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On and off sinusitis which I think is stemming from my left maxillary sinus- because otherwise my sinuses are fine. Just some rhinitis as well. 

Right now I have yellow snot deep in nose like if I put a tissue up. It’s not pouring out of me. I can breathe fine. Saw ent recently and he put scope up nose- I wrote on a forum on this site about nose pain- so was trying to figure that out meanwhile the yellow snot recently started. Ent said yes I see snot but antibiotics are overkill and to do sinus rinses twice a day and if symptoms got worse then take meds.

It’s been 10 days of yellow snot. Do I go to primary care and get on something?  Obviously something is causing this to re-occur- it may be that damn sinus cyst or mucous they see on X-rays- it might be a tooth- had 2 pulled already- the recent one caused problems. 

Anyway thoughts on yellow snot? Anyone have yellow snot they manage or do you treat it with meds every time u get it?

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    @alryk, LOL, never thought I’d be writing about yellow snot, but here we go. Yes I have bright yellow, and dark green snot most of the time. I have advanced CRS, and I will be on anabiotics & steroids the rest of my life. I see the top ENT at Stanford,  and so far I’m the only patient they’ve ever seen with what I have:  NTM abscessus 

    I also regularly grow out 2 strains of staph (MRSA), and a new one called Acintobacter Baumanii.  I will have a final sinus surgery Jan. 3. I have Bronchiectasis and MAC in my lungs too, so that complicates things. 

    Perhaps the most important information I can give you, is that ENT’s are now favoring anti-inflammatories, like Budesonide, taken as an inhalant, over antibiotics. They’re trying to reserve the anabiotics,  because we’ve overuse them  and now many have lost their efficacy. For many of us, our problems start as an inflammation problem. The steroids reduce inflammation.

     I assume you’re Doing a sinus rinse with distilled water at least twice a day?

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      I am sorry for your situation. Freaking bacteria! Maybe just maybe in the near future hopefully soon they will come up with another class of antibiotics or something positive for people. 

      I just started getting into rinsing. I just did a rinse so far for today. I do have inflammation in my left maxillary sinus- killer sinus pain in that area. But scans just show inflammation so was told rinse and look into teeth causing the problem. This all started a year &  1/2 ago with sinus inflammation in that region. Been on meds here and there and steroids- but my problem hasn’t been figured out yet. I feel like I have a Chronic issue I mean obviously I have one now- I just hate the chronic meds it’s been awful the past 3 years- so I try not to run for meds but I always run to the dr and they are the ones that blow it off when I think I have something sinister going on.  I want the right treatment! So there have been months where I have not been on meds and I think I should be but the scan didn’t show infection so they didn’t prescribe. It’s been awful. So I was wondering if there are others out there with some yellow and if they gone a while with it or always treated it.

      it’s not dripping out of my nose it’s just deep inside nose. Probably in back of throat. But it’s not major yellow or green it’s mixed with white. I can breathe fine- feel fine- just have some yellow snot. Freakin snot! 

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      I’ve had allergy and sinus problems my whole life. I broke my nose three times in sports through the years, so a badly deviated septum was a contributor.  I finally had that repaired when I was 53, but it was too late at that point. 

       I was finally diagnosed in 2016 with CRS Following the culture that grew out and NTM abscesses, since there’s no getting rid of that one. They’ve thrown everything they can at it, and it doesn’t touch it. So now we’ll try a final surgery to lower the openings to the sinuses so meds can get in better.

       I completely understand what you’re describing as far as facial pain and pressure pain down into your teeth pain and your jaw and toward your ear.  That sounds like maxillary sinus issues.  Many times our scans and our pain levels simply don’t match up.  I would encourage you to get to a major hospital like mayo or Stanford or national Jewish Hospital, and find a sinus expert. I would highly recommend Dr. Peter Hwang at Stanford if you can get to him. Blessings to you.

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      You said it spot on with the X-rays and pain levels not matching up! It’s so true!!! And scans don’t always pick up everything. My problem is I never had the proper treatment so things got worse- I went to sinus specialists not ents and the sinus specialists say YES you have inflammation in your sinus and a sinus cyst but a sinus cyst is nothing and the inflammation is most likely coming from a tooth. Well I pulled a tooth and that didn’t solve it. I pulled another tooth- more problems. More facial pain more weirdness. Back at square one. Still in pain.  I see a face pain dr tomorrow who is part of the new group of drs at one location so she will communicate with sinus dr and oral surgeon. I thought about Mayo Clinic- it’s a consideration! Just not that easy. I don’t like pain festering without treatment. After the recent tooth removal which is near the nose- about a month later I developed nose pain. That is scary! I go to the sinus dr- blames it on nerves. I am freaking out as I can’t deal with this over my head all these problems that has occurred with this- other stuff too I am not mentioning. So I will beg for meds tomorrow and that won’t work.  But yes yes yes something is aggravating my left maxillary sinus. 

      I have 2 teeth left on that side. I am 39- so hey maybe I will be toothless soon on that side. Whatever I don’t care anymore I just want something done already!

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