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Hi All

i apologise if this is the wrong place but I was hoping someone could give me some advise. After 6 years of going to various gps and clinics I've finally been diagnosed with vaginismus At the age of 26.

I've never had penetrative sex as I find this impossible but I am now on the waiting list for couples counselling with my VERY understanding husband.

Anyway, about 6 months I ago developed huge anxiety about the fact I xould have cervical cancer. I've never had a smear and the doctor have advised me to wait for my counselling but I'm not sure how long an appointment could take to come through. it's got to the point where the worry about it is keeping me up at night.

Just when I thought my anxiety was going, today I noticed a small amout of bleeding which has put me right back at square one.

I went to the doctors last week and he advised me that they would attempt a smear using a virgin speculum. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this?

I just know that the 2 mins of intense pain will be worth it to find out and I might finally be able to sleep!

does any one have any tips for coping with a smear if you're a virgin/have vaginismus?

didnt know who else to ask as I keep this very private.

Thank you for reading!

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    Hi well not a smear marmite but I certainly had several internal investigations when I was a virgin, and before I was married. I wonder if your vagina is very dry. Mine was, I know in these days it is unfashionable to be a virgin on the wedding night, even in the swinging 60s there were some of us! However I do understand your problem, I was in agony! I am sure it can be overcome, you must explain your fears, the blood may be because you vagina is sore, have you ever had vaginal thrush? If you have it will look like cottage cheese. This can cause intense pain and even bleeding. I know because I had it long before I was sexually active and now, as my husband has had prostate cancer which he has survived but has stopped us being sexually active again. I would suggest that you take a pain killer, ask the nurse to allow you to relax and when you are ready, ask her to use loads of lubricant. Once you have the result which I am sure will be normal, you may feel more relaxed. You must explain your problems to your husband.  I suggest you become intimate spending a lot of time kissing you and stoking you. Once you are relaxed you may find the endorphins which will happen when you are arroused will act as a natural painkiller. If you get to this stage after several days ask your husband to use a lubricant and stroke the labia, the lips protecting the vagina, then gently slip a finger into your vagina. You may find this starts to help things to happen. You will have a flap of skin which is why men prize a Virgin when asking for sex I believe. If breaking this may be too much for you, I suggest go back to your healthcare professionals as the may be able to surgically break your hymen while giving you a whiff of pain relief. This may bleed a little but is normal. Once that is broken you should things progress until you will be able to progress to your husband putting in to fingers and finally to penetration. I am sure your health professionals will be fully understanding and so must your husband. Good luck to you both, it was I think a normal problem in the last century, it's nothing to be ashamed of, I am certain your marriage will be a long and happy one and you will enjoy the pleasures of lovemaking in the fullness of time 💖💖💖
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    I have just looked up Cervical cancer, as you are the age you are and still a Virgin be assured in the 1950 a large number of nuns were examined as part of a trial, not one had cervical cancer. It is spread by a virus, and the most vulnerable are young girls who are sexually active before age 20, so try to relax and enjoy life
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    May be you can take valium before the examination to relax you. Alternatively, you can request some kind of anaesthetic, like they use before dental or for endoscopic procedures. He might use lubricant, as dryness increases the pain and makes it difficult for insertion of speculum.

    There are no clear-cut easy answers when it comes treating vaginismus. As far as treating vaginismus is concerned, finding out the myriad of possibilities for the root of this fear is also important. This may include a history of sexual abuse, guilt by way of religion, poor sexual education, and general ignorance of female anatomy. I read, pelvic floor physical therapy helps in these cases. Good luck for appointment. Hopefully you can heal your mind slowly. Some people even choose to talk to a counsellor or therapist if they can find someone they trust. Or you can always talk to us.

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      Adam I agree, in my case I had the sicca symptoms which has a cause and once the cause was addressed everything else was fine. We now have 4 sons, in my case the cause remains as sadly this syndrome doesn't ever go due to lack of public knowledge, lack of money for research although I hope finally to get an explanation as how and why I inherited this from both my parents, I have a little understood syndrome called Sjögren's after the Opthalmologist who discovered it Henrik Sjogren the only way of knowing is by having your genome tested which I hopefully will do soon. I am also being referred to 3 experts for Hypermobility syndrome as I have that too, some with Sjogren's have both so at 68 I hope to give medical science some interesting clues as to why I have been so poorly for 68 years. Thankfully I am glad we waited until marriage I was 21 so as I have never been able to tolerate alcohol (very embarrassing in an era pots WWII when almost every person smoke and drank) and I have never used recreational drugs etc, I will be the perfect patient for investigation. There is evidence that cervical cancer which is viral is more prevalent in those who become sexually active before they are 20, so when a consultant I saw privately suggested I had Ann operations for cervical cancer, I refused. This man was not only stripped of his ability to practice by the BMA he was jailed for improper conduct. I was extremely suspicious as I knew the reasons for cancer of the cervix and even more suspicious when a friend who was older and clearly going into the peri menopause was advised to have a hysterectomy. Thankfully she too refused! I only found out the information from my GP re this man. You live and learn!


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    Hi, easy to say relax,,,,but that's what I am saying ,talk to try our GP and ask if he can give you a couple of relaxing pills to get you through the smear test ,,,I'm sure he will ,,,,( he gave my daughter just 3 pills take before going to the dentist ) ,,,,if not you could try calms pills,

    I wish you well ,good luck ,

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