past six months. Recently, and just before I found this discussion forum, I made a Doctor's appointment worried and thinking that maybe I have chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia or kidney issues. I've gotten so fatigued that doing simple chores like laundry, climbing steps, grocery shopping or even chewing food was utterly exhausting. My ankles, legs and hands are swollen by noon and I have had difficulties bending my ankles or walking without knee pain. Touching my the back of my legs leaves an indentation. Pain in my neck developed out of no where (I thought maybe it was from computer work) and the tingling in my shoulders, arms and hands has been almost unbearable at times. I've also found it difficult to concentrate as of late, and frequent 4-5 trips to the bathroom begins at 3AM, which has left me waking up exhausted from lack of sleep and dehydrated. 

    To be honest, I didn't realize that my symptoms may be related to this drug, but even after two days of not taking it because I was out of my refill, and then doing some google searches to find this forum, I am finding some relief. Although the leg and feet swelling remains, the disabilitating fatigue is remarkably better just after 48 hours. 

    I do recognize the importance of being prescribed a drug for hypertension and I'll be open to try another when I see my PCP this week, but there must less problematic options besides this drug. I would suggest to anyone who have been prescribed Amlodopine to make sure that they schedule a follow up with your PCP after six weeks or whenever he/she suggests. Or if you notice any symptoms related to what it discussed here to contact their Doctor immediately. I wish I would have more proactive.

    Thanks again for all who have posted. It's helped me greatly.

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    Hi, I had been on Amlodipine for over 10 year.  When I first stated taking  amlodipine my ankles became swollen but because I was so active the swelling went away and did not return. As many users have mentioned, the side effects slowly take over so I did not realize that the pain under my left breast was radiating from near my stomach. Other symptoms I've experienced are, knotting in my lower and upper intestine, burning in stomach, neck/shoulder pain, burning in left arm, and in center of chest.  In fact, the pain cause my doctor to think it was my heart so I had a heart cath but there was no problem with my heart. I'm so thankful for this site because I have decided to stop taking the amlodipine (approximately 5 months ago) and now I feel so much better. Most of the symptoms subsided within a month. Now I feel so much better it is amazing. 

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