Sluggish low thyroid is so connected to the Fibro issue

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and so MANY docs don't get it right...don't give us the HELP we need....

It took me 10 long years as I suspected sluggish thyroid in 1991 and was only given Anti depressants for the depression.....what a waste of years...

When I finally got on Armour thyroid in 2002, that 10 yrs of depression went POOF.....

The key is getting to the right doc and sadly so many are just plain not with it....

When I was hit with Fibro in 1999, and if I had been on thyroid support at that time, just MAYBE I wouldn't have been as hard thyroid need help all those years and my system was in a weakened state.....

I'm in the U.,S. and use ALL supplements for the Fibro issue. except for Ibuprofen and Pain RX herbals for pain. DGL for stomach protection ..... again I do all supps and even my sleep is good as it took me a lot of time to get it corrected.....j

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    doctors just dont get it, just like they didnt with m.e . i had to sort it out myself found the alternative way the best for me but it took 10yrs to ge it right,

    iv got the pain bit under control ,now i am fighting with the fatigue , and not winning.

    if i do 3 days going out ,i spend 3/4 days recovering . i wish someone would come up with the answer ,life is short enough and this condition robs you of the life you want to live .

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    Hi Joy

    It is interesting reading your thyroid experiences. Generally I have studied this with my job and then recently connected to my FM as I think it is hugely related to my hormonal changes with Menorraghea over the past year but as you say the connection does not appear to be openly linked.

    I keep a diary of all and I definetely link my FM flare ups with the heavy bleeding, 3 st weight gain, bloating etc. I am about to begin the GAPs diet (even though I generally eat a similar diet) I believe I need to elimate and reintroduce certain foods to really acertain the food triggers of the FM too. Again I am continuing to study for myself and supporting others with all joint and hormonal challenges moving forwards as I firmly believe all are so closely connected.

    All the best

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    Adrenals need HELP too, as long as we live, our adrenals are going to suffer unless we live in a constant state of meditation or are a monk.....
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      I could not agree with you more. I have been studying the affects of Cortisol for several years and sadly at present very few companies work to a relaxed and professional work platform. I am determined though to create that in my career choices moving forwards as if I do not I know with full proof that my body just rejects it with excruciating pain so luckily I feel I am being forced to have a better quality of life int he long run and being guided permanantely off of the hamster wheel :-) Great chatting to you.
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      I started about 25 yrs ago on the alternative path for my health....Yes, I do take a couple drugs, but 97% supps...

      I also use muscle testing and pendulm work and these help me in eliminating what Probably won't work in my body...

      The body is very wise.

      I've tried many adrenal supports .....some of these adaptagens can raise blood pressure so for some of us already with higher BP, we need to aware of this.

      It takes a lot of work and since my retirement, this is my job and it as drugs are not my cup of tea....and conventional MD's. forget it, they know nothing, most of them, just writing scripts...

      It's all money driven and pharma came on with gangbusters in the 60's....

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      your so right i had a great alternative practioner and i was really coming on but unfortunatly he was finding it harder and harder to practise in our area so he moved ,the work he had done on me loosing my back from the tightness of fibro and clearing my yeast problem are still working after 6yrs .

      but i feel i could have gone all the way to recovery with him . cant find anyone to replace him . its abloody shame, i am just fumbling around now for answers to the fatigue , iv found two homepathic remedies that fit with my symptoms of fatigue, phosphoric acid and muriatic acid i will try one at the time obviousley .

      ,but with help i could proberly get the right one staright of . i use magneisum oil for the pain applied topicaly and b12 q10 and will proberly add b3 because i am always tired after carbs.

      i wish i knew of someone in my area who knew their stuff .i am sure theres an answer, and dumping a whole load of dangerous drugs down your self  isent the answer , i agree with you.

                         regards tian. north yorkshire

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      Dump most of the carbs, some talked about eating a little tad of carbs close to bed so they can sleep better....I have a sleep combo that I've worked on for some yrs.....

      Don't you take mag internally?

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      That's really intersting. You are like me in making it your job and hobby. I have always been like that too.

      Thank you for the advice re the Pendulum I have used this in the past through a homeopath, I will look into this again too.

      Ye the whole big pharma thing is political and manipulative like everything else main stream in our society. I am happy to lead and not follow and remain firm in my alternative beliefs. I am lucky as I sourced alternative health at a young age as I listened to my body as I just knew that my body is just not good on western medicine.It is still the same now as I used them when I first became immobilised and have since worked on my pain management through other channels and diet.


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      no it upsets my stomach mag

      ,as do lot of so called healthy foods , if i dumped the carbs id starve to death besides from fats and protiens thats all i eat .

      i had a small side salade last week and had terriable stomach pains cramps and constapation same if i eat anything wholemeal its like my systom is sluggish itjust doesnt have the energy to cope with it .

      i did do a exclusion diet simiular to the atkins but stricter  i gave up everything that grew underground plus ,bread ,sugar , anything with flour or yeast or sugar. it was tough did it for 3 months didnt loose a pound , and i stuck to really strictly

      , in fact i found when i live on a high sugar diet weight comes of but i feel terriable so cant really do it. i dont know what the answer is .have to see if the b3 helps with digestion of the carbs.


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