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Has anyone else developed chronic sinisitus on this stuuf ( Ive had this for months and not even sudafed will shift it)- is it a different problem , or is this a side effect?

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    time for a visit to the docs to get something to clear it up, im almost certain its nothing to do with tjhe meds :wink:


    Ken ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :cheers: :rainbow:

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    Thanks you guys. Hope you are okay .

    Had a major attack, couldnt breathe and nearly collapsed at road side....couldnt get the footing on steps before crossing rd, its like I paniced and then, thinking of cchildreen, managed to pull myself together. I thought this moerning that it was shifting and snorted olbas all the time, ( making me worse) ...Okay , home now and shattered..I dont know though, now it worse...than ever.

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    Hey guest

    you said you had a major attack of sinisitus I for one am not sure what that is ,let me know and I can find it out it something to do with astmia, breathing difficulties??

    if you think you have this can it be confirmed on a blood test from your doctor?

    Keep well and keep safe

    Keep in touch and let us all know.... how much citalopram are you taking and for how long ?...... it does effect your breathing xxxx



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    Hi guys, still majorly gunked up..( perhaps it will shift in a few days) but worried...talking with a friend today ( about my situation) anyway, it was just great to get out and speak with a good friend who cares. Whilst I was talking to my friend, I kept seeing double, Happened last night too..Its making me sweat and panic moreso.

    My throat all itchy now too....argh!!! Just not well. has any other sinus sufferer on cit had this double vision experience?, Its making me freak out a little

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    I suffer from Sinusitis all year round - due to all my allergies! - and i am on 20mg of Citalopram a day and have been on it since august 08. I does not appear to have made my sinusitis any worse tho. also, quick recommendation, buy one of those facial steamers from say Boots and put olbas oil in it, works far better than anything else i have tried! use it every morning when you wake up and should relieve some of the pressure. hope this helps.

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    don,t you think that is interesting we are on this drug for different symptoms

    but all have different views on this drug but all (almost) have the same side effects ????

    andy K

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    I am a bit concerned about this...I cant breathe!!! Its tiring !!!! This is day 5 of antibiotic ( No change :roll: ) i am wondering if its hayfever,my mum has it and we were both complaining of the same symptoms, throat itchy too. tried Olbas and steaming ( sorry, FACE STEAMING....NOT STEAMING!!!!!)Whats more worrying is the fact that I am bleeding clots, probably nothing to worry about, but they are a bit big :shock: Not that ...erm I am in a habit of looking :oops: but could this be a reactin to thaqt antibiotic?

    Anyway, my computer has blown up, so on my laptop now and its slower than slow ,so will be hoping you all get well soon.

    I am really worried about things here as this is so unfair. Sister and I are planning a vacation abroad ( Just to keep us going) and mum plannng to take children....he he, just hope he doesnt hold it against me...Maybe i could meet someoneabroad and live there ( dreaming) And now my computer has frazzled itself Ive lost all my info on pgds :cry: Oh, I have another question, I walloped my leg on my mums car door 2weeks ago and its still red, Oh I need to get a grip...and the next time my cat tries to protect me, i know exactly what to teach my moggie. This came into my head...when I was little , i used to get bullied ( ie) I had a suint and you can imagine what people did. There was one lad that swang me round and round and just horrible...when he was odne I unexpectedly got my sister to swing the swing straight for his dangly bits and I went for him, knocked hime obver and he cried like a angelic baby....My sister and I walked ( or ran home) out of breathe got home......thirsty and mum doing her sunday night ironing sobbing about my dad, and drinking something which looked like sister was so thirsty she gulped the clear fluid down really fast....realised it was ging and tonic and ran upstairs and threw it up.......Oh I love that day makes me laugh and my big sis....( shes ace!!!!) Dont know why I wanted to just hold onto that .....I can get through this and I wll!

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    Right still feeling sinis and yuck and upset tummy....then I go to get the groceries..( had had a reasonably good day) but then booooooom a bloody basketball hits me on the head and whacks me off my nose...( I was merely looking at the biscuits...then the 2 youths carry on kicking the ball about and I am a target ) I just cant stand that vulnerable feeling...and thank god for this I never cired although I felt like it. Honestly, this just is not fair....I just get angry with folks like that now.

    Anyway, feeling really insecure about things here. and tired of everything. other than that I am fine.

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