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jennyjames jennyjames

Smelly gas like sulphur and rotten eggs

Hi all. So embarrassed but don't know what else to do. I actually am getting seriously depressed as It Is so bad.

I have been getting really bloated and pass the most foul smelling gas ever, it stinks and lingers in the room. I'm having to air my bungalow every evening.

I eat relatively healthy, excercise regularly and am slim.

This has been going on solidly for 2 whole months. I have tried eating different things but i just keep getting this awful smell! Sometimes I feel like I'm going to shit myself!! I can't have people over and am scared to go out when I know I'll be in a small space. I gave up my job!!

I have had to do a stool sample, all clear. The doctors just say I have IBS. They gave me colofac (mebeverine) which did nothing! I don't know what the hell to do!!


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  • derek76 derek76

    This is from one of the NHS sites.

    Charcoal tablets

    Charcoal tablets are a type of medication available over the counter from pharmacists. The charcoal absorbs gas in the digestive system, which helps reduce symptoms.

    Charcoal tablets may not be suitable for you if you are currently taking other medication. This is because the charcoal might absorb the medication and make it less effective. If you are taking other medication, ask your GP or pharmacist for advice before taking charcoal tablets.

    Clothing containing activated charcoal, or charcoal pads placed inside clothing, can help absorb foul-smelling gas released during flatulence. These products can be purchased online.

    Simethicone is another over-the-counter medication that can also sometimes help with gas problems.

  • jennyjames jennyjames

    Already taken with no effect. Something is seriously wrong in my colon

    • jeannie-beans jeannie-beans tina50229

      My son had me do a salt water cleanse last Friday. I still have some gas but not smelly right now. I found some Tumeric tablets but just started taking them yesterday . On our way to camping, I'll let everyone know how that turns out. Real close quarters to sleep.

    • Lillychiff Lillychiff tina50229

      Hi, I've avoided joining in this conversation because I suppose I'm just too embarrassed. But I feel I've just got to pass on to all of you going through this what was and is a god send for me. I have no idea what causes this problem or what cures it. Mine comes and goes ,but thank heavens is not as bad as it once was. I get really embarrassed ,even my husband doesn't know about this!! Anyone else rushed off into the spare bedroom to fart?! I got paranoid that it would happen while I was asleep as well. My lifesaver was anti flatulence underwear. When I have the problem I sleep in them. If its really bad buy 2 pair !Just try them because if nothing else they will relieve some of the awful stress and anxiety this causes. Best wishes.

    • Lillychiff Lillychiff jeannie-beans

      Hi ..sorry I've only just seen this question.

      Just google it . I presume your not allowed to advertise on here (?),so I'll just say that the brand I bought have the same name as a breakfast cereal! I read about them and I googled them. I thought they were worth a try. Now I like to know they're there, just in case!

  • Spindles Spindles

    Could it be what you're eating? Have you added to or changed your diet? Are you eating too quickly and swallowing a lot of air? Are you constipated and so the food stays around in your gut longer which builds up the gas?

    I know you said you'd been eating different things but perhaps something that you've been eating or drinking or a long time has suddenly caused this problem. I say this because for a couple of months I would get a really bloated stomach and I even went to get checked out at the doctors in case it was ovarian cancer. I worked out that I would usually feel bloated not long after breakfast and wondered if it was to do with milk so I decided to try something else instead. I have been putting almond milk or soya milk on my cereals and the bloating just went and I haven't had it back since. I have just a tiny bit of milk in tea and coffee but still haven't had the bloating back. It would be so bad that I looked and felt 9 months pregnant! Perhaps you could try eating a fairly simple diet for about a week and see if it helps.

  • jennyjames jennyjames

    Well I eat lots of different things, it seems to be mainly after a meal (spaghetti bolognaise, shepherd pie, curry) that I get the stinky gas. Should I eat little and often?? I don't know where to start in terms of cutting food out.I am not blocked up, I seem to pass stinky gas as soon as I've had a poo. They stink so much!! I don't feel female or human!! When I go to the gym sometimes I feel so odd and it's not comfortable to excercise! It's Preventing me from having a normal life as I'm so worried what my stomach will do.

