Size of the prostate, sex etc.

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Am proposing a new thread that takes in some of each of the above.

First, the fun one: Sex.

Short and sweet -- are all here aware of the apparently accepted uro wisdom that orgasms can serve as a prostate cancer preventative? Not perfect perhaps, but a preventative. Or so I have read...and my uro has opined. No orgasm, then presumably no longer that line of defense against prostate cancer. Maybe? (And orgasm with or without a partner, if we can be precise. It's all about flushing the pipes, as I am sure many of you have read or heard.)

And my PSA is in the 2.3 range. Has been for years. With moderate to sometimes severe BPH.

Size of prostate: I have had BPH since my 40s. At 72 and soon to be 73, have been able to moderate nighttime toileting from a worst-case every two hours (during a past bout of prostatitis "cured" by a round of Bactrim), to two times in the night -- 4 hrs or so apart -- routinely. The latter "success" by, a) restricting fluids after 7 pm -- very, very important; and b) wearing compression socks during the vertical hours. (I do take alfuzosin -- have for years -- and always wonder whether it makes a significant difference...but continuing that med for now.)

In other threads here, men share the sometimes "enormous" dimensions of their prostates -- presumably verified by MRI. But I have never had a prostate MRI and my uro seems to think a digital rectal exam tells him all he needs to know. i.e. "Your prostate is not enlarged." (Ditto on that form my internist when he was the only doc in the picture. No enlargement, supposedly. And yet the pressure is there every night -- albeit lessened by defensive maneuvers noted above. Bottom line though: will an MRI add significant knowledge to my overall picture? Should I insist on one?)

More annoying than having to go twice in the night is having to devote as long as TEN MINUTES to the task. In the nighttime, a "squirt" factor that drives me nuts. Ironically though -- and no one seems to experience this -- if I discretely walk outside in the back yard on a cool night and pee there, the flow is immediate and without problem. Crazy, but that's how my body responds -- presumably to the cool air.

I'm all over the map, I know. But back to the sex as I close: So much of it is in your head. Think erotic, and you may be erotic. Hopefully with the soulmate we each deserve.

P.S. Last year, we visited -- as first timers -- a clothing optional resort in a place far warmer and sunnier than where we reside. Did wonders for us health-feeling wise and met some great people.

Yes -- non-erotic naked outdoor hot tub therapy does wonders!

But damn, I wish my fellow sufferers here all that feels better in 2019. Let's keep sharing.

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    Don't trust a DRE for estimating the size of the prostate. For about 5 years my "former uro" gave an estimate of 40 grams after DRE. About six months ago I had a transabdominal ultrasound and the prostate size was 145 grams!! I went through the roof. I then had a transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) with a result of 100 grams. The TRUS is considered to be the most accurate of these (MRI is probably better and I'm considering getting one). It's important to know the size because it can effect the treatment chosen.

    After the 100 gram result, I started dutasteride (Avodart). Results after five months have been pretty good. I would say that my average amount voided during a daytime trip is around 40 to 50 mL higher than it was 5 months ago. I kept a micturition journal about 5 years ago and at that time I was only about 10 mL more per trip higher than I am now. Also, as you know, compression socks have helped me get down to an average of 2 trips per nigh (over around 7 to 7.5 hours).

    Good luck.

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    Owen, I would NOT ask that urologist for an MRI anymore. You need to find an Interventional Radiologist that specialize in Prostate Cancer. Then have him or you doctor (gp will do) write the orders for you to get a 3T MRI with and without contrast and then you can send it via the internet to a good IR doctor that can read it. Most urologist are against you look at this for two reasons 1) they cant provide it as they are not trained in this and 2) most dont even know how to read the MRI.

    A good IR can tell you the actual size which is called the volume, they can see the density of the gland which is important. They can see cancerous lesions that the needle biopsy misses and they can see the 40% of your prostate that a needle biopsy never gets to.

