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Hi, ever since the 19th of August, I experienced almost two weeks straight this intense achy migraine, stabbing like pain in my upper right abdomen. I suffer from constipation, and vitamin  D deficiency, so whenever I would complain to my mother, who's a nurse, she always chalked it off to constipation pain. Now I had doubts that it was really my usual constipation pains, because I had never experienced it in that particular side, and I have actually had very loose, foul smelling stools for almost two months straight, but I ignored the pain because it wasn't constant and I was near my period. Then the pains got worse. They went from randomly, to everytime I ate. I was miserable, and by then I started noticing it happened if I ate something with fat, or alot of grease. So I went two weeks in constant severe pain- sitting, wearing bras, belts even laying down hurt so much, but my mother told me I was being dramatic. It wasn't until on one occasion, I was in a taxi with her to do college financial aid as I was starting classes again, and she noticed I looked disoriented and kept jerking up from my seat with a pained look, as well as leaning on my left side, that day she took me to see my GP where she works to do  bloodwork and get an abdominal sonogram (after a particular dinner night not long before the taxi episode, we had a taco night, and I constantly had to run to the bathroom and was in severe pain, as well as sweating and nausea). 

Both my mom and GP SUSPECTED GALLBLADDER STONES-they deal with patients who have that problem and had a laparoscopy, so I was given the standard abdomen touch test(which she ruled out to have a abdominal sonogram because as soon as she touched the area, I jerked away from her touch because I got this intense pain). She did.bloodwork and ordered to have my BILIRUBIN levels checked as well.

The next day I had the sonogram,  Started eating smaller portions as well as avoiding too many fatty foods, and had the results ready in three days. I was fearing the worst.

when my GP went over the results with me, my BILIRUBIN levels where normal, gallbladder function is normal, as well as my kidneys, liver, intestines (they even had a Doppler of my arteries and my aorta done).

THERE WERE NO.GALLSTONES OR SLUDGE IN MY GALLBLADDER. But my gallbladder was slightly distended- a bit bigger than the normal size. She didn't make the decision for me to have the laparoscopy surgery to have it removed because it isnt significantly bigger than normal, and because everything is still functioning normal, but I can't help but be scared. I have actually become scared of eating! I was told if I get another severe pain like last time, I should head to the ER because I might have to have the gallbladder removed. I can't help but thinking if the next time I have pain, I'll have to have an emergency surgery, plus I don't want to miss any classes, and the thought of something going wrong in surgery or waking up as it is taking place terrifies me.

 I haven't had an attack since the taxi episode, which was about five days ago, but I'll try to do my best to avoid any sort of triggers, I'm also keeping a good diary to see what triggers attacks or not. Fasting actually seems to be one of them, oddly...

Anyone who has had trouble with their gallbladder without having GALLSTONES, or who has had the laparoscopy, could you please share with me your experience of your attacks and after having the surgery done? If I find out more about it, I know it will ease my nerves, since I've asked a could of people I know who had it removed, and they've tolerated fats without any problem so far.


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    do some research on digestive enzymes which a nurse has recommended to me following my gallbladder removal recently. Apparently they are useful to take if you know you are going to eat fatty/curry foods. I know you haven't had yours out but they might help
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    Hi Azazzrael

    I collapsed back in March with the most severe pain in the centre of my chest, going round by right shoulder and under the shoulder blade; the accute pain lasted 25 mins, but I had residual pain for the entire week that followed.   I went to GP (on the same day) who thought it could be gall stones and he sent me for an ultrasound scan in April.  Hospital lost the results so the scan was only re-done 2 weeks ago after I'd been chasing up for the outcome and following a second episode. I saw my GP today who has said that the report showed no gall stones but I do have a distended GB. (I suspect I passed the gallstone during the March episode).  She's referring me now to a Gastro Intestinal specialist for a consultation to find out why its distended.  Fatty foods also aggravate me and I get a lot of acid indigestion/heartburn/reflux etc.  I am overweight so that's probably not helping things.  She's booked me also to have complete bloods, thyroid, liver function, cholesterol etc. My dad had liver & bowel cancer and my gran & aunt both had stomach cancer, so I am also anxious of any GI related issues.  Hopefully everything will be sorted out soon.  I have been prescribed 4 weeks of Omeprazole, which the doc said would also help her with her diagnosis, depending on the effect these tablets have on me.

    One thing is for sure, GB pain is the worst!!  It felt like I was having a heart attack.  Hope they get you sorted out, and try not to worry too much, it won't help. :-)


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    I just had an ultra sound, discovered distended gallbladded, no stones, sludge, etc.   But ALSO found hepatic steatosis, or Fatty Liver.  I drink moderately 3 days a week, beer only.  This is probably the cause for the FL, as I do not have ANY of the other risks. I do not drink soda, or juices due to the sugar content. Nor eat more than 5 bights of dessert a week.  Not sure if this helps, but maybe looking further besides the Gallbladder would be helpful.  
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    Hi, I had Gb attacks for years with no sludge or stones ever found by ultrasound tests. The attacks were so bad I seriously thought I was going to die but no one took my attacks seriously because I didn't have the usual signs of gallbladder problems. I finally had a hyda scan that confirmed my GB was not functioning correctly. I had it removed and have not felt this good in years! I can eat anything. I don't have diarrhea or heartburn like some people report. I was nervous to have the surgery but it was a snap. Hope this helps. I'm 62 and have had this problem for at least 20 years. I wish I could've had it removed years ago.

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    In January I was having pain on my upper right side and up my shoulder blade, I thought I had pneumonia because it was very similar to the symptoms I've had before. They said I had an enlarged distended gallbladder, but only slightly and no stones. Fast forward to this Memorial Day I was in a really bad car accident and I blacked out but when I came to all the pain was in my abdomen. This time they said it was very enlarged and distended but no stones and would probably go down on its own. I went back to the ER (a different one) on July 5 and it was still very enlarged and distended. They were sure I either had a stone or a block. After 2 ultra sounds and a heida scan they saw nothing. The resident surgeon said this isn't normal something's wrong but the attending surgeon sent me to my stomach surgeon. (I had a stomach tumor 3 years ago and multiple surgeries) After a scope on my stomach they ruled that out. He said it is enlarged and I was suddenly anemic but he wouldn't do surgery. I eat a low carb, low fat diet because of my stomach and I am in excruciating pain. Is there a way I can have them just take it out. I have MS and it is causing sever back pain. 

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