So scared about Colonscopy.........

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I am a 20 year old female and I have recently been told that I may have to have a colonscopy. Unfortunatly I am incredibly phobic of clinical procedures, needles and any pain that comes with it. I keep bursting into tears randomly and having mini break downs when I think of even the possibility of any surgery.

My questions being; Is it painful? Do I really have to have a drip!!? Will I be awake? Is there any chance of being put to sleep? 

I have been experiencing extreme IBS type symptoms, no blood, a little mucus, just sent my second stool sample to be tested. I really don't have a clue how to deal with this!!

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    Hi Antonio, you sound exactly the way I was feeling back in May. I was so scared about it that I had to be taken in early and fainted after the needle was out in my hand. I must stress to you that I really got myself worked up for nothing. I will go through exactly what happened when I went for mine. I was in the reception area and I was chalk white and was extremely shaky so I was taken in and did not have to wait. I was given a gown and then had my blood pressure taken my heart rate was really high as I was so anxious (I'm very similar to yourself with regards to any clinical thing) they then inserted the needle which is used so they can give you a sedative once your round at more private area. I walked round(attempted) and then collapsed so I was put on a trolley and wheeled round to the area my colonoscopy was to take place. There will be two people there waiting for you. Evryone will be very friendly and assure you there is no need to be embarrassed. The only discomfort I felt is when the camera was first inserted it is not painful. You are given oxygen aswell. After all this I don't remeber much. I then woke up and it was over. So I urge you not to worry as I really worked myself up over nothing. It is not painful and the people doing the colonoscopy know what they are doing so do not be embarrassed. I don't want the same to happen to you as to what happen to me because there is really no need. You will see what I mean when it is over. You will be absolutely fine. My results came back and eveythingn was clear so I was diagnosed with IBS so was told just to change my diet which seems to be working for me. Oh you will also have to take laxative type sachets a day before the treatment don't read anything online because these are nothing if you suffer from ibs anyway. I would however recommend Vaseline on your butt tho hahah as it does get stingy after being to the toilet so many times x x x
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    Hi Antonia,

    Some people have different thresholds to others, it is what makes us all different. I cannot say I have had anything painful done in hospital.

    Believe me though a Colonscopy is easier and better than an Endoscopy (oral).

    I hade had both and on many occassions, and I am a man of 50 years old, and spent a lot of time in hospitals.

    Painful - it is not really a painful procedure at all, a little air is blown inside the colon to get around corners, etc. To be honest, people tend to have a lot of flatulance after the procedure than anything else.

    If you want to be 'knocked' out it is only about 10-15 mins if that. That's it all done.

    No drips are required - I don't normally have the knock out - only because I have had it so many times, you get used to the procedure. If you're awake the doctors will show you where the camera is at any point. When you get to my age they tend to take tissue samples, but that's all.



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    Just my experience. My first one a short time ago was nothing! I was mildly sedated but quite alert and found the images on the screen fascinating. Just a slight discomfort once but it was soon over. They could possibly sedate you more if you are worried but sometimes they ask you to move a little, so you have to be able to respond of course! You will probably find that after the small needle prick, you won't have a care in the world. You might even go to sleep for a while afterwards and some people don't remember anything. I didn't have a drip, just a good lunch after all that preparation. It's worth doing! Don't worry...😊
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    Thanks guys, some really good advice and it has settled me slightly! Still freaked out though!!
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    Hello antonia, everyone is different, and medications affect people different. With that said, If your colonoscopy is done properly, which im sure it will be, and the medication does what it is supposed to do...which is called a conceous (or however the heck you spell it) sedation, you will only experience a little discomfort, because they must put air into your intestines, which causes slight cramping, but nothing you cant handle im sure....youll be fine.
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     You poor thing. There's no use me telling you not to get screwed up over it because I'm sure most people do. As advised earlier, it is different for everyone. depends how many twists you have in the bowel and obviously if you have an irritable area it can be more uncomfortable. My mother in Law felt nothing without sedation and was fasinated watching the screen. Me?, I'm more of a baby and wouldn't watch. Everyone in the ward walked out as if they'd just been shopping at Tesco. Me? I was pushed out on a trolly. Please try not to worry the sedation will relax you. Good luck and let us know how you get on x
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