    MRI is the only way to go. Think about it. Urologist are just shooting and hoping because they cannot and do not see what is really going on. A trained IR can see the median lobe and the effect it is having. They can see the urethra and where and how it is getting restricted. They can see the ejaculatory ducts and how to avoid them. Urologist just take a shot and hope.

    If you decide to get an MRI get one with a pelvic lap coil instead of a rectal coils as it is much more comfortable to most guys and the pelvic just lays over your lap. The best machine to fined if you are going to shop is a Siemens Skyra 3 Tesla MRI. They are the best for MRI's of prostates. I found 4 in my city in different imaging centers that I can use. Get the report and the CD then there are a few really good IR doctors who do nothing but Prostate work now. That is who you should upload the Mri to and they evaluate it and do not charge for the analysis. There you go, the NEW technology.

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    Bottom line though: will an MRI add significant knowledge to my overall picture?

    My MRI came back with L, W and H dimensions, so yes. Ten minutes at night is a lot. Seems to me that would cause bladder issues over time. I'm 2 weeks post Rezum and currently having issues like you at night. I feel like I'm stressing my bladder and cant wait for this to get better. 2019 here we come!


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    Hello Owen

    Welcome to the site. Your lucky that a doctor is taking to you about sex. Some doctors just overlook it and say we done need a orgasm or ejaculation at our age. Sex is not the first thing they think about. They just want you to pee better.

    I have read that a orgasm and ejaculation will relax the body and release it of stress. A dry orgasm does not do that. I have also read that about cleaning out the pipes. It get rid of the old cells.

    It would be better to find out how big your prostate is. Just so you know. It may not be big but you may have a median lobe problem. A MRI would tell the doctor that. You don't have to have any procedure done but this would help you what is causing the problem.

    Life is what you make it. At 70 if your still into sex more power to you. Have fun.

    Have a good New Year......Ken

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      Ken -- Another advantage as I see of not letting your love device go on permanent furlough:

      Not at all bragging, but I am delighted that I apparently look nowhere near my age. I rarely am taken for a man much beyond 50. Really. I have all my hair, and skin that doesn't sag or suggest old man. I also have "zip" in my step -- whether it is walking to get the mail or heading for the parking lot to the mall behind too often mopey people who look 80 and are perhaps 60.

      I'm not a health nut. I try to eat good foods in moderation. Alcohol in serious moderation. Above all, perhaps, I never smoked.

      All that, and an organ that still likes the challenge. Priceless, I guess. And recommended.

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      P.S. To clarify: the working organ is about hormones, I would assume. If the hormones are put to sleep, the rest of the body perhaps dries up accordingly.

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      Hey Owen

      I think that is great. That you keep active. They do say use it or lose it.

      Men just have to do there research and if you want to have a procedure be read for anything to happen or not happen. If you can find a way to cope with the problem with out surgery you have not right not to have anything done.

      It is up to the man. Keep having fun. I never smoke either and I don't drink that much but I still have a problem sometimes with Mr. Happy. Stage 2 diabetes. I have good days and bad but still have fun.

      I'm not going to complain. It is my fault Sometime I don't watch what I eat. I used to be very heavy . I was 340 at one time. Over the last 5 years I have kept my weight down. 180 now. I never want to be heavy again. when you go from a 50 pants to a 36 is good for me. When I was 18 I was in a 38.

      Enough on that. If you can do it do it when you can.....

      Have a great New Year........Ken

      PS....I have always felt you should never give up on anything just to pee better. I know that is not every ones thoughts but to each his own.

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      180 from 340. Wow. Nicely done and congrats. I took a part-time physical job to lose weight...dropped 30 over two years but plateaued at 235. I wish I could tackle another 30 but the scale won't budge. It's as if I was meant to be 235 -- which at 5'11", I am not meant to be! (175 was my "fighting college weight". Would love to be there again. But thanks for the inspiration. (And did you find your pee schedule moderate any after all the lost weight? I am still assuming that my belly is a factor in the night...pressing on the bladder as it does.) Happy New Year Ken./

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      Good morning Owen

      Have not gone to sleep yet. I'm a night owl.