    • Markcus Markcus jennyjames

      I get really bad intestine problems when I eat mash potato with milk and butter and rice and pasta and it's a horrible gas it makes me sick and am unable to go to work cause am bed bound I went to the doctor and he gave me movical it works for afew hours then its back I hate it I tried a healthy breakfast and it was gone for weeks then I had a Chinese bam sick again throwing up and poo it comes on to me fast 1 minute am laughing the next am in alot of pain does this sound familiar?

    • greg67684 greg67684 Markcus

      When I fisrt starting having serious stomach issues, sore rear end from too many no.2's and bad flatulance was also one of them. I was told (after a questionaire I completed by a Naturapath) that I had Celioeic disease. I didn't believe this initially until it went on the strict abstainance diet from bread, wheat and anything containing dairy, Gluten or Lactose. Gluten and Lactose are the two most difficult protiens to breakdown, some of us cannot break them down in our GUT, the protien kills the GUT lining, making us hungary, malnourished, tired, lathargic and also results in stinky farts, sore stomach symtoms etc. Initially it appears that everything you eat has some type of "Wheat or Gluten" in it. A lot do, however, a lot don't. Avoid the Wheat, bread, dairy, eggs and Lactose (cheese) and you may find within the space of a week you will feel better, eat better, be less tired and no more sore stomachs and no more smelly farts. As soon as you eat these foods, it all comes back! This usually takes about three days to clear and the GUT to heal, once back on the diet. If this is your problem you will not believe how easy it is to maintain a healthly GUT and it will benefit your body also. Hope this may provide some help and some relief.

    • jayne22513 jayne22513 greg67684

      I have just read this post. Your symptoms are so like mine. I had a CT scan last week and I'm booked in for a colonoscopy in 2 weeks. Someone has said I sound like I have lactose intolerance. Now wondering about gluten. I've been lactose free for 6 days and do feel a bit better. I have lost a lot of weight too. But cutting out food makes it difficult to put the weight back on. Did you have any problems with weight?

    • steve55315 steve55315 Markcus

      It could be lactose intolerance from the milk. test yourself by drinkinG a pint of SKIMMED milk ( it's got the most lactose of all!)

      if your stomach starts bubbling and stuff then , like me , you can't digest lactose well.

      Some dairy have less lactose in than others, I can eat loads of mature cheddar without problems but yoghurt I can eat very little.

      I never used to be lactose intolerant I developed it recently. 

      Now I know what make me used to be able to empty a room or an entire building! 

    • peter98658 peter98658 jimbojjj

      Hi Paul, there were many answers but most of them including my post were deleted. I have no idea why they deleted my message saying that turmeric worked really well for me when I experienced the same problem.  Here is a wikipedia link on Anti flatulents which mentions turmeric The US National Library of medicine has published research indicating that turmeric destroys the cell wall of pathogenic bacteria, here is the link.

      Good luck!

    • ru49313 ru49313 jennyjames

      Hi, put a lightly heaped tablespoon of Turmeric and mix into small amoutn of water and drink, flatulence will stop very quickly. Do it once after waking and once before bed, more if you feel so. Its dealt with my awful system very quickyl and has for every other have reccomended it too.

    • pookie64 pookie64 jennyjames

      Hi jennyjames, just wondering if you are taking any meds, as some meds can do this , worse one for me was gabepentin , had to come off that, I was averaging about 2 -3 really smelly " eggy farts" a minute!


    • trish47075 trish47075 ru49313

      Too much turmeric is no good for you either I ended up at the doctors with low blood pressure and dizzy spells since I've stopped using turmeric daily I haven't had the symptoms of dizziness

    • Kubie Kubie xandriax

      I may have found also a connection to certain meats. I was a vegetarian but my doctor said I needed more protein so I reintroduced salmon and tuna. Thats when the fun started. The smell is foul. Aleays at night.

      I would say milk or cream could also be an offender. My husband gas been buying Ben and Jerrys lately. Ive sneaked a few bites in.

  • esther_de esther_de

    You might have Celiac disease and an intolerance to carbohydrates. Try changing your diet to see if that helps. I think you should see your GP again to get tested for allergies.

