So anxious i feel physically sick, anything i do makes me anxious

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Im wondering if anyone could help me. Im so anxious at the moment i just dont know what to do and cant see a way out sad

Ive had anxiety since i can remember, but thought it was normal. It wasnt until i finished University, that i realised i had a serious problem and it wasnt normal. 

Im wondering if anyone else has had similar symptoms? Basicly i panic, and have anxiety attacks over anything. I wont go on a night out or restraunt, because it makes me panic. The gym gives me anxiety, so wont step in there,  anything i do gives me a panic attack. The thought of going on a night out makes me feel phyisically sick, and if i plan to go out, ill be nervous and feel sick days in advance. Its got to the point last year where i was getting so stressed out from the anxiety, that i even began getting anxious around around friends and felt really odd- as in i felt like i didnt really know them, this was the scariest symptom, the most awful thing. Im not sure if its called de-realisation or depersonalisation? Has anyone experienced this? Over the past week its started to come back again, and i just dont know what to do sad. Last summer i managed to completely get rid of my anxiety, and i couldnt believe how bad it was and how id put up with it for so long, and now its come back, i cant figuire out how to get rid of it. Even getting on trains, i remember having to get a train to work, and would feel sick all night, and have an anxiety attack when getting on a train- if it was quiet i would be better, but if it was busy, i just couldnt handle it. It got to the point where i would miss a busy train, and wait for another one not in rush hour, an hour/ hour and a half later. 

I feel awful because i keep cancelling on friends, because when it comes down to doing something so simple, i just cant do it. Its like i cant arrange anything, because as soon as i do, i start to panic. I honestly dont know what to do sad

If anyone had any advice or help that would be great, 

Kind regards,

Holly x


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    Holly, you must go and see your doctor. This is not normal and there are many things which can help you.

    My daughter went through this for several years and she's now finally better.

    She was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Phobia.

    Don't suffer in silence - you are not alone. Get some help and let us know how you're getting on. Believe me, I understand the devastation this causes n people's lives.

    Love Tess

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      Hi Tess,

      Thank you so much. Ive been to the doctor a few times, but i dont think they think im as bad as what i am sad. I just cant turn off this constant anxiety sad I think ill book again, but see a different doctor.

      Im so glad she's better!! What treatment helped your daughter? 

      Thank you so much for your reply x

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      Yes, do go and see a different doctor, and make it as clear as you can just how bad this is for you.

      My daughter started this illness when she was 18. She is now 33.

      I don't know what cured her eventually - all I know is that my son, who is assistant manager of a pub, went to his area supervisor and told her all about his sister. He asked the supervisor if she was willing to give his sister a couple of shifts at the pub and he promised to be there himself to give her courage and support.

      She was given a couple of shifts. She was TERRIFIED, but she knew her brother would be there for her if she couldn't cope.

      The couple of shfts turned into more and more shifts. Gradually, my son noticed that she wasn't so anxious at chatting to customers, and was generally doing a lot better.

      She's been working at the pub for three months now. She's completely back to her old self - after fifteen years of being afraid to leave her house.

      Last week she was promoted to Supervisor. My son wanted to move on with his career and discussed it with her. He wanted to work elsewhere, but he wasn't going to leave her if she couldn't face it.

      She simply said, Go! I'm fine now!

      She also has a lovely husband (married six years) who has been very supportive of her.

      As a family, we'rre overjoyed that she's beaten this.

      She was initially put on various medications but had bad side-effects from all of them. Her GP wanted her to have therapy, but my daughter was too scared to meet the therapist, so she never did.

      So, actually, no particular treatment helped her, except that we as a family told her over and over again that she'd beat this.

      I'm a Christian and I prayed so hard for her. If you would like me to, I will pray for you, too, but I won't unless you give me permission.

      It was a shocking experience for all of us as a family and oh! I'm so proud of her for fighting through.

      My heart really goes out to you. You must be quite a young woman. Have you googled Social Anxiety Disorder? There are lots of helpful videos on line.

      Stay in touch, Holly. I so much want you to recover from this. Love Tess

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      Tess, thank you so much for your reply, your so kind. It has made me feel much better.

