Sinus problems and sleep - what to do??

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So for the past two years now I have dealt with sinus problems – everyday it’s the same routine with no let up!

Nothing so far has worked at all medication wise and trying all sorts diet wise with no luck either, I am booking in at the ENT to get a sinus cyst remove and a deviated septum widened to see if it helps (shown on a CT scan).

My biggest problem is sleep though now.

I wake up feeling like I have been hit with a bat in my sleep. Literally eyes swollen and red roar with tiredness. Congestion, neck pain and by 9am, I am fighting the need to sleep again despite getting a solid 9 hours and some mornings I can barely lift my head up. My eyes look black constantly with bags. I am getting married in 2 months and this is seriously not good (I am only 26!!!)

Needless to say I am struggling with work through shear fatigue and anxiety problems.

As soon as I lay down I can feel my throat getting blocked by mucus and I can barely breathe through my nose properly. I swear I have got a form of sleep apnoea from this or something though my doctor won’t send me for checks till after the operation.

Is there anything at all that can help sleep?

Night time decongestants help a little though can only take for 3 days every now and then.

I have cut out milk, coffee, sleep aids (I have terrible anxiety so needed, but makes my congestion worse!) and chocolate.

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    In my opinion amitryptylline will make you more congested and groggy. What I believe is that you are suffering with anxiety, perhaps due to sleeping pills withdrawal. Hence you are supersentivw, hypersensitive to all stimuli, you perceive the normal, perhaps slightly enhanced muscus as "drowning".  I would sugggest patiently waiting a while, not taking any mind altering drugs, especially since you can sleep by yourself, after the wedding your anxiety willl subside. I recommend neti pot and saline sprays to clean sinuses of the remaining gunk. decongestents are especially dangerous no only because they cause rebound congestion, but because they drive the anxiety to a point of no return. Please, wait a while, remembering that after withdrawing from the toxic drugs your body will return to normal.  Also, cut milk and milk products. In periods of stress our bodies have a problem with mik.

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      It's a catch 22 really. My anxiety has been terrible lately, it's like my body can sense something is wrong but doesn't know how to explain or what to do about it if that makes sense?

      ?The amitriptyline? has helped a lot with sleep and I have no side effects that I can tell other than being groggy in the morning. If I don't take it, I am 10 times worse and more so groggy anyway. I find I was actually built up anxiety about sleep because I know how bad I will be in the morning, these just stop the worrying and put you in a deep sleep to help you're body relax / recover. 

      ?I have also used SSRI's in the past when all this kicked off during a stress breakdown - trying to do to much at once I think, (Sertraline,  Fluoxetine and mirtazapine) which were horrendous safe to say, side effects on top of sinusitis was hell. I have been off these for 6 months or so now and getting better slowly.

      ?I use a netti pot daily which helps. I am hoping this operation helps a bit. It's the 16th August so will let you know how it goes!


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    I have many of the same problems with sleep. I have seen it online and my ENT said it as well that fatigue is actually one of the benchmark signs of sinusitis. My guess is the many layers to it. When we can't breathe properly, it's difficult to get into a deep sleep. And with our bodies immune system constantly going haywire that too leads to the overall rundown feeling/heightened anxiety. 

     I too can get a solid 9 hours of sleep and still struggle to keep my eyes open during breakfast. The exhaustion makes my anxiety horrible! rolleyes

    A few things that help me... 

    Essential Oils. I have an oil diffuser I run at night. Peppermint oil is great to help cut down on congestion while I sleep. I also use a lavender oil that is very relaxing. I will say the benefits are minimal, but even just a little bit of relief is better than nothing for me.

    I also have found that teas with caffeine have just enough caffeine to perk me up in the morning, but not send me over the edge like coffee does. I usually drink them plan, but adding some raw honey helps clear the junk out of my throat. 

    I like to take a hot steam shower just before bed and if I'm not too tired I also will do a neti pot just after the shower. I try to do whatever I can to make sure everything is clear before I lie down. 

    I also used to get massages for the neck pain, it helped immensely. 

    Just know you're certainly not alone...I'm 25 myself. Thankfully I am able to work from home. I ended up having to leave two jobs due to the severity of my symptoms. Your post echoes much of what I'm going through. In a serious relationship that moving toward that and already so nervous about juggling wedding planning with my health. I certainly hope you can get some relief soon and are able to fully enjoy this incredible and joyous time in your life. Congrats on the wedding! 

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      Congrats on the wedding as well!

      ?I know what you mean though. The hardest thing for me is the haze somethings, it's like you can't concentrate on anything. I want to get involved and run around but also struggle through tirdness - no winning! My partner has been a rock with the wedding planning and luckily understands / has it in hand. At this rate, I am just turning up haha. 

      ?My main concern is the health problems ruining the day. Doctor's / ENT's just don't seem to understand how much this can impact your quality of life. 

      ?I have worked for 9 years and not had a day off, but since this started, constantly off - working 10 hours days with this exhuastion is so draining. I have been "documented" a few times for excessive yawning haha. 

      ?It's like what came first, anxiety or the sinus problems but both seem to be driving each other. No let up at all!

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