    • kay84480 kay84480 esther_de

      Celiac may be, but you can't be intolerate to all carbs. Any professional will tell you that non refined carbs are essential body fuel. Give up all carbs and you've not much to live on . Even fruits and veg are largely carb. If you mean carbs contain gluten like celiac or refined carbs like pastries cakes ECT, then yeah I can see why that may be an issue. But it's not possible to be intolerant to all carbs.... you wouldn't survive

    • ksanchie ksanchie kay84480

      She may mean issues with FODMAPs. I 100% had the same issues and discovered the Monash Institute after being diagnosed with IBS. Certain carbohydrates pass through the intestine without proper digestion and then ferment ... causing bloating and gas. There's an app. It's a thing and significantly improved my life.

  • priscilla04738 priscilla04738

    Hello, sound like you have a food allergy. Try going off Gluten, or ask your doctor for a coeliac marker blood test, which is a guide. Also probiotics do wonders for body smell including smelly feet!!

  • nay6287 nay6287 jennyjames

    Hi Jenny I came across your post and was wondering if you've found any answers? I am a 27 year old female and am having the same issues as you and it's literally destroying my life. I feel I've tried everything 

  • tung71091 tung71091 jennyjames

    I got the same issue , I have heard burned my GP refer me to GI , I take a lot every kind of medication for acid reflux, it 'keep making my life so worse, I' ll try the way everyone here do, thank you

  • lusciouslou lusciouslou jennyjames

    I also suffer from this problem. I am on a strict dairy gluten wheat free diet with a couple of yrs now and it still happens. I also take a probiotic every day. And it still happens, even with my diet I wonder what I am eating to 

    Cause this. I must get the charcoal tablets and try them. 

    • claudia47364 claudia47364 lusciouslou

      im the same way i take nexium in ahigh dose and its making other things really bad for me, my bones always hurt alot, im so depressed because of this flatulence stinky problem i will be forever single because of this problem sad

  • jessie12638 jessie12638 jennyjames

    My husband and I both have this problem from time to time. My doctor told me that anemia could be a contributing factorvand to try and get more iron. I also notice I get gassy like this when I don't eat very much for a few days and then eat a hearty meal. 

  • sharl34446 sharl34446 jennyjames

    Hi jennyjames. I can definitely say that I have suffered this problem for many years. I know exactly how you feel. I can completely identify with you. It is SO embarrassing! I could not control when the horrendous smell would come. I finally got to the point where I had to do something about it. I decided to take action and eat completely gluten free! It has definitely helped me. How are you going with it?

    • claudia47364 claudia47364 sharl34446

      hi this is taking over my life and im very worried, the other day i went to the movie theater with my son and was scared to even breathe because i was so gassy and afraid to fart and that horrible smell would come, but its so bad that even if i dont expell it i feel it pushing its way out ! its horrible and im very deppressed, i cant socialize or live anormal life because of this ! the worst part is i had a fundoplication for my acid reflux which makes me even more gassy !! sad  im so sad dont know what to to sad what did you cut off from your diet specifically? thank you

    • rainy41264 rainy41264 claudia47364

      Hi Claudia,

      I had a fundoplication 6 weeks ago and the stinky gas started as I returned to eating more normal foods. Thinking about it, trying cake and bread may correlate with this gas... It is one of the known side effects from the surgery so could just be a thing. I will check with the healingwell forum i found and ask some of the other post surgery folk.

  • janus13 janus13 jennyjames

    Hi jennyjames,

    I had suffered from similar symptoms since my first memories pretty much untill I was like 20 or so: tummy cramps, days of loose stool followed by days of not being able to poop followed by days of loose stool accompanied by gas so smelly it made me sick and so on. At that time I started a strict diet to lower my uric acid levels to prevent gout later on in my life. I had to change my diet completely and to my surprise my tummy started working properly. Bowel movement at least twice a day, no more bad smell. I didn't think my tummy was capable of that, since I basically grew up with it.

    Since then I got stuck in this horrible IBS symptom loop only a few of times for a couple of weeks in last 10 years. I am in one right now, since a couple of weeks, so I am going to do my routine which helped everytime and certainly hope it will this time too.

    Basically, what I found was that bad smell is related to how quickly the food passes through my body. This is related to what I eat and to how clean my colon is. The colon can clean itself, but for me it takesmany  many months of high fiber diet -- similar to a diet I undertook when I was 20 to lower my uric acid. Meanwhile, however, I discovered that it makes my acid reflux worse (man I am a mess...).

    Sorry, the previous paragraphs contain very little useful information, but I am feeling pretty sorry for myself at the moment. Let's skip to my routine.

