Sigmoid diverticulosis and circular muscle hypertrophy

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hi, ive recently had a diagnoses of Sigmoid Diverticulosis and circular muscle hypertrophy, i had bee having bouts of constipation for years but now im unable to go at all so make a helpful lax as part of my every day life now, but i am still trying to find a food that will help me instead of lax.

i do often feel chilly then a sudden heat all very odd on occasions i get a feeling as if i want to vomit after I've eaten so no i only eat once a day of my chosen allowed foods, i do get a rapid pulse in me like i can feel my blood pumping harder than normal and sweats at night on occasions .

does anyone who if this is all part of having this colon disease.

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    hi , I had diverticulosis but it went undiagnosed it was seen to be ibs for years so I assumed they were only ever ibs symptoms. I felt doomed. fir me I was always needing a poop and it was always like water or slime sorry for the info it's not awesome reading 😕 but my symptoms were , if I ate a little bit or even drank i would have awful cramping appx 10 mins after or sooner. then i would need the toilet. I bloated loads too . and my heart would pound I could feel it and it felt like it echoed through me and it would make me feel so sick . I hated eating I rarely ate. at one point i was 7 and a half stone as i was sick so much i couldnt or wouldn't eat for fear of it hurting or making me vomit. I got better tho and more years passed. I used to sweat aswell in waves of prickly heat. all signs of anxiety so I was treated for anxiety and ibs for a long time . so on and off I was I'll regularly I just felt like I was poorly all the time. so ibs was then called severe ibs . camera didnt detect my disease. but at xmas my bowel perforated. I was unaware I thought it was a stitch. I had been running around after my lovely family and of course was quite used to tummy pain and feeling off so assumed it was the load of it all. but drinking and eating really hurt for 2 days so got it checked out. that is where they found diverticulitis had got infected and the pouches swell and one popped through the bowel. I believe antibiotics would have cleared the infection had we known I had the disease but it was on my right side and at 38 not a candidate for the disease apparently .

    so my guess is that you keep having what they call flare ups. the pouches swell and if they are left they will cause infection and swell and cause goodness knows that problems:/

    so I would suggest that you call your gp and explain your symptoms. heck tell them you know me if you like and tell them how mine got infected and perforated the bowel causing sepsis to set in too . I was so lucky . they removed my appendix my cecum and right and transverse colon. since then my bowel has been less painful and I can eat more as in more of an amount. my diet is high fibre protein and fluid. no nuts popcorn or sweetcorn or seeds or skin off veg and fruits . If you didnt know already this also is what you ideally should be avoiding . and dairy can be an enemy with this disease too x

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    forgot to add what can help you go easier sorry . well obviously soft foods will go through soft it will be better to get you going. mash used to irritate my bowel but boy it made me go. fresh orange juice also tweaks the bowel . I'm trying to think what I had after my bowel removal as I needed r soften the stool I was constipated for 2 weeks it was awful . i had sloppy foods and plain foods. fruit and lots of cooked veg. it WILL give you wind but it does get the stuff moving. loads of water to help keep stools soft . rice may be good with chicken. cottage pie and loads of veg etc soups were good too

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      you could also try some good ol fish n chips from the chippie. but they do suggest you avoid oil with diverticulitis but it could work or do your own in rapeseed oil or olive oil .

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      Thank you Rainbow78,

      Your experiences that you went through sound awful so glad you are sorted now i hope.

      i have made a gp appointment for next Thursday can't seem to get an earlier one at the time frame i need as work gets in way .

      i had my 1st camera in 2016 nothing picked up but given a low fodmaps food list .

      i will talk to my dr in depth and pickup on points you have mentioned.

      i was going to ask can Disease spread throughout the colon?

      the nurse did say high fibre and chai seeds and lots if water.

      do you know i never knew such a disease was out there...

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    Hi I have some of your symptoms like constipation and the thumping heart rate. I want to say it's my heart but when I feel my heart the rhythms aren't t the same..the heart feels normal beat. I can't figure out where is this thumping coming from. I have to also take something to have a bm. I haven't officially been diagnosed with diverticulitis but IBS. Does these symptoms sound similar to yours?

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      hi Mary27278,

      Thank s for your response, i do think you should have a colonoscopy just to rule out anything sinister.

      afterall i had no clue i had the desease never even heard of it before until Sat 17th August, i just knew i couldn't poop and it wasn't normal practice. and was also on the low fodmap food for ibs.

      now i am reading researching all i can .

      hope this help you.

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      A very common cause of this thumping you feel is from the vagus nerve which runs through intestine area and towards heart. Various stomach problems can irritate this nerve causing this feeling of thumping as it does control the heart rhythm but is not an indication of heart disease. I have severe ibs, diverticulosis, hyatal hernia and gerd and with any flare ups or with swallowing too much or too dry food this nerve will give the sensation of pounding or fast flutters. I get this often even during certain stomach viruses. Hope this puts your mind at ease.

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      I've already had a colonoscopy and scope of stomach. I have gerd and hiatal hernia.

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      I think you may be right. I've noticed when I have my spine adjusted by my chiropractor it helps it to stop.

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      Thank you very much for this information it is very helpful and puts the mind at ease.

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    A great medication/s are Bentyl and Librax for that irritation and or pain you feel after eating. It has saved my will to want to eat. check with your doctor and see if either are pertinent to your specific disorder.

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    Thank you

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    does anyone else feel more chillier with this disease and also get sudden heat at the drop of a hat?

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