Slipped disc and Sciatica

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Im glad i found this site, I too have had problems with slipped disc and sciatica for nearly 3 years!!!!

It all started in November 2004 woke up on a sunday am in excruating pain down my right leg.

Husband took me to emergency doc and they gave me low dose valium and painkillers.

I work in an office answering phones all day so the sciatica was murder.

I got sent to back exercise class and physio but still had sciatica and back pain.

Finally this year i got to see a senior physio who referred me at once for an mri scan. Got an appointment on July 26 2007.

waiting to see what the results of the mri are.

Iam totally in sympathy with everyone on here. x

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    MB, My god, I cannot belive that you have had to wait 3 years for an m.r.i scan, I have had this problem for 12 weeks and thats bad enough!!! However my m.r.i scan was done within 6 and I seen a spinal surgeon straight away, But like I said before I truely believe I was so lucky as my g.p classed me as an emergency and I am now under a private hospital on the nhs. It is so wrong that they can leave us in so much pain for so long, If it was done to an animal it would be classed as cruelty, So where is the difference? Any way im awaiting an xray guided spinal nerve block. At the moment im taking morphine and naproxen still without any joy. I have been on every pain killer resorted to this 6 weeks ago still has nt helped and ive come to the conclusion now that there is nothing in medication form that really will!! I am 29 I have a ten year old daughter and a husband I did this at work and have been on the club scince, my company does not pay sick money and ssp money is disgusting. We were due to go to spain 2moro we have had to cancel that and i feel as though my life is being wrecked. However when i read your forum its made me realise that i have been lucky to have been being treated straight away. I wish you luck at your m.r.i and hope that they stop this suffering for you soon.
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    Thanks Kelly

    Im so glad I had a new doctor who got me referred for mri. I tried private physio. nhs physio, tens ,you name it i tried it!

    The senior physio I saw recently couldn't believe I wasnt referred for an mri.

    When I first had this back problem, the hospital referred me for physio for 7 months, which helped a bit but didn't solve the problem. I begged them to refer me to a doc or mri but the physio woman I saw wouldn't!

    And the my gp who now has retired said there was a waiting list of 6 months or more, so i didnt get referred.

    The pins and needles and numbness eased but i know im not right, It can be painful at night my leg and when driving. I've kept on working for the past 3 years throughout apart from a week off sick in nov 04.

    I hope you get sorted out soon, I've been reading a lot of info on this site and the internet. thanks for your support. smile

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    Hi Everyone,

    An update from me about what happened to me. Since my last posting, December 2008 I had two discectomies on L5/S1.

    Now its April 2010 and I still have sciatica down my right leg from my little toe right to my back.

    I had an infection in the disc after the second surgery, which thankfully was treated promptly with antibiotics.

    I still haven't been able to work since June 2008 sitting is painful and walking round is tiring.

    I'm waiting to see my consultant following an Mri in February 2010 at the end of May I think I have scar tissue as I have managed to read a copy of my mri.

    If anybody had similar experience of having long term sciatica who made a full recovery would post their experience I would be grateful.

    I tried the gym after the surgeries but too painful.

    Take care everyone xx mb

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      Hello everyone, just joined Jan 15, 2015.

      I am 32 with three kids, the hardest things is that. I have to depend on my children, to help me do things for myself. When it should be the other way around!

      I was hit by a car in 2007, I have been through every test there is. Not including phys therapy

      All of this spans over 8yrs, starting in WI to Chicago and back to WI. I have numbness in both sides of my body, hips and knees give out at will. Mind u I have had MRI's, but it wasn't until my last MRI 2014 they found I had a slip disc. I don't understand Y did it take this long?

      Today I got numbing injection in spine L3,L4,L5, three on each side. Lord only knows that was no walk around the park!!!!

      Came home felt cold chills and feverish, fell asleep, woke up moved around did the things they said would irritate my back but not over doing it. Charted pain level, as they asked. My pain level has been the same, as when I went in for injection.

      I want to know has anyone gotten relief, what did you do or taking?

      I have been researching on the surgery, that is not a road I want 2 go down.

      No one should suffer as long as some have that I read about I wish all well and a good night...