    1.) Psyllium husk powder: 1-2 table spoons in a pint glass of lukewarm watter every morning for 3 weeks. The exact amount depends on the brand you buy, but it should make a thick undrinkable jelly if you let it sit for 10 minutes. I drink it immediately after stirring it smooth, while it's still drinkable. I have used the psyllium mixture made by colonix past 5 or 6 times. I liked it very much, because they make it taste nice and it's good quality too, but you can't get in the UK anymore, so this morning I ordered the first one from Amazon. Beware, the first days I usually get pretty bad tummy cramps.

    2.) Water: you need to drink a lot. Another pint just after the pint of psyllium. And at least another 1.5l of good quality bottled water (or tap, although tap water in my neighborhood in Liverpool sucks).

    3.) Laxatives: I usually drink a laxative herbal tea in small amounts. A mug a day in the morning, steeped only for a minute or two. If I follow the recommended dose which is usually higher, my tummy hurts too much. Too much stuff to pass too quickly through one's stomach.

    Do that for three weeks followed by one week of rest. That usually does the trick for me, although the first time I did it I had to go on for like two months. Nowadays I start feeling better after a week or so.

    It is advisable to eat very simple during the cleanse. This helps in avoiding foods that got you in the trouble in the first place, although identifying the one evil thing is very hard. As someone here already pointed out, this may be a consequence of food alergies. The usual suspects are dairy and gluten, although it can be way more complicated than that. My sister and her kids have it worse than me, they tested positive to dozen of different very common foods. For me, it is dairy I believe: for many years I have been avoiding cow's milk completely and ate only sheep and goats cheese. I met a british girl recently and she drinks loads of milk. She told me about this lactose free milk and I started having it with my cereal in the morning instead of my usual rice drink. This is the only change in my diet since many months and so I am guessing this is the thing that caused my most recent episode. It must not be lactose in the milk that I am intolerant to but something else, I am just reading up on that.

    Recently I have also noticed that ibuprofen is really bad for my tummy. I haven't taken much of before settling down in the UK, but it seems to be the first choice pain killer here. Or at least that's what my GP told me to take the last two times I complained about my back ache (yep, I am a real catch, don't tell my new girlfriend...). If you are taking any at this moment, consult your GP -- there are more expensive alternatives that are much more gentle with my tummy which my French GP was prescribing to me (I don't remember the name, but I can find it back if you need it, I googled it and it should be available also in the UK).

    Concerning the charcoal tablets: I have been taking those my whole childhood and they work for me if I drink plenty of water. Otherwise they just stop all the traffic down there. They work only short term though. My problems are back like a week after taking them.

    I will start as soon as my psyllium arrives and will get back to you in a month or so to let you know whether my routne still works for me or whether I am back to being broken, this time for good (I am really scared, I am usually a relatively happy person but this kind of discomfort just makes me cranky and depressed all the time).

    Good luck!

    • j55994 j55994 janus13

      Hey Janus!

        I don't know if you're still having this problem but I have the same issues, they got to the point where I actually had to see a gastroenterologist.  What you're allergic to is probably the actual proteins the cow produces, goats produce a different protein and it's easier to digest so that's what I live on.  If you're really missing other kinds of cheese try mozzarella because it's made from bovine milk if it's the good stuff and I know I'm fine eating it.

      For a painless fiber intake: Try putting chia seeds in your water.  I like to do two tablespoons of chia seeds to 1L of water (cheap, easy & you can buy it at your local grocery store) and I'll put some lemon in there for flavor.  You'll want to let it sit for 30 minutes and then you can just carry it around with you to drink the rest of the afternoon.  For me that made a huge difference.  I do that every morning!

      For the pain:  I wish I could help with the painkiller problem, I'm fairly athletic and I've sprained or fractured things but I just have to go without.  I've tried pretty much everything under the sun because of my doctor and I just throw the stupid things up.  For your back ache try tigerbalm or that pain relief cream they suggest for old people (that sounds bad but I swear by the stuff and I'm only 26) or try an epsom salt bath after physical activity.  Bath's help with bowel issues too so there's a dual benefit.  Stretching it out with yoga is also a solid way to go with any kind of muscle pain, I danced my whole life so I feel your pain.