      I see. Funny enough, that is similar to how i managed to stop it before, i made myself do things and tried to divert my thinking. But i think because its came back, no matter how hard i try i cant get rid of it, and i think stressing about it is making it worse sad It kind of feels like going im going in circles.

      I will book to see another doctor. I am so so happy your daughter is better! 

      Im 23, I feel like im missing out on doing so many things, and just want to feel normal, and not have to worry and feel anxious over every thing i do sad

      I have had a look at this before, but i will definitely look again and see if i can find anything. Of course you can, thank you very much!

      I will do definitely, thank you so much Tess, so kind of you, you have really helped.

      Best wishes, and i will let you know how it goes.

      Holly xx


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    I'm in constant panic mode. All I do is sit by the hospital day in day out and I've started crying so bad thinking I'm going blind because I have this thing happening in my eye but doctor said I'm ok but I read online it could cause retinal tear and for past 2 weeks I just can't relax unless I take Ativan and I'll be ok for an hour or 2 and then back to constant agony. I feel like giving up cuz it hurts so much and taking over my life. I don't wanna see my friends or do anything.
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      Oh, no! How awful for you. Have you read my replies to Holly?

      You must have seen a doctor because you've got the ativan. I think you should go back and make it very clear that it isn't helping enough and you need more help. I feel so sad for you. Please will you also google Social Anxiety Phobia and watch the videos they suggest.

      This is so devastating for people who are suffering with it, and not very well known by the wider public. By the way, I'm not diagnosing you, but your difficulties sound every bit as bad as Holly's.

      Please go back to your doctor and get some more help. If your doctor is one who isn't good at helping with things like this, find another doctor.

      You should not be suffering like this with nobody to help you.

      Love from Tess

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      Yea I've noticed I've been taking a bit more of the pills just to calm down for a couple hours... I'm having a posterior vitreous detachment this phobia of going blind is literally taking over my life. Even though the eye doctor said I'm ok and to watch out for any symptoms and then to come back. He wants a follow up at the end of July. I need help bad. I for sure need to find a new doctor. I'm on celexa too just upped from 20mg to 40mg, maybe that'll help? Idk . But thank you for your response!
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      I have lots of symptoms in my eye, which have all led to nothing, I get floaters, flashes, blue dots, black dots, white dots, it came up in conversation that I could look at the back of my eye if I close them, the optician said that I am just really sensitive to what I see in my eye. She said of course you don't need to be able to look at the back of your eye, but it was a sign I was overly sensitive, which has also been caused by anxiety when seeing these symptoms. It took me a while to stomach that I was okay, so don't worry if you can't straight away, just remember that some people are really sensitive to their sight (which has also been increased by your anxiety) but try to keep a level head. Also I'm 15, so if your worried about the fact that mostly older people experience floaters and other symptoms, it's not entirely true smile if your looking for support perhaps go and see someone that specialises in health anxiety, and remember that being anxious about symptoms, makes you much more sensitive to everyday and normal occurrence, and can also cause symptoms itself.

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    sorry to see you suffering like this Holly. Try doing things in stages to overcome any fears.  Can you go to places with someone to watch you in case you relapse into derealisation?  Are you on any meds at the moment that may help you or do you require some help like that from a psychiatrist?
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      Hi Richard,

      Thank you fory your reply. Yes, i will definitely try this again. Its just gone back to being so bad at the moment, im tereffied of any little thing i go to do. 

      I could do, even with friends i still get so anxious, and have been putting things off. When i told friends about it, they couldnt believe i was like it, because i was so good at hiding it. 

      No im not, the doctor had prescribed me sertaline and citalopram, i took both for a week, but they made me feel worse and a bit out of it. It scared me a bit, and i didnt want to become reliant on medication. Maybe i will try something else, just for a bit, untill i manage it better.

      I have seen one psychiatrist, she told me to change the colour of my room, and listen to calming music and things like this. But when my mind is so anious and worried, nothing like that really helps sad Maybe i should book to see another, and see if that helps.

      Thank you so much for your reply,

      Holly x

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