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Hi peeps

Ive gone and one a really stupid thing.

The kids are away this weekend so i spur of the moment decided to have a takeaway.

Ive had a BIG chinese meal then a mars bar :oops:

I feel really shitty. not orange shitty just crap emotionally for caving so easily.

I will treat tomorrow as a new day and go back to my old routine. I WILL learn from this im sure.


(never open the childrens selection boxes :twisted: )

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    Reading your email actually cheered me up (hope you don't think I'm being horrible, as I don't mean it that way), Its just that I KEEP doing the same thing - messing up and then vowing to learn from it, but I'm not. And so I'm not getting anywhere. Am feeling really rubbish about myself at the moment. Its good to know I'm not the only one having this problem. Wonder if we can help each other through this...?


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    Hey give yourself a break! i've been on these for a few months and have been losing 9 lb a month steadly. i give myself one meal a week off the pill and eat what i like. this way i don't ever feel i had demied myself anything and if i'm going out with friends i can have a great night without worrying!

    My doc would prob tell me off for this but we are all after all only human and we are falable! i don;t think you should be beating youfself up too much once a week won't do you any harm if your good for the other meals!

    remember its about losing weight healthly both in body and mind! too much obsessing about it is just as unhealthy mentaly as bign overweight is physically!

    good luck to you all! hope you don't suffer any nasty side effects!


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    you're not alone, i have just had a chicken kebab and a few of kids maltesers!! my hubby went to pub, so i just thought, \"why not?\"

    i feel awful now thinking what i'm going to be like in morning!

    i am also supposed to be at my sis in laws for a sunday roast tomorrow and she is one of the people who cooks brilliant, it all tastes gorgeous, BUT she uses double cream in mash and duck fat for roast potatoes and so on...... sooo i'm going to cry off and just send my hubby with kids while i stay home and have a salad or something :cry:

    just wish i had more will power. i only weighed myself yesterday(only 1 week taking tablets!!!!) and i have lost 7lb, so i also thought, stuff it i will treat myself :twisted:

    not to worry, im sure the orange in morning will stop me doing it again :oops:

    keep strong and hope you not too bad with side effects

    vic xx

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    Chill out LOL.. Its Saturday night..

    I have had deep fried shredded chicken with chips and curry sauce..followed by a chocolate crispie cake..

    LOL..(But I did take a tablet.. no doubt I will suffer tomorrow).. its not a slip up or a revert back to old ways..its a treat...plain and simple..

    It's allowed....just not every day :wink:

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    \"(never open the childrens selection boxes)\"

    woops .. I read this too late :lol:

    Do I feel guilty? .. do I heck

    Do I regret it? ... no way (altho I've taken my bluey, I hope no one is downwind of me tomorrow :oops: )

    at the end of the day, what I do now has to be life changing, am I going to go without a chinese or chocolate for the rest of my life? .. not a chance in hell .. or someone shoot me now lol

    as others have said, were all human, we're all fallable, we are allowed treats and we shouldn't beat ourselves up for it. I totally agree with them

    tomorrow is another day, back to being good, roll on next weekend .. I'm having KFC eeek lol

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    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah you lot smile

    cheers everyone! ive just got up (no kids hence long lies) and put on the laptop to see all these ffffffabulous messages of support!

    your all wonderful and have made me feel so much better.

    thankyou xxx

    To Trish...

    Im here if ever you want to chat or feel supported. on the forum or private message thingy its all good for me!

    oooooooooo and even tho i took a bluey i still havent done a errrr a poo poo.

    altho im about to have my morning ciggy so all that might change. WISH ME LUCK! hahahahaha

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    hi ive only been on the pills for a week and have tried very hard to be good had no junk food whatsoever and tried to keep the fat contents low in my meals BUT......... friday night i had bottle of wine and big bag of peanuts then panicked worrying if id be punished for this and im fine im sure were all allowed a nice unhealthy but very enjoyable slip up now n then
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    Hi Guys

    Sorry, I've been so busy the last few days that I haven't even looked at this site. I normally have a quick peek every day. (getting obsessive!!).

    What wonderful friends I have!!! You are all soo lovely with your kind messages of support. I hope MissP is feeling as good as I do now I've read all the messages.

    after my last post, I was feeling a bit low, but then I had a right good old talk with myself!! I decided I was going to make a fresh start and have been doing really well so far. I've stopped weighing myself obsessively as this was just setting me up for a fall and was making me feel totally pants!l So far I am doing great and feel really positive. Like someone said (think it was kayos) its a treat - simple as that, nothing more. We can't go through life never having another treat, we just need to learn about portion size and self control. I also like the idea of having one night off a week. How sensible!!! This way I can do it without feeling guilty. I really have been giving myself a very hard time, and I don't need to, I can see that now. Thank You all so much.

    lots of love and positive vibes to everyone!

    Trish x

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    hi everyone

    well.... its tuesday now and i never got any side effects! no orange oil whatsoever.

    but it makes me wonder....

    if you dont get orange oil or loose poo after a blowout like that...well...does that mean the orlistat isnt working?

    any answers will be very welcome smile

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    I think it means you are lucky LOL

    No seriously it is working.. I have been like that on a few occasions..I think it might just be that you haven't consumed lots of fat thru the day so had some to spare LOL..

    I know if I skip lunch and have a takeway (or soemthing naughty) that I don't usually have an issue..

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    couldnt be doing from all that fat being stored after workin me ass off at the gym!

    thanks kayos smile

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    How come whenever I see this thread title .. I think silly mousse .. is that like skinny cow .. can we eat it? :oops:
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