Slightly Enlarged Prostate 32 Year Old

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Hey everyone. I'm hoping I can find some clarity and I guess answers on this forum.

So to keep it as short as possible. I had been having bladder issues for a couple weeks and was urinating a ton throughout the day along with having pelvic/back pain. I set up an appointment with an urologist. They did all the tests and I was diagnosed with a slightly enlarged prostate which he said was abnormal with my age but nothing to worry about. I have to go in for a cystoscopy at the end of next month. As someone who is young and has two young children I'm terrified something is really wrong. I also am going in for an ultrasound of my kidneys, groin, and liver within the next few weeks. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this? Any advice or help would be appreciated. My health anxiety is flaring up.

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    Hey Kevin

    Try not to worry. Stress is a witch and can cause you a lot of problems. They are doing all the test to make sure all the other stuff is doing okay.

    You may have to change your diet. It happens to all of us at one time or another. You are young to have this problem but try not to worry.

    Listen to what the doctor is telling you. He may give you some medication. but do some research on it. Some cause erection problems and retro ejaculation. This may be a problem if you are planning on having more kids

    There are natural way of shrinking the prostate. Check the internet.

    All the best my friend.....Ken

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    Two things come to mind:

    1. Your symptoms are not those of cancer, so you need not stress out. By all means go ahead with the cystoscopy; and
    2. There is a chance that your hormones may be involved so ask your GP or if you're American, your "PCP" to run hormone blood work. These results plus what the cystoscopy finds out will reveal what the issue is.

    Best of luck!

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    I forgot to mention (regarding your upcoming ultrasounds):

    Your "back" pain may be kidney pain. This is felt on either side of your spine above the hips and under the ribs.

    Most often it occurs in one side of your body, but it can occur in both sides.

    Kidney pain (usually from stones) is SHARP. I know this as I had a stone. The pain was SHARP and the stone was small. Heaven knows what the level of pain would be if the stone was anything other than small.

    A DULL pain indicates most often an infection.

    The ultrasounds will be very useful in diagnosing the problem, even if it isn't kidney related.

    In fact, I would suggest the ultrasound before the cystoscopy which is an invasive procedure and most likely not needed if the u/s is definitive.

    That's my 2 cents.

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      yeah I go in for an ultrasound next Friday. the Cytoscopy isnt scheduled till late August. He wanted to see the ultrasound prior. He put me on tamsulosin for 30 days and it seems to be helping a bit. but still dealing with some groin/hip pain.

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      Good to hear.

      Always go for non invasive procedures before invasive ones not only because the former are risk free BUT also because often they will reveal the problem, making the invasive procedure not necessary or at least not urgent.

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      so just wanted to give an update. I went in for an ultrasound on friday. They spent a ton of time on my right kidney during it. I called today to see if they got the results but was informed they do that at the next appointment which is the 27th. They then asked if I wanted to come in Friday as they had an opening for my Cystoscopy. I didnt think anything of it but now im wondering if there is something serious they found and want me to come sooner.

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      I agree with Kenneth. If something looked urgent they would have called to see you ASAP.

      If I were you I would collect the u/s report and images when available and discuss them with the doctor (be it the urologist or GP).

      If that discussion concludes that a cystoscopy is definitely needed , then go ahead with the cystoscopy. If you do go ahead with it, ask what anaesthesia options are available. I know of:

      • A jelly;
      • Sedation; or
      • General

      If you go ahead with a cystoscopy, I suggest you consider these carefully.

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    This is my first post in the forum.

    I will be 60 In a few weeks. I am almost bald on top of my head.

    Since the past 6 years, i've noticed i was rushing to pee, but when i got to the toilet, hardly anything came out. I had to stand there and concentrate for up to 20 minutes just to pee a small amount sometimes. I know, now, that i have to stay there and wait, and the urge will return again. Took me a long time to pee just a little.

    I had my prostate examined only once, about 6 years ago, and the Dr told me it's about the size of a walnut.

    I started talking Saw Palmetto capsules last summer and i feel a huge improvement but i still have some trouble peeing most days and nights - but, at least i CAN pee. It still takes a while sometimes and sometimes i feel as though i am going to have a bowel movement as i stand there. It's becoming confusing when i need to "go". I never know what's going to happen. I start off just having the need to pee but then, sometimes, i feel the back moving and i have to sit down, right away, just so i can pee, and without fail, the bowels move, too.

    At night, while i am sleeping. i place a 1.5 litre, ice- cream container on the night table, and when i feel the need, i lie on my side while in bed and i put "Willy" into the container and pee and relax so i don't fully wake up and ruin my sleep. When i am done, i put the container on the night table and go back to sleep. And yes, it has happened three times in 5 years that i fell asleep and then moved and spilled the container in the bed. Lucky for me, my bed is just thick comforters on the floor. I do that because the room is kind of small so i have more space without a huge bed on floor. This way, i can walk on my bed to put clothes away.

    For many others who sleep on real beds, DON'T FALL BACK TO SLEEP. lol

    I've noticed when i keep my weight to a certain weight, i have less trouble peeing - so long as i take the Saw Palmetto. Walking or even jogging on the spot helps get things flowing.

    Some other observations:

    I've notice that after i ejaculate, i am able to pee like a 20-year-old and almost right away.

    Also, just getting a really hard erection helps the flow after it becomes flaccid (soft) again.

    Being a single, divorced man, i thank the internet, daily for the "visual candy" i require.

    It's as though masturbation has become a duty, now. It really helps me pee, afterwards.

    Just to finish this post off - i am quite happy with the Saw Palmetto. It costs me $10.00 Canadian for a bottle of 100 capsules. It says "340 Mg" on the bottle. The company is called, Adrien Gagnon. Sold in Quebec at Jean Coutu pharmacies. That's where i buy mine. Maybe you can order some from them? No idea. The label says to take 3 capsules twice per day. I find i get the best results taking 3 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and another 3 before bed. I, personally, really try hard to avoid using any Pharmadrugs. I always search for a natural method. I don't use any Pharmadrugs, at all, expect for really bad head or tooth-aches.

    I hope some of my experiences can help others deals with this problem.

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