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Skipped heart beats some days

I am a 26 year old male that has been cursed for a few years of skipped heartbeats out of nowhere and sometimes a racing heart that I stop by crouching, putting my knees to my chest and do deep breathing. This stops the racing normally but a couple times I’ve played basketball and got bumped and then my heart just took off racing. I have been to my doctor and she tells me it’s nothing to worry about it’s just a normal thing and my anxiety makes me feel them and makes them worse. I sometimes get skipped beats all day for days straight then get some with none. I wore a Holter monitor once when I was in my early teens and docs said nothing and once again 2 years ago and again doc said nothing alarming. I have a hard time playing these off as anxiety due to the fact they are random and come when I’m not even worried about anything. Also just 3 days ago I jogged 2 miles with no break in 30 min and I did get heart skips while running, if I had to guess I’d say maybe 10-12 times. But I wasn’t extremely winded or collapsing, so maybe my heart is strong? I guess I’m just wondering if anyone els goes through this and maybe some advice. Thanks. 

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  • quentin78071

    I’m a 26 year old female, and I get these skipped beats too. It can be so depressing, and it’s like nobody really understands. I’ve been getting them since I was about 15 and they are still scary and hard to brush off. Sometimes I can go weeks or months without them. Other times, I can have days or weeks of what I call “episodes.” I can be sitting down watching tv and feel my heart flutter or even in the kitchen cooking and it might randomly do it. It’s happened a few times at the gym too. It’s so freaking scary, depressing and annoying. I’ve had EKGs (too many to count), 2 chest x-rays, 2-3 regular stress tests on treadmill, 21 day heart monitor (2-3x), and an ultrasound of my heart. Doctors say they can’t find anything, and that doesn’t make me feel any better. It’s hard to talk about with people because they just don’t understand. I try not to think morbidly about it, but they are so scary and at times feel life threatening, even though the doctor alluded to it more than likely being pacs/pvcs, which in most cases are benign. It still sucks and can effect everyday living. I feel your pain. I just rely on my faith and do research on it from time to time. Also, I try to visit cardiologists whenever I can if need be.

    • bbtxeth22059

      Do you get any chest pain or shortness of breath as well? I'm a 25 year old female and I started having chest pain, shortness of breath, and these palpitations at times out of no where. The only thing I have been put on is medication for my heart rate which would kick up quick at times for no reason. Had many test like you and no real answers why. It is pretty scary not knowin why these things happen! 

  • quentin78071

    Having some skipped heart beats is quite normal and usually nothing to worry about. It's when you can't walk more than 200 feet without having to stop and catch your breath while you feel dizzy that you know things are not quite right. When you can feel your pulse while sitting down resting without touching your hand or neck. When there's a dull ache all the time and you literally can't do anything without making it feel even worse. When the skips are so bad that it stops you from wanting to move at all. Sounds like you are a healthy person who is quite fit, and have been cleared by the docs. Perhaps let them know you are anxious about it and see if you can get a second opinion so peace of mind. Sounds like you are fine though. 

    • dan57637

      The only thing that happens to me that you mentioned that wasn’t good was I can feel my pulse sometimes while I’m resting. Like in my belly or just my whole upper body. Heart is beating normal I just am aware of it and can feel it. Is that a sign to get my heart checked in depth? 

  • quentin78071

    I am male 36 yearos old, I was diagnosed with high bp.. I did complain of skipping heart beats a lot , it's called arhythmia.. There were severe.. I could "feel" my heard skip a beat and the the next beat would strike hard...

    well i did go to a cardio..he said I don't have to worry about anything..that this kind of arhythmia is not life treatening - if it was the other, bad, kind of arhythmia he could have helped me..

    but he also told me this, a skipping heart beat can cause anxiety.. because you think "ok something is wrong for the heart to skip" ..and more anxiety equals to more skipping beats and then you get tachycardia (heart racing)...

  • quentin78071

    I get skipping beats too. Sometimes I feel very dizzy. My tests did not show anything abnormal. It scares when I have some scary symptoms other than feeling dizzy. A couple of times my eyes went completely blurry and recently I felt my upper body had no blood circulation. It lasted for a minute and then everything was normal. I also have on and off chest pain that comes with a fast walk. I think I might have Angina but my doctors are not doing much about my symptoms. I am tired of having symptoms and being worried all the time.

    I keep myself very busy but it bothers my normal life. 

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