      It took me a while. I did have some problem with my stomach but I had to change my eating habits.

      When I got married at 25 I was 220 and was please with that weight. But with 3 young kids I was raised not to waste food. So 17 years of my kids not cleaning there plate I ate mine and all of there. By the time my 2 oldest got out of school in 2000 I was 340 and in a 4 X shirt and a 50 pants.

      I had to change something I have heart problem, stage 2 diabetes which effects my legs and some other parts. Even with my stomach problem I had to cut down and what I ate. If I had a hamburger I would only have a half for lunch and half for dinner. I ate a lot of stuff but in small portions. I had to eat 6 time a day but sometime I only ate 2 or 3 times. I was not hungry. I go to the gym to.

      Right now I still watch what I eat not a lot of butter or oil. No fried food.

      My urinary problem did not started until 2002 I ended going to a urologist because my GP said that I had cancer because my PSA was 426. It was not cancer it was a very bad prostate infection but he did find kidney stone the size of jaw breakers had them blasted.

      They 2014 came along and that is when everything came to a head. I had 7 urinary infection and ended up with sepsis. They sent me to a urologist because they could not get a catheter in. He found out that I had a stricture just before the prostate from the kidney stone surgery.

      I use to have the stricture checked every 4 months. This one time he did the scope he could not get it through the prostate. It was the size of a large lemon and close tight. I was having problem but I thought it was the stricture.

      That is when he told me about the Urolift. It is going on 4 years this April Had 4 clips put in and I am still wide open. Life things never stay the way it should. Last year I was in the hospital my bladder stopped working. My doctor found out that I have a tight external sphincter. I take Vasicare 10 mg which helps the prostate and the bladder to relax. Doing fine.

      I will not rush into any procedure maybe another couple of clips if I need it. But I like not having any side effects. I want to enjoy all I can with someone or by myself. I'm 63 and like it the way it is.

      Sorry this was so long Now your caught up on me. Enjoy what you have. Have a great New Year and I hope we all have good health in 2019.....Ken

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      Sorry I forget to tell you 30 pounds is a good weight lose. you have to lose it slowly. Your taller then I I'm only 5'9" I have 2 sons one is 6'5" and the other is 6'3"

      My belly is the same problem. If I could get rid of my belly I could maybe get in to a 34 pants but I'm happy for now.

      Sometimes we do hit a plateau just cut down on something do it slowly even another 10 pounds will help. I never thought I would be 180 again but I am.

      If your fine with the weight you are they that is your choice. Just relax and have fun..... Ken

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    Wow. Informative...and a tad scary. My assumption had been that a (relatively) low PSA and a DRE were pretty much the first order of business -- with no second order if they indicated all seemed fine.

    (My PSA, by the charts, is said to be "normal" for that of a 40-year old. I am about to turn 73.)

    Normal, of course, but for the frequent urination. Which is supposed to be from BPH...which is supposed to be not a precursor to cancer. And which I have endured for going on 30 years now.

    I guess I have some new decisions to make in the New Year. Thanks all.

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      Get the MRI. It will help you understand

      more about bph and also to see if you have any trouble areas. Tell me more about clothing optional resort you went to.


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      Jim -- Mira Vista in Tucson. You can google them. You haven't really relaxed 'til you've been there...but you gotta' like the desert. April or October the ideal times. Also positive: Cyprus Cove in Florida.

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      One more thought re interventional radiology and such:

      Medicine -- modern and not-so-modern -- seem always to follow the standard of starting at the bottom and working your way higher as symptoms and test results may indicate.

      If that is the case, how do I justify -- to any specialist -- going from a "normal" psa and "normal" DRE and a reasonable diagnosis of BPH -- to a full blown interventional radiology regimen? A little like an angiogram after chest pain following being kicked in the chest by a horse, no?

      i.e. How does one justify this stuff to a physician based on a patient hunch? Honest question.

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