Silent migraines and vertigo - is it possible?

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I have been all over these vertigo/dizziness forums trying to find a reason for my vertigo to no avail. I see people talking about MAV and am wondering if I may fit? I am desperate for answers. I can't do this anymore, it's been too long with no explanation.

Ive had recurrent vertigo since 2004 with no dx. It was basically gone 2011-2013 with lots of exercise except for some episodes here and there. I got an eye infection Fall 2013 in my right eye which brought my vertigo back full force and lead to horrible migraines on that side in my eye/eyebrow region. I still get them on that side except now it's ice pick headaches. The neurologist said its occipital neuralgia.

I recovered but not fully and then I started having dizzy spells and other issues last Fall (2015). I started seeing a flashing light in my left eye as well. Eye doc said I was having ocular migraines. I have horrible sensitivity to fluorescent light especially but sunlight makes me dizzier as well. I can't stand loud sounds such as busy places, dog barks, or if there's too much going on at once. I get horrible anxiety from it all. I feel dizzy most of my days and my head feels heavy a lot. I'm also very sensitive to medication so no anxiety meds can help me cause I can't get past the initial dizziness as a side effect.

Now I started having vertigo attacks which come out of nowhere (I feel them coming on, tho) and I get hot, sweaty, shaky, and my heart races. Everything spins and I feel like I'm going to get sick. Head feels heavy and nose starts to feel stuffy. High pitched ringing in ears. One happened last night as I was watching TV. Eventually the sweating & etc subsided but the vertigo/spinning stayed. I went to sleep and feel better today but I'm still nauseated and slightly dizzy. I also have diarrhea.

I have had so many tests over the years it's ridiculous. Heart tests, ears, eyes, dentists, chiropractors, etc. They find nothing which I'm grateful for but I just so badly want this vertigo to go away or an answer!! I was told one time I have a very slight nystagmus in my right eye but the long and short of everything is my CNS is okay and so are my ears. I was told chemical imbalance but the pill that was prescribed doesn't help as it just makes me dizzy. I do have small fiber neuropathy but I'm not convinced this comes from all of that.

Literally the only thing no one has ever tried for me has been migraine medicine. Never. It's never even been mentioned throughout all these years. Is it possible to have chronic silent migraines? I am at my wits end.

That's why I'm here. Sorry for the book but if anyone takes the time to read this, thank you for your help.

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    My heart goes out to you. Please see a homeopath for help. Many M.D.s are also homeopaths. Google the words "find a homeopath" for these doctors in your area. I hope you can get the help you need. You can also do a Google search using the words "homeopathy for migraines."
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    The Half Somersault Maneuver by Dr. Carol Foster has helped me with vertigo. As I've been diagnosed with BPPV (Benign positional paroxysmal vertigo).


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    Have you considered Menieres Disease? I have much of the same symptoms you describe. Many people with Menieres also suffer from migraines.
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      Really?? I didn't know this.

      What are your symptoms like right before an attack and during?

      Usually my "attacks" are my face gets real hot and sweaty and I get some vertigo that I can sleep off but the last "attack" was the worst for me. Scared me so bad, Im so afraid of having another cause they happen out of nowhere.

      A few mins before the last one happened, it was like sounds started becoming annoying like the TV and people talking. Like piercing to my ears/super loud. And I started getting anxious. And then I felt really lightheaded almost, it's so hard to describe. So I stood up and tried walking but thought I was going to pass out (I didn't black out or anything just lightheaded). My face got hot and I got so sweaty and my hands were shaking (idk if from anxiety or what). And then I tried walking down the hallway and it was almost like everything was sideways! I laid down on the couch and everything was spinning and spinning and I felt so sick I thought I was going to vomit. The sweating and shaking went away but the vertigo remained for the rest of the night. If I laid down and stayed still, I was still nauseated but as soon as I sat up or tried to walk it was like I was going to fall over.

      The next day I was dizzy but not spinning and my left ear was hurting and felt really full. It was high pitched ringing. It just went away this evening. I'm still dizzy tho just not the spinning kind.

      Sorry for the book but does that sound like MD?

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    Yes, sounds like migraines. Unfortunately physician really have a lot to learn about migraines and many don't understand they don't always present in the stereotypical way.

    I've been suffering for years, and until a couple of years ago, had no idea they were migraines. I feel like I'm always sick and have become somewhat of a recluse, because I either don't feel good or am afraid I'll get a migraine while I'm out and won't be able to get home.

    I've learned a lot of bizarre meds have helped me at one time or another. Drugs like Atarax, phenergan, and Reglan make a difference for me, as well as Xanax. Meclizine does seem to help with the dizziness and nausea somewhat. Unfortunately I haven't found a daily dose prophylactic that is effective for me yet. Another thing that helps me is called SphenoCath. YouTube is an easy way to learn about SphenoCath.

    The only advice I can give you is to keep going to the doctor until you find something, or a combination of things that help, and maybe find a migraine specialist. If you're doctor looks at you like you're crazy when you describe your symptoms, or if you ask to try a med you heard might help (and isn't a controlled substance) find a new doc.

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