silent Gerd? colon cancer? ibs?

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Hi everyone,

I'll try and keep this post as informative and compact as possible. I have questions that i just didn't think to ask my doctor when i last visited that i think can help me shed some more light on what's going on.

I've often had abdominal discomfort, usually higher up, under the breastbone - especially after eating. A few years ago i suspected a peptic ulcer but was treated instead for acid reflux with omoprazole (i think that's what it was called) and that cleared my discomfort up (at least i thought it did).

I tend to eat late at night as i don't finish work until 10pm, so in recent years when I've put my discomfort down to maybe poor eating habits and indigestion - but within the last year it has gotten progressively worse.

In December i became badly constipated and was passing blood (bright red - i beieve had developed hemmorhoids) was given mebeverine fybogel - i was tested for coeliac disease (results were negative) but the fybogel helped for a while - my doctor decided i had IBS and told me to start a food diary and manage my diet etc...

In January i became clogged up again and since then ive been having real trouble going to the toilet. I've changed my diet and haven't seen any great results. The problem i have now is that the symptoms i have could be anything and I'm at a complete loss with what to do or how to manage whatever it is that i have.

Symptoms i have are -

- upper abdominal discomfort

- constipation

- occasional visible blood in stool (90% of the time bright red - but maroon coloured a couple of times)

- decaying enamel on teeth

- always seem to have a tickly cough

- odd sensation in middle of breastbone at top of abdomen ... almost like an expanding sensation that takes my breath away tiny bit

- im usually fairly tired

- weight loss ... over a stone in the last few month

Some of these symptoms make me think I've got an ongoing GERD issue - but the only thing is i have no oesophagal issues - no heartburn or discomfort.

The worry for me is the blood in my stool - i have had hemmorhoids and it usually is when I'm constipated that i bleed, but the fact that I have had some maroon colored blood is now a concern as it tells me that that kind of blood is not from hemmorhoids - so where is it from?

The weight loss could be down to the laxatives and dietary changes I've made, but i haven't been this light for a while, so im not sure if it's caused by illness or the medication and lifestyle changes.

I'm going back to see my doctor today and am going to ask for tests to rule out more sinister causes - im aware that one of these tests is the colonoscopy and i dread it. If requested, would a virtual colonoscopy via the nhs be an option?

Does anyone else have similar issues / experiences?

Thanks for anyone taking the time to read this and anyone who replies.

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    Hi I've I have some of the symptoms you

    Mentioned and i was diagnosed with

    Acid reflux. I also have ibs. I had a

    Endoscopy and a colonoscopy to help

    Diagnose my problems. Have you tried

    Movicol for your constipation you can take

    This everyday to help keep you

    Regularly.If you are offered any of the

    Above tests both are not as bad as

    They sound.

    I asked for gas and air for the colonscopy

    And it really was not bad at all.

    Good luck with everything

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    Insist on a colonoscopy it is the only way you will get an answer and peace of mind.
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    I would say That your tummy has developed intolerances - it cannot digest what you are throwing down the shoot. And you should definitely NOT EAT for at least 3 hours before sleep. With late work I dunno how you can do that, but YOU MUST. The tummy cannot digest stuff well when you sleep - hence the problem.

    Diet? Probably tummy not like food you give it. this can develop suddenly. it did with me.

    I altered my diet after tons of note taking and records and research. Now my diet has taken the problems away completely. But it too me 18 months of trying foods to find out there effects in me. In my case it was dairy with too much lactose in it. skimmed milk is the absolute worst - poison for me! Also beans are indigestible in too karge amounts. Even yoghurt - makes me constipated ! terrible stuff.

    For me, parmisan cheese 200 gms is best food ever! And porridge OK, and potato OK. Cheddar OK but too much definitely causes constipation. Etc etc . See my notebook! 


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      Thanks for taking the time to read and reply mate.

      I hope you're right. I've cut dairy out totally for now as I'm uncomfortable alot of the time and milk / cheese is a consistent part of my diet. I've also stopped eating after 8pm (i can sneak in a little meal at work if we're not too busy). Im back on omeprazole too so hopefully I'll start to see some positive changes.

      I'm still a little wary of the symptoms being the same of colon / bowel cancer but my doctor has told me that because I'm not feeling much, if any, discomfort in the lower abdomen / intestinal area (maybe a bit whilst I'm constipated) that having a colonoscopy would likely be pointless. I mentioned an endoscopy but he seemed fairly confident from my symptoms that we're dealing with ibs / silent gerd.

      We'll give it a week or so and see if there's any improvements due to change in diet / medication and if not I'll insist on the scopes just to rule out anything sinister.

      I have to say, based on what you've told me i do believe that I'm having dietary issues. I have noticed that when I'm eating late (large meals too) and certain foods that my discomfort is greater.

      I'm a work in progress! ... fingers crossed that my new eating habits and the omeprazole tackle the issue.

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    Yeah, you don't have to Cut dairy totally but find dairy that's low in lactose and doesn't cause constipation. as I said skimmed milk is poison - some chocolate has got it and loads of sauces and things. 

    I don't see any alternative except becoming a kind of expert by googling on things you can eat and things you cannot. 

    The FODMAP diet works quite well, but even they get stuff wrong.


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