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      Hi Karen I have done away with my walking stick and after 6 sessions of physio and 4 acupuncture sessions an injection and a 1 and half hour walk with my dogs every day I don't feel too bad. Yes ko still have pain but it's managable the stretching exercises that I was given really help align my spine back to shape but I found. Just lying down didn't help as I stiffens up hope this helps



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      Hi andrew,

      Yes that is true laying down is not going to help, and especially when you have 3 kids you're always on the go. And there are times that I can't even get out of bed, because I'm trapped in my body with aching pain. And that is the worst feeling ever..

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    Sorry to hear about your ongoing problems. My situation is similar to yours. As I have just written in another post after surgery the doctors are reluctant to do much as they go into a period of \"watchful waiting\". This is basically to see how the nerves that were compressed can be naturally rejuvanated. Estimates of this period seem to range from 12 to 24 months. Some people are of course much improved immediately after surgery, but for everybody else this is the excuse that is trotted out again and again.

    Scar tissue is a real problem. Like you I had 2 discectomies at L5/S1 in a very short period of time (less than four weeks) and infected CSF, and have a lot of residual scar tissue as a result. I have been told that they can't operate on this because that in itself will create more scar tissue. So I am stuck with it. I don't exactly have sciatica....not that horrible pain. Instead, I have constant burning the entire length of my leg, problems with my ankle/foot and three toes no longer move!! All from the scar tissue. Which I'm guessing is similar to you. I take Gabapentin (amongst other meds) which has really helped with the burning. I have also been going to hospital as a day patient every few months for Ketamine by IV, with mixed results. The first time it was brilliant. I was back to normal......I had forgotten what normal was!!! I could actually walk on two legs that felt the same!!! If I could get that back again I swear I would never ever ask for anything else in my lifetime. But it only lasted three days. I had high hopes for the second session, but afterwards I ended up with a bladder infection....maybe it was a dodgy batch. One thing that really worked well was acupuncture. Hospitals do this now, I really would recommend it. It did wonders for the muscles in my back/butt and leg. People forget that these all get affected by disc problems and I know that I walk sort of lopsided these days. I didn't know until I spotted my reflection in a shop window. It sorted out a lot of the pain. I was quite surprised at just how well it worked.

    Anyway, just some ideas of what has worked (or not) for me. Just be sure to speak out and remember that it is the Consultant's job to refer you on to someone else if needed. There is nothing worse than the daily build up of hope to the appointment, just to walk out afterwards thinking \"well I'm sure that something meaningful just happened but I can't think what!!!!\" and when another six month wait to see the same bloke again. As for going to the gym, I would just be careful, particularly if you already have pain. Hopefully you have no new disc problems.

    The best advice I can give.......just be kind to yourself. If you need to rest/walk around.......just go with it. Your body will tell you what it needs.

    Hope it all goes well with the Consultant.


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    Hi Trulyfedup,

    Thank you for your kind reply. I hope you get sorted out and they can do something to make you better.

    I have been looking into various treatments that can help with slipped disc and sciatica.

    One interesting site is this :

    on the British Journal of Radiology, (sorry the link can't be posted as I'm not a member of patient uk)

    It says that a patient given pentoxifylline–tocopherol helped to reduce epidural fibrosis , (I think that's scar tissue), I found the article interesting and will certainly ask my consultant if i can try that.

    I had some hydrotherapy that was really nice last year, I have been cheered up lately as we have adopted a stray cat my husband found at his work last year. It's amazing how much stroking and looking after a pet can take your mind off the pain, also my laptop is a godsend, internet shopping is fabulous and beats trying to go round the shops with leg pain.

    I must thank you trulyfedup for your good advice you have given many people on this site, you encouraged me to stand up for myself and keep on at the hospital and docs when I needed help.

    Kind Regards Mb xx

    (Also what happened to the lady who was going to write a book on here about slipped discs etc?

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    I wanted to share my experience in the hope that it helps.

    I had a slight fall on fuel in a petrol forecourt back in September, I had pain for about a month but was lucky enough to be allowed to work from home.

    This problem niggled me in the form of mild sciatica until 4 weeks ago( February) I sneezed and found myself doubled over in pain, I was having lower back pain and pain in my right buttock right down my leg to my ankle for a full week, I tried every over the counter pain killer possible to no avail, I decided to take myself to the walk in centre at a relatively close hospital, I waited 2 hours stood up as I was unable to sit down, I told a little fib to be taken seriously saying I had fallen not giving an exact time as I know how the system works, I was given and X-ray this was found to be clear so I was sent home with co-coda mol and paracetamol with no further advice.

