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I did this one thing that helped me clear my sinuses and overall feel a bit better.

I'm no medical expert but subjectively it felt good.

So I put a bit of pepper in my nostrils, cover the area.

Then used the Physiomer Strong Jet Sea water extract (Alternative is neti pot) to launch the pepper into my sinuses.

As you can imagine this irritated the sinuses quite a bit and caused me to sneeze a lot. However the sneezing unclogged a lot of the mucus and made my sinuses have a diarrhoea effect. 

Then I cleaned the sinuses once again with the salt water.

Not a bad trick to relief the symptoms, I'm not aware of any negative effects.

Best luck.

PS. I suffer from sinus and gut problems chronically and have joint pains etc... I'm trying to find a way to feel normal and healthy again, cause life isn't enjoyable like this, nor productive. I've been bodybuilding for 6 years and eating decently so I'm not sure what is causing the problems lately. Perhaps spending a lot of time on the PC, having weird sleep schedules or eating before bed is contributing to the problems. Help is appreciated.

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    Wow, that sounds like a helpful trick! Once when I'd been in the midst of a severe sinus headache I sniffed a bit of cayenne pepper (not my brightest idea), but it did bring a lot of relief after the burning sensation. That sounds like a more mild alternative! 

    My symptoms came out of nowhere, as well. Sinus, gut, fatigue, etc. I had been very active exercising and was eating a fairly healthy diet. I've found that it seems to cause a snowball effect. You suffer from the symptoms and then no longer can get restful sleep, so then it only leads to feeling worse. 

    I've started a regime of 10 billion probiotics in the morning and 5 billion at night. Along with vitamin D and B12. I've been off gluten and dairy for about 3 years now. This has helped some with my gut problems. My ENT has told me that the excess mucus can cause issues with digestion with mucus has high levels of protein and when it drains down your throat the stomach has to create more acid for digestion. He recommended I take an antacid for a while until we got the sinusitis under control. I haven't tried that yet, but instead drink Apple Cider Vinegar throughout the day, that tends to give some relief. 

    Thanks again for the suggestion! I'll give the pepper a try. I've been in a month long struggle right now with constant congestion and overall loss of equilibrium. 

    I certainly hope you can get some relief! 


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    I too have suffered for well over five years and I have pretty much tried  everything with no consistent relief. I do believe there is a gut sinus connection . I have been diagnosed with allergic rhinitis. I have stopped  dairy for about a year and did not see much improvement in my condition. This issue does affect your quality of life and since everyone's case is different the doctors can not effectly treat this ailment . I can't really give u and help relief wise . But u r definitely not alone when it comes to this sinus problem.

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    I too have chronic sinus problems joint and gut issues and it is related to auto immune disease. I was in remission for some time with good treatmentm had to stop that last year due to unconnected issues.

    So what comes back with a fury is the sinus problems and now the joint pain and stomach issues worse than ever.

    What has worked for me is a sinus rinse. But to be honest it has only dealt with the pain and crusting inside my nose. But then this week saw my specialist on Tuesday and he presribex me Plaquenil. So by last night my sinuses are almost clear. Amazing. Pain has calmed right down and I am breathing clearly. First time in ages. Not doing quite so much for my joint pain but I started on one tablet for a week then increases to two. I will let you know if my joints improve when dose goes up.

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    Wow, there seems a trend to this sinus gut and joint syndrome - I am the same. I do use a 3 pepper preparation in the form of pills. It often seems random what causes a good or bad day though.

    ?Through life I always suffered catarrh and post nasal drip though it did not bother me much unless having a cold and sometimes acute sinusitis. A bad fall broke my nose and smashed some teeth and the trauma certainly triggered worse sinus problems, now chronic, also have migraine headaches and neck pain remaining.

    ?The gut problems also worsened after the fall and I was so unwell, unable to eat much for months and ended up with gallbladder surgery after a battery of tests, also they found a hiatus hernia and diverticula, h pylori and sibo.

    ?My arthritis got worse ending in a total knee replacement to right knee. That has been a difficult recovery so far. So this past two years have been some journey. I also had other life problems, as you do, everything is harder to cope with when having poor health.

    ?I have a salt pipe, neti pot, sprays  and steamers. GP offered little that can help. I'm in the UK and find now that anything chronic or age related they say, have to learn to live with it, more or less.

    ?I'm trying an anti inflammatory regime to try to tackle the underlying inflammation that must be present in my system. I guess this will take time to see results, so far, no clear progression. As suggested, maybe there is an auto immune content to all this although docs did blood tests to rule such things out.

    ?I don't do any bodybuilding so cannot compare there. I used to go to the gym to improve fitness but it seemed to aggravate my joint pains. I am currently walking and doing PT.

    ?I have low vit D so working on improving that reading.

    ?I did low carb diet for a few years before all this happened. When digestion went wrong, I just ate what I could manage and digest. I now have more carbs, working on anti inflammatory diet as best I can, trial and error what foods will agree. Thanks for posting, raised some good points. 


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      Yes Cynthia, I think you should defo explore the auto immune diagnosis. I had dreadful migraine at one point too. It was in fact my worst ever symptom. Horrid. After a break from it for three years I am a bit depressed to be finding it all flaring up again. But then, I knew there was no cure for this but I have enjoyed this long remission from symptoms. Hey ho, at least I have a doctor at the moment who understands and is willing to treat my condition which is more than can be said for most people on here still searching for answers. 

      But yes, all these symptoms do have an underlying cause. Getting a diagnosis and then treatment can be life changing eve if it doesn't bring 'cure' it certainly can be controlled and limit the impact on your day to day life. 

      Joints were never such a bad problem for me in the past - mild joint pain before. It's a bit of a shock how bad it is this time around. And very bad muscle cramps also in my legs. I will update if the Plaquenil manages to settle it or if I have to move up the medication stakes. 

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    Cry! Cry wholehartedly! Remember some traumatic events in your life and cry. Crying helps me to clean my sinuses, especially the Eustachian tubes. Maybe it can help you too.
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