Smelly gas like sulphur and rotten eggs

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Hi all. So embarrassed but don't know what else to do. I actually am getting seriously depressed as It Is so bad.

I have been getting really bloated and pass the most foul smelling gas ever, it stinks and lingers in the room. I'm having to air my bungalow every evening.

I eat relatively healthy, excercise regularly and am slim.

This has been going on solidly for 2 whole months. I have tried eating different things but i just keep getting this awful smell! Sometimes I feel like I'm going to shit myself!! I can't have people over and am scared to go out when I know I'll be in a small space. I gave up my job!!

I have had to do a stool sample, all clear. The doctors just say I have IBS. They gave me colofac (mebeverine) which did nothing! I don't know what the hell to do!!


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    Google charcoal tablets they might help
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    This is from one of the NHS sites.

    Charcoal tablets

    Charcoal tablets are a type of medication available over the counter from pharmacists. The charcoal absorbs gas in the digestive system, which helps reduce symptoms.

    Charcoal tablets may not be suitable for you if you are currently taking other medication. This is because the charcoal might absorb the medication and make it less effective. If you are taking other medication, ask your GP or pharmacist for advice before taking charcoal tablets.

    Clothing containing activated charcoal, or charcoal pads placed inside clothing, can help absorb foul-smelling gas released during flatulence. These products can be purchased online.

    Simethicone is another over-the-counter medication that can also sometimes help with gas problems.

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    Already taken with no effect. Something is seriously wrong in my colon
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      what kind of food do you eat?  have you tried just eating fruits and vegetables   high fiber food to get out anything stuck in colon?
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      I don't know you, but I feel like we are twins. I have the exact same issue. It's awful and I don't know what to do. Reply if anything has worked for you
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      My son had me do a salt water cleanse last Friday. I still have some gas but not smelly right now. I found some Tumeric tablets but just started taking them yesterday . On our way to camping, I'll let everyone know how that turns out. Real close quarters to sleep.
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      Hi, I've avoided joining in this conversation because I suppose I'm just too embarrassed. But I feel I've just got to pass on to all of you going through this what was and is a god send for me. I have no idea what causes this problem or what cures it. Mine comes and goes ,but thank heavens is not as bad as it once was. I get really embarrassed ,even my husband doesn't know about this!! Anyone else rushed off into the spare bedroom to fart?! I got paranoid that it would happen while I was asleep as well. My lifesaver was anti flatulence underwear. When I have the problem I sleep in them. If its really bad buy 2 pair !Just try them because if nothing else they will relieve some of the awful stress and anxiety this causes. Best wishes.

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      Hi ..sorry I've only just seen this question.

      Just google it . I presume your not allowed to advertise on here (?),so I'll just say that the brand I bought have the same name as a breakfast cereal! I read about them and I googled them. I thought they were worth a try. Now I like to know they're there, just in case!

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      hi there i know its a month ago since you  posted  but could you tell me if the tumeric tablets helped  as im having the same syptoms  any help would be appreciated x
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      The Tumeric tablets didn't help. I have a dietician appointment on Monday. Very disgusted. Have been doing a food diary when I remember.

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      I take Prilosec from my doctor which takes it away for a few weeks, but then it comes back. Thinking about doing a colon cleanse  or getting some probiotics to see if that helps
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    Could it be what you're eating? Have you added to or changed your diet? Are you eating too quickly and swallowing a lot of air? Are you constipated and so the food stays around in your gut longer which builds up the gas?

    I know you said you'd been eating different things but perhaps something that you've been eating or drinking or a long time has suddenly caused this problem. I say this because for a couple of months I would get a really bloated stomach and I even went to get checked out at the doctors in case it was ovarian cancer. I worked out that I would usually feel bloated not long after breakfast and wondered if it was to do with milk so I decided to try something else instead. I have been putting almond milk or soya milk on my cereals and the bloating just went and I haven't had it back since. I have just a tiny bit of milk in tea and coffee but still haven't had the bloating back. It would be so bad that I looked and felt 9 months pregnant! Perhaps you could try eating a fairly simple diet for about a week and see if it helps.

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