    In the mean time I had handed in my notice as I was offered a fantastic new job with better prospects, my notice was a month, I was due to start my new job on the 4th of march.

    The tablets had no effect whatsoever so I was forced to call my doctors surgery, I did not see my regular doctor but the one I did see seemed nice enough, I described my symptoms and was told it was sciatica and was given another cocktail of pills including Tramadol, Diclofenac,Omeprazole and Amitriptyline.

    These also had no effect, by this point I was climbing the walls in agony.


    I returned to see my regular GP he advised me to stop taking all the pills apart from the Tramadol and gave me Gabapentin again nothing helped, but he did refer me for an MRI and warned me it could be a few weeks for my appointment.

    3 days later after driving everyone in my household mad, I persuaded my Father to drive my to Accident and emergency I was in so much pain.

    On arrival at the hospital I was assessed and rushed straight through to the assessment area, I was given morphine and fluids and thoroughly examined and assessed the staff were amazing on that ward, I found I had lost sensation in my right leg from thigh to foot, I had lost sensation to want to pass water and with the pain and panic I was hyperventilating.

    I was then moved to a surgical assessment ward, I was not told anything but as the morphine was not working I was given alternative medication, I was still in pain but sleepy, I was given an immediate MRI scan, taking 15 minutes, on my return to the ward I was told by one of the the consultants that nothing was showing on the MRI scan he was rude and dismissive and spoke about me as if I was not there, he asked a junior doctor to give me Diclafenic and send me home, I was distraught as I knew the pain I was experiencing must have a more serious origin than muscle spasms down to lower back pain, my experience of this hospital got worse, I was ignored by staff and I constantly cried, I had not emptied my bladder in 12 hours and the staff were fully aware I had no sensation in that area, I was moved to a further 2 wards and received virtually the same treatment, I was put on more drugs and due for release on the Wednesday morning still without any answers as to the cause of my major discomfort.

    I was now on Pre-gabaline, oxi-codine(a controlled drug), Diazapam, paracetamols and Nefopam as you can probably imagine I was constantly sick and constipated to add to my pain, I was due to leave the hospital at 1pm at 4pm I was told they had got my prescription wrong and had to wait a further 5 hours before it was corrected and sent back from the pharmacy( in the same building might I add)

    I eventually left that terrible place feeling sick, dizzy and having slight illucinations .I lost my appetite and more worrying my notice period for my previous employer was over I had not handed my company car back and was due to start my new fantastic job, I called both parties and explained my situation my old boss was extremely understanding but I still have loose ends to tie up, my new boss was a little sceptical but agreed a new start date at no cost to them, I am now approaching my new start date and have tried everything in my power to regain my movement as not to let my employer down, including 2 doctors appointments, 4 hospitals, 2 physio's and an Osteopath with acupuncture I was given a further MRI that my doctor had booked before my stay in hospital, I was offered the same hospital and quickly declined they then offered me an alternative last Saturday, I am pleased to say I am not a drama queen this MRI discovered a prolapsed disc L5 I saw my doctor on Monday and he gave me the advice to rest and only do core exercises, I am seeing my physio tomorrow to learn the best exercises for my problem, my GP was in disbelief at the amount of medication the terrible hospital gave me and advised me to only take the Pre-gabaline of which he increased the dose and he also upped my dosage on my Diazapam, I feel relieved someone finally believes me and also I am now able to sleep for at least 4 hours a night which was a change from 1 hour for the past 5 weeks.

    Wish me luck I now have to call my pending employer to explain I have been signed off until the end of march with no exception, I will of course offer my services by phone where possible and have to wait to receive my lovely new company car still sat in the car park awaiting my arrival, just to add I have not had any money for the past month from either employers as I did not think it was the responsibility of either so I have had over a month of no money( not happy as we all have bills to pay)

    Please don't be disheartened by my experience just let it be a reminder that your body tells you more than some of the so called specialists sometimes persist if you believe you have a problem without being fobbed off with medication and sciatica statements as this is a symptom not a cause.

