Slipped Discs, Prolapsed Discs?

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I have been suffering with \"back pain\" for 8 years now, the first time it happened, I got into my car rather fast, on a rainy day, and the pain was immidiate, but after a few hours I was in total agony. I was off work for 3 months, went to see a chiropractor twice a week for months too.

Over the years, my back has \"gone\" many mant times. I have had lots of time off work, and the pain usually subsides over a period of days, to weeks.

This time, however, 3 months ago, I was quite literally plumping the cushions up on my settee, and I felt the most horrendous pain in my back, I knew something else had happened. I spent a couple of weeks in total spasm and agony. Since then, the back has not been itself. Two weeks ago, the pain grew totally unbearable, Ive been walking like a letter S, crying in pain. I cant work, can hardly walk, and have not been able to dress my lower body since. My husband dresses me. I simply cannot get out of the chair, the pain is immense.

I went back to the same chiropractor I had seen years ago, willing to try anything. He was unable to do much, so bad was the pain, and the second time, I had only the tiniest massageing, to relieve the spasm, when I was coming off the table, I hadnt even moved, when an almighty spasm shot through me.

He said he couldnt treat me, as he thinks there is too much damage.

I am now waiting for an MRI scan, and Im scared, as this time there is no let up with the pain. Im starting to think there is something very wrong with my back, eg, cancer of spine????

Can anyone advise me or put my mind to rest. I am 45 years old, and have a few other aches and pains, due to total hysterectomy last year, and am constantly sweating, due to menopause.


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    Nah you aint got cancer of the spine :lol: :oops: Like you say (in the post subject) youve got a prolapsed disc or something smile
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    prolapsed disc. I agree...

    You need to push for the MRI scan then get some physio and epidurals. Start doing some core strength exercises as this will help prevent muscle spasms in the future!

    Start swimming

    As I've always said, exercise is the key to getting back to a normal life.

    Good luck


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    I am 45 years old and have had a discectomy (April09) due to a Prolapsed Disc. I went to see my Doctor when it came to a point that the whole of my bottom half of body from hips down to my feet could hardly move. I was numb arround my buttocks and pins/needles down my right leg/feet and severe pain in hips. I was sent into the Hospital that day for a MRI and came out a week later having had the middle center of a bulging disc removed. It was great to have very little pain and was up and walking again :D . I felt like a new person and was back to work within 3 months. However I've started to get pain down my right hip/leg sad this only happens when I'm least active, trying to settle in bed, sit down sad - (when I keep walking, cycling or cleaning house smile - hardly any pain at all. Today I had to go to the Doctors for pain killers as I need to get my rest, and they appear to have settled it down. There is one thing that drew my attention is whenever I'm premenstrul I have severe sharp stabbing pains in my back, sad around the hip area and rushing pain down my leg which is something simillar to you. I have to return to the Neurosurgery in 3 weeks time and my Doctor has advised me to tell them everything that has been happening (which I will do) I should get another MRI whilst I'm there. Again I hope everything is ok. My Doctor didn't seem so sure : Hope this has been of interest to you and that your feeling better. bye
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    [quote:c9a32c2d53=\"Dr_Spock\"]Nah you aint got cancer of the spine :lol: :oops: Like you say (in the post subject) youve got a prolapsed disc or some


    smile[/quote:c9a32c2d53] :cry: Hi again, I had the MRI scan on Saturday and I now have to wait for the results later this week. Im still in agony, although the muscle spasm sems to have let up quite a bit. I can do more for myself, ie, dress, wash, bit of non strenurous house work, thank God. I have horrendous pain in my right groin too, and my right knee is also giving me gyp :roll: , Its not like sciatica, its getting me down though, I just want to be free of pain.The radiographer said there is something there he has seen, but he was not able to comment, he said its not his job to tell me, Im frightened there is somethoing awful, other than the disc/nerve damage????? sad

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    Unless you hear from the hospital (telephone call / appointment letter) before seeing your GP / Doctor dont worry about it smile
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    hi sue

    like many others here i went through the same agony as you a year ago.

    for 3 months i couldnt even sit on the toilet without almost crying.

    Like you i had had a few periods off work for previous events which seemed like bad sciatica.My back eventually gave out and had the op.

    sounds like your history is similar to mine so i would bet you have a prolapsed disc.

    so dont panic wait for the mri results and it sounds weird but you will be relieved you damaged your back, but at least you then know what the problem is and what to do about it.


    You wont regret that loan when you get your life back.

    As my surgeon said theres nothing wrong with the NHS but you have to wait(i couldnt live with pain any longer)and surgeons need to train on someone!!!!!

    hope this helps good luck

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    :? hi all, thank you so much for all your kind replies. Its sad I have to resort to forums like this, but I have no support from my hubby at all, he simply does not do pain...... (he will when it happens to him)

    This is the result from my MRI scan, I wonder if anyone can differenciate this for me, as I dont quite understand it, ie: is it bad, or not bad, or what? Im still in pain. here goes:

    There is dehydration of the L3-4, L4-5 and L5 - S1 levels. This is associated with concentric disc bulging and loss of disc hight, the changes most marked at L5 S1 where there is a broad based central and right sided disc bulge with some associated extruded nuclear material. This is larger measuring 1 cm in AP diameter and is causing marked narrowing of the right S1 lateral recess and indenting the anterior aspect of the thecal sac. At L4 - 5.there is kess substantial broad disc bulge which is central and slightly left sided causing minor narrowing of the left L5 lateral recess. At L3-4 there is a central broad based disc bulge which does not lkook to be causing any significent neutral compromise....

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    It means your back is knackered but it could have been worse smile
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    Looks like you've got three prolapsed discs to me! Not good at all but probably treatable.

    Now is the time to force yourself better and out of the depression you are in. it!

    Start swimming and try pilates exercises. Get some physio and accupuncture and believe you will get better.

    I was 38 when I prolapsed L5 S1...the worst time in my life. I know the pain and frustration but you WILL get better IF you help yourself.


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    ive had pack trouble for years

    been to see all types of specialists

    the pain is so severe i am on morphine and dizipam..ive just had mri

    wich state.multiple level denenerative disc disease on l3/L4 wich is causing disc prolapse and together with fecet joint hypertrophy is also causing reduction of space between both foramina...this is also the case in L4/5 and lesser in L5/s1....

    im currently lookin this up but help from any one would be appredciated

    im awaiting another appointmentn with specialist


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