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I'm about to have my 3rd sigmoidoscopy, the 2 so far I've had during hospital stays so opted for sedation. I have recently had a colonoscopy as an outpatient but opted for sedation as it was 45-60 mins.

I'm have a moderate pain threshold and to be honest would rather have less fuss of having to be picked up and guarded for 24 hours but not sure how bad the pain is? Has anyone had sigmoidoscopy with no sedation and how was it?

Could someone advise what the procedure before sigmoidoscopy is as an outpatient. Do you have to prep the day before like you do with colonoscopy?

I keep having inconclusive cameras and histologist is also confused as my UC symptoms started 2 years ago when I was stuck down with camplyabactor (food poisoning from chicken) and since then been having flair ups, on 4 mezalazine pentasa a day and currently back on steroids again.

Hopefully this test will have answers after been flaring this time for 7 weeks now!!

Any advise is great fully recieved.

Thanks Carrie x

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    Hi Carrie

    The prep i had was two days of clearing out the bowel. Picolax if i remember correct. 

    I never took the sedation as its better for them to know how much or if any pain your feeling when the air goes into the bowel. Plus you can go home early aswell.

    Never opted for sedation as i never thought it was to bad in the rear end as when its in its in. Pardon the pun. ( just like putting in a pentasa)

    The only thing you feel is a tightness with the air .

    Hope this puts you at ease and get well soon.

    Lets hope they get you the right meds soon and keep your chin up. 


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      Oh don't get me started on pentasa suppositories.

      I take oral pentasa x 4 and had been feeling off colour but that was all. Told my IBD nurse and she put me on pentasa suppositories. I questioned it as I was worried they would give me loose stools (diarrhoea) and I was advised not. After taking the 1st one I had it's been continual loose stools. I took for about A 2 weeks in the hope it would clear but no.

      Not after being on steroids for 2 weeks today I finally start to feel better so nurse had cancelled my sidmoidoscopy as it won't get the information they want.

      So frustrating.

      Thanks for your advise.

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    Hi, Alot depends on whether you have bleeding, swelling and ulcerative colon, as my son had these and his first colonoscopy was unbearable and wasn't offered sedation. They had to stop as he was in agony. Good luck. Sheila.
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      Hi Sheila,

      Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately is had not been cancelled which is so infuriating as I'm coming out of flare so camera will come back as inconclusive as per all my previous as they've always been done too late.

      Next time hopefully they will take it early enough and will opt for sedation.

      Thanks Carrie

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    Hi Carrie. I have colitis & have had several sigmoidoscopies/colonoscopies over the last few years. I have found one of the sigmoidoscopies more painful than the colonoscopy(think that was down to not my usual consultant), but have ALWAYS opted for sedation & needed more during procedures. why be in pain when you can at least soften it? all it involved was my hubby picking me up, made me a flask of tea & left me to sleep on sofa & he went back off to work. he made dinner in the evening, that's it! you are just a bit sleepy after thats all, so no driving or trying to wire a plug! From memory i had to have bowel prep (drinking a laxative) for all sigmoidoscopies/colonoscopies, which is unpleasant obviously. also as you will probably know from your previous scopes, you may have some trapped air afterwards in bowels which can be crippling, but all i do is get one of the ward nurses after to walk you over to the toilet, & yes, let as much of it out as possible & you will get relief. when is your scope hun? xx
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      Hi looloo,

      Me again you're answering questions to again thank you.

      I'm furious today. Having been in flare for 7 weeks and continually been in contact with IBD nurses I did a stool sample and no blood (which has never happened in 7 weeks) therefore they have cancelled my sigmoidoscopy.

      After 14 days on steroids I am finally starting to feel better so there is no point having the sigmoidoscopy as it will be another inconclusive.

      Because I keep getting flares but like everyone else they just come about without warning there is nothing I can do other than keep take the medication as advised.

      I really don't know what will happen from here now.

      I have been advised that the next flare (whenever that may be) I will be put on an urgent sigmoidoscopy requirement but that doesn't help me between now and then.

      I'm considering going private to get some answers but again I won't get the answers unless I am in flare which is just so unpredictable.

      Thanks for your reply and will think twice now before not having sedation on your advise.



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      Hi Carrie, I've had same happen before. gone on steroids during a flare & had scope too late on - after things significantly improved. I am currently in flare & on max 5ASA'S which aren't improving it yet. my calprotectin stool test was positive for inflammation & I am just waiting for them to decide if they want to scope me again, but no steroids yet pending what the gastro consultant decides. its difficult cos you want to get better quick & want steroids to calm it, but if they dont scope quickly (ie before starting steroids) it doesn't give a true picture. hmmmmm.....I am glad you are starting to feel better-is it the magic oral prednisolone you are on? xxxx
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      Yes I'm on prednisolone. It's taken a lot longer than precious to work this time. Wasn't starting to feel better until day 11-12 on them which I found unusual.

      Although symptoms haven't gone they are getting much better which is great.

      Thanks for your replies. I really appreciate it and hope you feel better soon. xx

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