    Thanks for reading my very long post, I feel better for getting it all off my chest😅

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      Hi Michelle,

      Can I just say I compeltely understand where you are coming from. I am currently sat at work doing as much research as I can as I have just been diagnosed with Sciatica. I have had back pain for the past 3-5 years and I am only 17 and 18 in July. I have seen my GP more then 10 times for the same problem and I get waved goodbye everytime with Ibuprofen no matter how many times I have said they don't work and relieve me of any pain.

      It seems that because you can't see blood or gore or something that LOOKS painful, no one seems to believe or understand how much pain you are actually in. My job is an office based job (sitting on the phones, MS word etc) so I am currently sat in excrutiating pain.

      I have seen by your comments you have recovered, is their any chance for me as it has happened to me for so long at so young? No tablets work no matter how many or what they are. I havent been diagnosed with a slipped disc but I feel like it could be. I'm crying almost everyday with the pain from my right leg mostly although my left leg plays up constantly too, my lower left back and the middle/top of my back. I am actually scared.

      Does anyone have any suggestions?

      Hope you are all taking care of yourselfs and feeling better.

      Francesca x

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      Hello Michelle new to this site just wondering if you could give me some. Advice in anyway had a operation on my spine 27th July this year but while in the operation they damaged my nerves which has left me with no use of bowels or bladder I read your story and seen you had the same problem with your bladder what was the outcome afterwards if you don't mind me asking thanking you Sarah xx

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    Hi Everybody,

    I have just found this site. I have just received my result of my MRI scan. A slipped Disc lying on nerve

    endings. I have been having problems over 3 years. I did not know what to do with myself because the

    pain in my right keg was so bad. I felt like I wanted to cut it off. I think some people did not believe me. If

    they cannot see a cut blood pouring out then there is nothing wrong with you. When I was reading the

    post that were written I could not believe that someone else was having the same problem. I had a BrainTumour removed 1 year ago. The Doctors ruled out that the problems with my leg was nothing to

    do with the Brain. I was put on Hormone injections which I had to inject myself everyday. I stopped

    the injections because I was putting on so much weight. Since my operation I have put on 2 1/2

    stone. I am not a big eater and I watch what I eat. I am 57 and the older you get the harder it is to

    shift the weight. I was quite happy with my weight before. I had it under control.

    My MRI scan came through very quick and my Doctor got the result in 2 days and rang me

    at home. I was on tender hooks, the last time the Doctor rang me at home it was to tell me I had a Brain

    Tumour.. I lost my only child Rebecca at the age of 22 through a Brain Tumour.. My Doctor is very good.

    I have to have physio now. I don't know if this will help. I have tried exercise. swimming. I have even

    bought a foot massager. I will try anything to relieve the pain. When it is bad I cannot get any relief. I put my leg up on the wall. One leg in bed the other in the air. I also get terrible cramp which wakes me in

    the night. I have a special pad that you put between your knees to relieve pressure, you name it I have

    got it or tried it.

    Well everyone, apart from telling you a bit about my life, have you any suggestions on ideas that I might

    try, I am only too willing to give it ago. As you already know, you will try anything just for the relief.

    Looking forward to any replies.

    Thank you.


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      Hi V,

      I see your post was over a year ago, but I was just wondering how the pain in your foot is? It was so interesting to read you message, as I could have written it myself. Comments you made like wanting to cut off your foot, putting your foot up a wall, Cramps in the night are all the things i am going through.

      Would be very keen to hear an update.


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    Hi Everyone,

    I would just like to say I did not type my post the way it is shown above. It was put together correctly.

    Hope you can understand it. Thank you. V.

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    Hi Veronica,

    I am very sorry to hear about your tumour and the loss of your child, that in itself is a need to discuss things to ease the pain.

    Since my last visit on this site I have been seeing an excellent Physio from Sheffield that has given me ome exercises to relax the surrounding muscles they are mild as not to push the disc out further, i have also purchased a Mc kenzie roll of which i put round my waist and slip with every night this seems to align my spine to give me some comfort.

    The pain is still excruticiating at times but the strong medicaion helps but does make you woosy so i am still off work which is driving me in sane.

    I wish you luck, just try everything i have.

    i am due to have a epidural steroid injection next week to allow me to go back to work sooner, apparently if it works it only takes 3 day to take away the pain completely, you still have to be careful, but i will keep you posted on this site.



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