Skipped beats and fatty stools, ?

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Lately when I go to exercise and heart rate raises, i feel like a flapping in my chest sometimes.. no pain. kinda like a flapping goldfish..

Just earlier I sprinted up the stairs and felt like this same 'flapping' in my chest, so I placed my hand upper left chest area and my heart kept stopping and beating twice.. almost to catch up.. this was giving me shortness of breath, as though the skipped beat(s) were stealing some of my breath.

After these bouts of exercise or walking long distances, I am absolutely shattered.. which is not like me (im 130lbs, 5'6 and 28 yo).

also I have had really really light coloured stools.. almost look the colour of cornflakes.. but lighter. very greasy looking. foul smell.

The only 'pain' ive had is 2 week ago when it was like upper abdominal pain.. kinda realllllly badly trapped wind, it went away after 1 hour.

sometime I get dizzy at night, tired and weak in the morning and Ive woke up a few times 3am kinda.. gasping for breath (maybe thats anxety or panic attack?)

can anyone help me? has anyone had similar problems?

(i did not know where else to put this, because as far as I was aware, the problems I was having were kidney related because my GP mentioned this to me due to raised creatinine levels hence my first post on this site, but my creatinine, GFR, waste levels have all got better..)

thank you!

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    The flapping in my chest wet fish is exactly how I described my PVC ectopic heartbeats, the stopping heart PAC ectopic heartbeats.

    Because they initially came so rarely, the NHS couldnt detect them in two years, so I bought muself a handheld ECG machine, a "Prince 180B", then whenever I got the flapping fish feeling, I took a reading which I could then show my GP. Here is an example of mine, when you see the big spike that goes up and down, that is the fish flapping.


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      wow thats so useful, how much was the ecg machine? i looked at a Holter monitor but it was so damn expensive!

      how often do you get these flapping, fluttering skipped beats? mine seems to be during or jussst after some kind of faster paced workout.. are PVC Ectopic beats dangerous?

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      I just looked on Amazon, type in Healforce Prince 180B, ensure you get the one that shows leads attached as these will record overnight, my older one just does 30 seconds. The cheapest I saw was £91.

      My ectopics gradually joined together until I got Sustained Ventricular Tachycardia which is the killer arrhythmia, but don't worry as nearly everybody gets palpitations, even if they cannot feel them, and few get VT.

      I had an ablation which stopped my heart going into VT, I still sometimes get a few PVCs, but it doesn't bother me, tends to be worst if I eat a lot of bread, you see the stomach can irritate the heart, causing it to have ectopics via the Vagus nerve, so the stomach problems you are having, whilst not directly related to your heart, might be the stimulation to upset its electrical activity.

      I would suggest getting the Prince 180B, taking ecgs of when you get the feelings, if they look a bit wild, (you can look at ECGs on Google images), then take them to your Doctor who will refer them to a cardiologist who can tell you if they are anything to be investigated further.

      Mine got to this stage, but it is unusual, but as the NHS failed to find anything, I attribute this little machine to saving my life. image

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    First off, let me say I'm not a doctor nor medically qualified in any way, so any thoughts I may have are purely from experience or general knowledge. Only a doctor can give you a definitive diagnosis. However, it does sound rather like you have a couple of unrelated problems going on. Firstly your bowel issues - possibly IBS or similar? Light stools, especially greasy consistency mean your diet could be lacking in some way. Green leafy veg, complex carbs, etc - roughage in other words - are you eating a balanced diet? Too much refined food - ready meals, fried food, white bread and sugars and so on will cause this type of stomach issue. You mentioned you had issues with creatinine levels - that could also be dietary, eg too much red meat or dehydration. Again if concerned, ask your doctor who will probably ask you to provide a stool sample to analyse. Regarding the irregular heart beat - you're correct this could be anxiety causing your arrhythmia. It can also be caused by lifestyle (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc) or taking certain meds particularly any with a combination including stimulants such as caffeine. Guess it sounds like I'm repeating myself - speak to your doctor. If it's anxiety there are a million very effective ways to assist.

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      i havent eaten meat of any kind in around 3 months now, and whether because of this or not, my GFR has went from 72 to 87 to 91. and my creatin from 106, to 101 to , etc. i do not drink caffeine nor do I eat processed foo, nor refined foods. no alchohol or drugs or medication.

      i understand that anxiety can worsen palpitations so yes, its something to monitor. but I very much doubt anxiety is the origin of my issues. its just very easy for medical professionals to state thats its anxiety when its a very lazy, blanket term.

      plus yesterday when i worked out i did NOT feel anxious.. only when i felt my heart skipping and shortness of breath did i feel a little more worried.

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      as I said, just a few unqualified suggestions to eliminate obvious options. If not dietary or IBS, then best to get a medical opinion/tests. Arrhythmia is actually very common and can be caused by a range of different things, anxiety just being one of them - maybe request an ECG and more formal diagnosis.

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    Thought you might be interested in reading about Steatorrhea, you can look it up.

    What is steatorrhea?

    You may not think much about the makeup of your stool. Most of it’s water, and the rest is a combination of:






    various cell linings


    Too much fat in your feces is called steatorrhea. It can be a sign of malabsorption. This means your body either isn’t absorbing nutrients properly or isn’t making the enzymes or bile needed to digest food effectively.

    People who are experiencing steatorrhea should be examined by a doctor, so they can get treated for the underlying cause.

    What are the symptoms of steatorrhea?

    If you have steatorrhea, your stools will be bulkier, pale, and foul-smelling. They tend to float because of higher gas content. The stools also tend to be covered in a greasy film. Drops of oil may be seen in the water inside the toilet bowl.

    Steatorrhea is only one of several common symptoms of malabsorption. Others include:

    weight loss

    abdominal cramps




    What causes steatorrhea?

    Too much fat in your stool suggests that your digestive system isn’t breaking down food adequately. Your body may not absorb the useful parts of the food you eat, including dietary fat.

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