So bloated it’s hard to breathe?

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Hi All-

I have IBS and GERD. Was having some abdominal pains and back pains a few months ago for which I had MRIs and they were normal. Started having trouble getting a deep breath in last week (that I was constantly yawning to get one), getting upper chest pains, and had a constant fullness in my abdomen. Had eaten lentils twice the week before which caused so much gas! I know...bad for IBS. Doctor prescribed an inhaler because I had described it as a feeling of resistance or constriction at the top of my breath. The inhaler has seemed to make all it worse. I can breathe better, but it causes more chest pains, makes my lungs sore, and makes my bloating and GERD worse. This last year has been a totally new experience with the IBS and GERD stuff. Ive had more gas, pains, and bloating then I've ever had. I've also experienced the difficulty getting in a deep breath...but this is a whole new level. Ot slightly better in the morning after a BM and I can breathe a little better, but its still there. Anyone had this? I'm afraid to eat anything at this point. How about inhaler use? Has it made symptoms worse? Thanks in advance for the response!

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    Hey doll.

    I too am going through the same thing (i have been for years) and i am desperately trying to find a cure. i have chronic constipation too, terrible blocked dry eyes, tmj and horrific joint pain, brain fog and awful insomnia. i wondered if you too struggled with any of this x

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      Thank you for responding. Glad to know I'm not alone in this.

      I get TMJ, IBS-M, and brain fog. So frustrating! I'm going to try taking a nutrition program to see what I can learn about self healing with medicine.

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      Hi 124claude, try aloe vera juice, 1 kefir yoghurt drink a day, vitamin b12, vitamin D, green tea every morning, half an avacado a day and/or some olives, a bowl of tomato soup every other day, oily fish 3 times a week or fish oil tablets every day and see if this helps with your symptoms. Sometimes natural things can work better than medication.

      Do you wear contact lenses?

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      It is great (but also very sad) to know that i am not alone. lets find this out together! i too have had all the tests - nothing. which they say is good news- i just want them to find something. i manage joints with accupunture yoga and botox for tmj but it provides little relief. i also eat gluten free and healthy but even that blows my stomach up if not worse! i am planning on going bsck to the docs to be retested for everything. keep in touch xxx

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      thankyou for your reponse. no i dont wear contacts. i take omega 3, kefir and drink green tea every day. i also have soup regularly. i have run out of vitamins but i should get more. thankyou xx

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      I would recommend those vitamins because so many people have a vitamin D deficiency and are advised to take it and B12 is very good for your tummy as well as lots of other things. I had a deficiency in vitamin D and I was low in B12 and started taking the spray form of both. I used to get dizzy, nauseas, I had constant stomach problems, my nails were really weak, my hair started to fall out in big clumps when I washed it, I found it hard to concentrate and I had really bad insomnia, taking these supplements really helps me. Also B12 is supposed to help with aches and pains.

      Are you taking any medication at the moment?

      I suffer with bruxism and got botox in my masseters a few times, I had to have loads for it to have an effect because my jaw is so strong, but I had a bad reaction the last time and felt dreadful after for weeks, really achy and had flu like symptoms. I have never had it done since then. I have since found out that botox in that area is really bad. It can give you bone loss and cause arthritis in your jaw. So avoid that if it isn't helping, as it can create more health problems than it solves. It only ever worked for me for a couple of weeks at a time anyway.

      Have you tried those heated eye masks for your eyes, 5 minutes in the morning and evening? After you use them, you get a cotton bud with a preservative free eye wash on it and wipe your inner lid just under the lashes. Also have you tried systane ultra hd preservative free eye drops or liquifilm tears preservative free drops? I have had a problem with dry eyes for years too and this really can help.

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    Hello hope you're feeling better now. Lentil is one of the food to cut down. I've checked for you on the fodmap app and it's indicated under mild trigger food. Not sure if that's why you're feeling more bloated after consuming it.

    I have ibs too and was living in hell till I understand that some food are aggravating my condition. Been following fodmap diet(not 100% though cos its tough when I eat out) and taking Slippery Elm. I understand how you're feeling cos I was also afraid to eat anything due to pain and bloating.

    Hope this helps.

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    I am just wondering if you have all had scans and other testing done, lyme, auto immune , and throid hormone testing as well, just a thought. Also there is a cereal that makes gas come out of me and others who have tried it, dont exactly know how it works but it does. It is called simply granola and has one with raisins and one with almonds, I like the almonds as it is less sweet. After eating a couple cups of it, the next day gas pours out of me and it is a nice relief.

    Have you had an endoscope done, checked for h. pylori, and also talked to a cardiologist to just be sure nothing in that area is going on. Also a lung/chest x-ray. Relaxation breathing exercises and progressive relaxation t night for sleep, sleeping on your side and not your back. If you are not getting enough sleep may be why you are yawning too. Which doc prescribed the inhaler, if it isn't a allergist or pulmonologist then it should not have been prescribed, If you are just seeing a general doc, you need to go to specialists. Get more testing, scans etc. done to see inside. Have you don't all the GI testing, swallow test, etc...Check Gallbladder too.

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      Had all the tests. Thank you for the response. I appreciate the suggestions.

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      Great !!..ok try Quaker simply granola with almond, they have raisins as well, but raisins were to sweet for me, the next day after eating a couple cups, gas will literally pour out of you, have no idea why it works but has for me and others I have told about it. Make sure you are at home the next day..may take a couple days but it is sorry I cant be of more help.

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    I have had bloating for years which I used to take alverine for, it is an antispasmodic and it was the only thing that could help until recently. I had heard about the health benefits of kefir for a while but only decided to try them recently and now I don't get any bloating or any symptoms of IBS. I have one kefir yogurt drink every day and it has made such a difference I always recommend it to everyone now! Try it every day for a week and see if it helps you, if it does, continue with it. Also try taking vitamin b12 and D.

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    So, I think I've figured out that my symptoms are being caused by a hiatal hernia. All of my symptoms line up with it and I was told a couple years ago when I had scans that I had a sliding hiatal hernia.

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    Hi - I wondered if youve found anything to help with the shortness of breath and chest pain? I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia last year after being told I had IBS for years - the new thing has been just as you describe: feeling like I can't get a full breath and sore chest, presumably because I'm consciously stopping to breath deeply. GP just has me down as being anxious but either way it's really scary feeling like I can't breathe and I get really down. Have you found anything at all to help?

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