So what my EBV test results mean?

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I got my EBV test results which show a past infection. But the 90% of the population has it. It means nothing. How did you get a diagnosis ? I had a mono test when my syntpoms started and it was negative. I’m so dissapointed.

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    My first blood test was negative but second time round when my tonsils were huge it was positive. The positive result doesn’t really mean anything though, they can’t treat it either way. For me it was just reassuring to know it was glandular fever and not something bad more serious. But hey, now I feel abysmal and didn’t realise how bad Gf actually is 
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      Thanks for replying. How long was it when you took the 2nd test? I had a mono test negative when my symptoms wee just starting. But recently I have done the EBV test which is different from mono and means nothing doctor said. My doctor also thinks there is no meaning in redoing the Mono test as I have no fever and I'm not sick right now.

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      Between the first and second test was about 2 weeks. You have to have the test at exactly the right time, too early or too late and it’ll be negative 
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    I totally understand your frustration at this Christine, I was lucky in that I got an active diagnosis in the early stages but all my blood tests in the months afterwards showed normal. It's always wise to ask doc for blood tests to monitor things for sure, and remember it could very well be mono, it sounds very likely, if the symptoms are the same and blood test shows a past infection. I'm not medically minded, I'm not sure if the doctors can tell from blood tests how far past the infection has been, maybe something worth asking for sure.

    Thinking of you and still believing you WILL get better Christine - truly truly truly I believe that, hang in there just now in the hard times and with mono (and similar type viruses) things do get better over time until you feel normal again.


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      Thank you Craig, if only I had the faith you have. Faith and positive attitude is number 1 in the healing process. 
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    So my symptoms started about 2 weeks before i actually had a blood test. I didn't think anything of it at the time, I thought it would just pass but it didn't. I ended up going up to the walk in centre and they diagnosed me with strep throat which i knew I 100% didnt have as i didnt have a bad throat.

    I went back to my GP instead and they said they didnt know but i told them i knew i had GF however they were unsure. So they said i could have a blood test the following week or there and then in which i did, and the nest day it came back positive for Mono/GF.

    So if i were you I would 100% try again with the blood test in a week when they symptoms have kicked in because its always a relief to know what you have enough though there's nothing to be done with the virus. However your blood test may have just come back negative because of how early you are into it whereas I (I dont know if it's the same for everyone) was 2 weeks into it without hardly knowing.

    TRY AGAIN! smile

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      It’s almost a year for me, do you think it’s worth to have mono test again? My doctor didn’t recommend me. She said I don’t have fever or throat infection right now. 

      So I need to wait u til ny symptoms get worse and then do the test? 

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      I mean if you really think you have GF after a whole year then yeah I would try once the symptoms are more and more noticeable. 
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    Hi.i got my results back on monday.didnt even know what i was being tested for but have been bed ridden for wks.i have gf and whooping cough.obviously since then ive been researching alot and hoping that doesnt stick round for mths like every story i read.was soooo glad to read reasons for all these symptoms ive never dealt with before in my life
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      Hi guys,

      So sorry to hear you've been going through such a tough time with mono Jen, really hoping these symptoms settle down soon and they certainly can be very common for mono I believe - remember you will get through this and will get better, even if it takes time don't panic because recovery will come.

      Thanks Christine, oh I know the feeling too when you feel weary and struggling to hold onto hope and faith....been going through a tough time in my life too for other reasons than mono just now and been reminded how hard it is when in the midst of a trial. It's easy to give advice but not so easy to take or when you're in that situation I know for sure, I just try to recall on my experiences of mono and how I went through the same horrible symptoms and worry as you but how God pulled me through it and healed me. You're so right in that faith and positive attitude are number 1 in the healing process, really hoping and praying God can help give us all that today!!

      In terms of blood tests after a year, mines were all fine after the initial few months and I think it's normal after a year that the blood tests would show normal even if you're still getting symptoms - that doesn't mean to say it's not mono causing it, it most likely still is that if that's what has been the cause, but it's just the blood tests don't show it usually after the initial period.

      Christine you ARE gonna get through this and get better - I believe it for you even if it's hard to see that yourself right now (I know what it's like when you can't see it yourself and sometimes it can be good to know that someone else believes it for you).


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