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Hi my name is Eileen, I was prescribed Mirtazapine two days ago one tablet at night 15 mg I could hardly get out of bed the next day and wen I did I felt even more depressed than before, I couldn't hardly move for pains in my joints was out of breath had hot sweats but worse than that had a dreadful anxiety feeling at the point of the sweating and anxiety all the time, compulsive eating non stop so that night was really worrying about taking another so decided not to and again even though I didn't take another still had the side effects the next morning plus very confused and slurred speech, rang the doctor and spoke to her and she advised me not to take anymore but tells me now there is nothing else she can do for me, to try to pull myself out of it, the trouble is I have tried to do that for the last 8 months and would not have gone to her for help if I thought I could do it, I am desperate as I feel I can't go on, she did advise me to ring a support group but they cannot see me for 2 months and to ring the doctors back I am finding it hard to cope with getting through a day without finding the courage to confront someone who has told me that they can't help me and she would not consider trying any other medication on me now, after I explained that I seem to get a lot of reactions from medication for instants got liver problem for taking Fluroxatine a few years back and cant take co- dyramol, co-codomal rtc. can you give me some advise please would appreciate that. Eileen

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    Have you tried Citalopram?
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    Dear Eileen

    How long did you take Fluroxatine and for how long.....From what you are saying you have been fighting depression for a long time....Can you give us more information .....?

    Love to you

    Lee (f)

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    I have had a pretty hard struggle through my life, but it has been mainly due to circumstances that have pushed me over the brink, I took Fluroxatine for a year and a half, starting around 8 years ago but always felt rough but didn't put it down to taking this medication until after it was discovered I was having liver problems I had numerous test including a biopsy at the end but the liver was in good condition so thats how it was left I took myself off Fluroxatine (gut feeling) and although I had wawful side effects my health began to improve and the bloods become clear of problem I mentioned this to a doctor a long time after and the just brushed it aside so it was never proven.

    That brush with taking antidepressants out me off of ever taking other types so after having two years of personal problems I felt I had fallen down that deep dark hole again and 4 months before Christmas went to the doctors who was very insistent that I took something to alleviate the anxiety, depression etc but I told him about the experiences with Fluroxatine so he took that on board and told me to waste no time in contacting someone, if the symptoms got worse, but I have slowly got worse and felt last week that I no longer seemed to want to go on living this way, I know that any life is better than none and I am not insensitive, to realize how precious life is, but I have lost the will to fight the awful heartbreak and misery I have sunken into.

    So relating to the previous letter now have no idea what to do or where to turn now I had no intention of taking that medication for a very long period just to get a sort of crutch, until I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, thanks for your concern, Eileen

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    I will tell you my story, maybe it can help.....I took Sertraline (Zoloft) for 8 years and like you didn't do much for me but take the edge of the depression I had when my son was diagnosed with Leukemia.. Big mistake....because I faced adversity my whole life without taking any medication whatsoever....Time, learning from the experience...not letting fear get a hold of me....and doing stuff no matter how I felt...helped me through these trying times.....

    But I took the Zoloft for 8 years 150 mgs a day....Then In December 2011 together with the help of my doctor...I starting weaning off it....It took me a year and a half to get off it...with a multitude of side effects...e.g. dizziness, head pressure, migraines, nausea, vomiting, pain in legs sciatic and groin.....indigestion. Most of these symptoms went away just as I stopped it completely, which was on May 17, 2013.

    Now I am off Zoloft almost 11 months and at the 5 month mark off it... new side effects emerged....I still had head pressure and migraines and the new symptoms are pins and needles in my face, lips, tongue, pressure bridge of my nose....lightheadedness...this I have every head is never clear....I get windows that some days I feel better....but I have not had one for a couple of months now. Anxiety was bad too....but I have learned to accept these side effects and when I did that......the anxiety became much less......

    No matter how I feel, I go out and do stuff anyway.....I don't let fear win.....never let fear win.....the anxiety, and stress only makes our symptoms worse.

    I don't know what to tell you....I wish I could help.....but you have to find a way to change your life....find stuff you like to do.....lunch with a friend....exercise, find a self help group.....

    I know, these are the things I was told to do too...but I didn't do it....what I did was....."accept" the side effects...don't fight them.....look fear in the face and stare it down....and do matter how you feel and you will see, in time, you will feel a lot better....because every time you do something you get stronger and stronger and fear gets weaker and weaker......

    Medication, as you well experienced....really does nothing for us....people want a 'fast fix' but it never works....Some people are fine on SSRIs, they stay on it for years...but when they attempt to get off it....they can't....they find it very hard....and sometimes the SSRI runs its course and doesn't work any more...then we get side effects and we never think it is because the SSRI has pooped....people think right away that they are sick and depressed again and need to up their medication or try a new one...and it goes on and on and on......

    So please think about what you want to do.....and I truly wish you will find your answer.


    Lee (f)

    Keep a song in your heart

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    Hello Eileen

    I am taking Mirtazapine, after having a bad reaction to Fluoxatine. I have been taking it for 3 weeks now and was told to take 15mg at bedtime. I had the same problem as you, drowsy all next day, hard to get out of bed, although I have been sleeping well( which was the idea). My GP wanted to increase the dose to 30 mg, saying that it would be less sedating at that dose.I was dubious and decided to reduce the dose to see what happened. I tried 7.5mg, which was pretty much the same as 15 in terms of drowsiness. So I came lower by dissolving a 7.5mg in water and accurately removing some to give 5mg solution. I have been using this dose for 3 days and my head is much clearer whilst still sleeping well. I don't like Mirtazapine however so I have decided to wean off over a few weeks using the above technique. I also take 40mg Propanolol twice a day to control anxiety, which works quite well and is comparatively easy to come off. Anxiety/ Depression is so difficult to live with and courage is required but also we need hope that there is a way through it to give us the will to keep going. It sounds like you need to rediscover this hope from somewhere. A Psychiatrist may be able to help you more than a GP, they have more experience in this area. Good luck and don't give up, help is out there but can be difficult to find.

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