Sinus congestion and pain constantly!

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Hi there, i have recently been suffering with what I think is sinus pressure. I feel like my nose and ears are blocked up and my head will really hurt up to the point I don't want to do much or think. I sometimes struggle to relax even while I'm just watching the Tv at home. 

I recently had labrynthitus and acute sinnitus but that's going back about 6/7 weeks now and they actually cleared up for a while and then suddenly here I am again feeling really badly congested and sometimes feel like my vision is strange and unfocused. It doesn't really help that I have also had throat problems with swallowing and discomfort, which I am going for an endoscopy for soon (no date yet though) 

My symptoms are:

Headaches and head pressure 

Pain and aching in my cheeks, nose and sinus area

Ear ache 

Sometimes neck ache if my head hurts

General blocked up feeling 

I have been taking Sudafed but only when my blocked up feeling is at it's worse as my Doctor said too much of it can thin the blood. I also take paracetomal for my headaches and pain which does ease it for a little but I can still always feel it there. I have been using a nasal spray every morning and night too but again the doctor said do not use it constantly after 3 months.

I can't bend down quickly or move my head fast because I feel like I'll black out, and that's even when my symptoms are mild. 

I have been off work for about 5 weeks and then I was off anyway for the school summer holidays because I work in a school: I need to go back to work on Wednesday and I'm worried that I'm still going to feel unwell but not be able to have any more time off unless I really need to.

I think I also have a tiny bit of anxiety, especially as I'm getting worried about work now! Trying to stay calm smile

I am getting annoyed and bored also because I don't feel like going out much.

Anyone who has similar symptoms or fancies a chat about them, please message me back! 

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    Hi Emma

    It appears that you may have an allergic reaction to something, that is causing a return of your sinusitis.

    I found that taking Evening Primrose Oil reduces the nervous reaction to normal irritants and eliminates the need for further treatment. It is a very simple and economic cure for a very serious proble.

    Evening Primrose Oil desensitises the nervous system, but it does not reduce mental ability. It is not a drug, so it has no adverse side affects. It works in about 4 hours and the affect lasts for a further 24 hours, so one 1000mg capsule each day is normally adequate.

    Try this treatment for two weeks and see if it is a cure for your problem. It may even work, and save you from a lifetime of suffering.

    Kind Regards, Ray.

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      Thank you for your advice Raymond. I will certainly look into what you said, are the capsules prescribed by a doctor or over the counter?  Just wondering because the doctors have been reluctant to give me anything at the minute so I may have to do some convincing! No one else knows your suffering but you :P 
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    Hi Emma, 

    I'm so sorry to hear you've been going through that! I've been battling these symptoms on and off for the past almost three years. My symptoms are particularly bad right now as well. Sudafed is the main thing that gives me any relief. I take antihistamines for allergies, as well, but they don't seem to do much. 

    Ditto to the bending over. I was just trying to clean my room yesterday and bent over to pick up some laundry end up having to lie down for a while because of how sick it had made me feel. It makes me very off balance and at times like this and I'm not able to drive or even really feel up to riding in the car. Thankfully I am able to work from home, but being young and housebound is very depressing. 

    I can certainly relate to the anxiety too. On days when I feel a bit better, I find myself very anxious about when symptoms might return. I have trouble getting excited to do anything with friends. 

    Have you tried using a neti pot? They can be a bit weird, but I do find it helps some if I do it morning and night. It's especially helpful a couple hours after I take Sudafed to help clean out the sinuses and allow them to drain. I also like to alternate hot and cold compresses to my sinus area. This is especially helpful when I have a particularly bad headache

    I'm sorry I can't be much help. I've been struggling to find answers myself! It helps me to know that I'm not in it alone. It can be hard to get doctors to take it seriously. I don't think they understand how debilitating it can be. I have had a CT scan, a balloon sinuplasty surgery, and gone through a lot of different medications if you have any questions about things. Unfortuntely, none of it has been much help for me. rolleyes

    I hope things turn around for you! 

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      Thank you for the advice smile you certainly aren't alone! I hope things work out for you too. It can cause so many problems with even the simplest of daily routines. 

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    Hi Emma

    These Evening Primrose capsules are readily available from good grocery supermarkets in Australia, so I expect you will have no problem in obtaining them in your country, without prescription.

    The treatment is so simple, but so effective, that it defies logic. 

    Having spent a lifetime in an attempt to overcome my chronic hay fever, rhinitis, and allergic sinusitis problem, I was blessed with this simple solution.

    I hope you will find this product effective in overcoming your problem.

    Kind Regards , Ray.

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    Dear Emma03962,

    sorry to to hear of your troubles. Back about 3 months ago, I caught a flu and thereafter had blocked nose for straight 8 weeks, with facial pressure and a Low grade of ache in the head. After rounds of antibiotics, sprays and antihistamine, nothing worked. Eventually I had a surgery done to reduce my turbinates using radio frequency, and a endoscopy sinus procedure to clean out my right maxillary sinus. It may good good for you to first check if your sinuses are infected. This can be done via CT scan. The anxiety came for me too because of the inability to breathe properly. Do know you are not alone in feeling this. 

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      Thanks for the advice. I am currently waiting for my endoscopy but am considering going private as I am struggling with my symptoms and I could be waiting another 17 weeks to even see the consultant. I hope that  things all work out for you. It's nice to chat to people who understand smile 

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      i couldnt wait wait for public too and went for private immediately. But my insurance covers private so I could do that. I would find 17 weeks too Long and difficult to wait out. 

      Just to to share a little more... just 5 days ago, we discovered that my son is highly allergic to dust mites. I couldn't be tested because I am on antihistamine but ENT doc said it is highly likely that I am too. Thinking back, I realised that the biggest change I made to my life was to quit work and stay home. I increased my being in my bedroom from a mere 2-3hours in day time to a whopping 8hrs. Perhaps it triggered the allergy that I never knew I had. I have taken steps to reduce exposure and it seems to be working these 3 days. My nose is less congested now and I can breathe much better. 

      Have you you thought about checking if it's allergy related? I walked this journey for 3.5months now and to finally pinpoint allergy is quite a revelation. I hope you find the root cause of all the symptoms. All best. 

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      Thanks again for the advice! I have now booked to see a consultant private next Thursday so we will see what can be said at that appointment, and I will take it from there smile 
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