      For a cleanse:  My doctor suggests just having a low sodium chicken broth, water and gatorade for up to three days (for the nausea).  On day three you should slowly wean yourself back onto solid foods.  Apparently that's the best way to just give your digestive system a break.  On the upside you also end up dropping a few lbs haha!

      If you have any more questions feel free to reply!  I know I wish someone would have filled me in.  There's a light at the end of the tunnel!


    • claudia47364 claudia47364 janus13

      i totally understand you i've been like this since i was little too,my mom saids i was born with a bad digestive system, i've been through so much with my stomach i dont know what else to do anyome, i also have really bad acid reflux and nexium is killing me !! im very depressed because of these stomach and colon problems, im like you i have diarreah and then can;t go for 3 or 4 even 5 days !! its  a nightmare!


    • jeannie-beans jeannie-beans claudia47364

      Hi there, I have the same symptoms. Diarrhea then constipation. Terrible, smelly obnoxious gas almost everyday. I have literally had this problem for almost four years. I am a realtor and it has just about destroyed my business. Most of the time I feel sick after I eat no matter what I eat. I had surgery 2 years ago for a rectal prolapse because of the diarrhea. But that didn't help because I still either have diarrhea or constipation then for three or four days. I have had almost every test imaginable for this. Colonoscopy, endoscopy, tests for lower and upper intestines

    • jeannie-beans jeannie-beans

      To continue, stomach test, CT scan. Now the nurse practitioner at the GI doctor that I couldn't get into had me do a month food diary and told me to keep taking my probiotic and gave me Xifaxin. Had me take fiber twice a day and Miralax once a day as much as I could handle. For maybe a week I was ok and then everything started again. I went back to her after a month telling her this smelly gas diarrhea constipation was still there. So she's with process of elimination taking me off of all lactose products. It's been 2 weeks and nothing's change and I still have the smelly gas. That's without any lactose at all and I mean even any snacks or anything I see that has milk in it. I had an appointment yesterday was an allergist immunologist but I couldn't make it because I felt so sick and constipated and had taken so much fiber and tons of Miralax the night before. Today I can't work because I have been sitting on the potty all day from everything I took. So it's coming out but that's not how I want to live. I made anotherwith appointment with the allergist Immunology doctor but really want to go to a nutritionist but don't have the money. I've been told that nutritionist will not be covered with my insurance unless I have diabetes. I have been on the generic Nexium, which the nurse practitioner told me to go off of. I feel sick a lot of the time and I really don't know what to eat either but unlike a lot all the responses I see I'm gaining weight because I'm laying in bed a lot of the time. I also do not have severe pain like I read and a lot of your messages. Just feel sick to my stomach. As of now they are due through process of elimination saying probably IBS. I've had blood test and I am not gluten allergic or so they say. I tried peppermint capsules & Tumeric capsules, don't work. Next I believe I will buy some ground Tumeric or fennel and put it in water like I read and try that. Sorry this is so long just needed to talk thanks for listening everyone.

    • jeannie-beans jeannie-beans

      The rest of my post that I tried to continue is being moderated. Just know I have had every test and tried everything I read in these polls and nothing has worked. I'm going to try not eating any Wheat sugar milk lactose and a few other things and see if I feel better. Thanks!

    •  bernice53 bernice53

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    • mark19171 mark19171 jeannie-beans

      Hi Jennie I hope your well, I'm sorry to hear about all the issues you have , I have a lot of the same stuff, sorry to ask but are you taking any SSRI's, anti depressants or the like ? Because I am or was for a period after a accident, I didn't know they were anti depressants untill I started to give them up and all hell broke loose in my stomach , again sorry to ask but if you are I bet my bottom dollar it's the reason

  • bala59159 bala59159 jennyjames

    Hi Jenny,

    I also had a same problem for over one month period, but I got the simple solution yet powerful !!! Just cut the ginger into small pieces and eat it before and after food just for one day (Raw ginger) Dont take water too much while taking this, just for one day.

    • JeNean_L JeNean_L bala59159

      Gees! It's been like 3 months for me! The charcoal tabs didn't work. Neither did pepcid ac, Zantac, beano or omeprazole (Zergerid OTC) I'm still feeling helpless so I'll try the ginger today. I will be seeing a GI specialist next week

  • pug pug jennyjames

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