Skipped heartbeats stronger than others

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So I've had a really bad week of ectopics they have. Gotten stronger and more frequent this week! It's almost unbearable! Is it normal? I'm in constant fear of them! They went away recently for a week! And now they are back! Does anyone else notice that some are flutters? Some are tiny and some are so huge it scares you! Also even when you feel relaxed it still happens adding to the anxiety?

Anyone else in a similar position?

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    hello dominik

    yes i feel i have similar sensations to those you describe.

    they scare me too but no one seems to be able to come up with any solutions to alleviate them. it appears we are just expected to live with them and get on but i have just recently lost my job because of them as i couldnt be on my feet 8 hours a day.

    i dont feel i have a specific trigger for them so have nothing to cut out and any medication i have taken(beta blockers and verapamil) have had no effect on the irregularity of my heartbeat but made me feel rough from side effects...esp the verapamil.

    most people on this forum appear to have had tests to show the heart muscle is healthy but it feels like its an electrical problem which causes these and a solution to sorting that out seems very elusive.

    wishing you all the best



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    Sounds all too familiar, Dominik. This of course is cold comfort, even when in the knowledge that so many people are suffering from similar symptoms, and lots of other variations in between. I've got used to accept that nothing my heart does comes any longer as a surprise, whether ectopics (suffered from those since1973), with more recent additions such as irregular beating, excessively slow pulse, etc. etc. It's the unpredictability of these manifestations that I hate so much because they are so unsettling in one's life, and are anxiety-inducing (which tends to exacerbate the episodes). I tend to have a 'good' day and a 'bad' day with no idea whatsoever why. I have trawled the Internet, have tried umpteen dietary supplements, herbal remedies, breathing exercises, etc. None of my multiple medical prescriptions has addressed my arrhythmia symptoms so I have become used to tolerating (very grudgingly) the bad days, and relishing the better days. I'm not through with my efforts to seek out alternatives and will never give up on trying to eliminate this utterly horrible, enjoyment-limiting condition. People in the general public haven't the faintest idea of what it's like unless they suffer from a similar affliction.

    You're not alone. There are countless numbers of us out there.

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    You're not alone. I've had these things on and off for ten years now. The symptoms change all of the time and I can't figure out what triggers them. I'm sorry you have to go through this. Take comfort that we're here with and for you. Feel free to message me if you need someone to talk to.

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    hello sorry to hear about your symtpoms,

    i also feel what u say before,i have a super heart escape beat which give lot of fear to me it happened to me how many times when the doc is doing ecg but my ecg didnot catch any thing wrong---------i am fine now then before i have acid reflux problem and i use medicine for that which will solve my problem 90%----but some time when now i have extreme burping i feel heaviness in my left chest and feel likei have heart attack---i visit to different cardiologist in which one of the cardiologist performing for me the ecg in which he found Pause of heart beat-----though its not to much but he will do for me 24 hour holter ecg which was completely fine and after that i have blood work and 2 more ecgs + echo of heart which is normal--------------- i have reflux problem which cause chest tightness + panic attacks + extreme burping for all day + i have anxiety---my gp recently give me propnolol 10 mg 3 times a day + lexapro 10 mg at night time one tablet + tablet for my reflux dinot know the name bcoz written in japanese--------

    i have a question from you how is your digestion did you have any problem of stomach like heart burn etc etc--------  some time it happen bcoz of stomach problems,or extreme gas--------------i use famitodine 40 mg and it solve my extreme skipped heart beat now some time i feel but not like before i didnot even think about it bcoz it didnot give me any panic----------- but i have health anxiety and reflux now i am doing teatment for that------- i must say if you have stomach problem then do treatment of that------

    if you don,t have stomach problem then its becaue of sinus------it stopped for  while then strt beating again you are not alone million of the people face the same problem and most of them re taking beta blocker tablet for that------------- you also just try a beta blocker tablets such as proponolol hope your problem will be solved 


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    Hi Dominik ?

    I too have similar symptoms like the good people on here, dropped/missed or skipped beats. Heavy beats or thud sensation, rising heartbeat, flutter or flip flop like the heart can't get comfortable. Ive5took myself to the A+E a numerous of times, and after relaying my not so wonderful experiences , then came the tests. Bloods, ECG, X-ray, overactive thyroid. All came back clear, so made an appointment at my GP and after a discussion, he told me it had the traits of Anxiety. Prescribing me 50mg Sertraline some fourteen weeks ago I feel 98% myself. Over this last year I have been told, and read, that Dropped/missed or skipped beats are infact premature or extra beats. But only the pause is noticed, thuds or heavy beats is the bodys natural adrenaline causing this affect. When we are anxious we are in a very high sensitive state, and we are overly aware of the on goings and never noticed that before syndrome. Which then you begin to overly focus on only to find another I've never noticed that before, but once in a none anxious state, or at times when your busy and focusing on what you are doing. You subconsciously forget to notice them, also the digestive system is as much a key factor if not a major part of Anxiety to the symptoms mentioned. A build up of gas can cause dropped/missed or skipped beats, when adrenaline is low your body, at times it can be dumped rather than secreted causeing palpitations, thuds/heavy beats and racing heart as well as affecting blood presure. The heart is truly a mystery even to the most veteran of cardiologists, I mean for me, after having these worrying symptoms and been told my heart was fine then I have no reason to think otherwise. And I'm sure if anything were to happen I would have known by now, your heart just doesn't get weak overnight ot is a tireless muscle that at times, may just need a tweak here or reset there. Sorry it's long winded, but I hope it has given you a little reassurance if not a little comfort knowing you are not alone. These are great people on this forum and they are never short of support or advice, or just a ear to listen. All the best Dominik, and keep us all posted on anything that betters your condition ?🖒

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    Hi Dominik I have posted on this site previously and like everyone have tried numerous medications diets breathing exercises going to the gym but nothing has worked for me I have had these ectopics for 30 years and had seen the same cardiologist for the same time who kept telling me my heart was healthy and not to worry! In April this year my heart has constantly had ectopics and I have had to take time off work it is so severe, someone on this site recommended seeing an Electrophysiologist and not a cardiologist! I got an emergency appointment with one and he immediately diagnosed RVOT I am now going in on the 19th Dec for an ablation as I have been told it may now be cardiomyopathy as a result of it being ignored for so long! You need to have an examination by an Electrophysiologist as only they can diagnose the electrics of a faulty heart, I just hope and pray that this doctor can do something as my quality of life has been severely diminished, I will post my experience and if the ablation has worked will let you all know the outcome in due course.
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