So worried about my fiance, any advice please !!

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Hi, I need some advice from anyone please.

11 days ago my fiance crept into bed with a painful back, the pain is in his lower right side and down his right leg to his ankle.

Over the last week he has been scrunched up on all fours, not able to walk unaided, when he stands his leg gives way.

I called the ambulance to get him to hospital 3 times and was refused and told to call 111 which I did, an emergency doctor prescribed cocodamol by fax to the chemist, didn't touch the pain, our own gp prescribed tramadol, gabepentin and diazapam, didnt touch the pain.

Eventually after calling 111 again they sent ambulance.

The paramedics had to strecher him downstairs while he used gas and air. I was so relieved that at last he would get treatment, I was wrong.

They did an xray and said nothing found, gave him morphine and diclofenic suppository and sent him home on cruches, the journey home in my car was horrendous for him.

He has recieved an appointment for an MRI scan in 2 weeks.

I need to know what I can do to help him in the meantime, I cannot work, he cannot work, we have no help at all for this. 

Its heartbreaking to see him like this, he is being so brave but I can see how worried he is, he is normally so fit and healthy, to watch him suffering is really upsetting. He really does need urgent help but I dont know what to do next for him. He cant walk or carry out any normal activity, he is in so much pain its untrue, he is only 43 years old. If anyone has any suggestions I would  be so grateful. Thank you.


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    Hi Cosmo,

    So very sorry to hear of your experience - sometimes I could shoot the NHS and at other times theyv'e been brilliant with me.  I'm afraid I can't help you with any expert advice but it sounds like a possible trapped nerve.  Two weeks seems a very long time to wait when your'e in agony but I hope the time passes quickly and that you get a positive outcome.  God bless you both x

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    Hi Cosmo, I'm so sorry to hear your fiancé is in so much pain. It sounds to me like he ha sciatica. He has trapped his sciatic nerve which is causing the pain to travel trombone his lumbar spine Dow the back of his leg. It is it remedy painful. I'm pleased to hear he will be having an MRI shortly as this will also show if he has any problems with his discs and facet joints. The best thing for him now is to rest, take warm baths which you can add some magnesium flakes to, and painkillers. I wish him better and please do let us all know his MRI results. 
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    Hi cosmo321,

    So sorry to hear the problems you and your fiance are having.  Has he had back pain before or did it come on suddenly?

    I used to have chronic back pain.  Every now and again I would throw my back out, an acute episode just you describe in your post.

    The back is a very complicated structure and doctors often just don't know what the exact cause is.  Often it is a strain or sprain.  The muscles go into spasm to protect the damaged area.  It is extremely painful and debilitating but does get better over days or weeks.  This is when you get the advice to take pain relef and keep as active as possible.  This is about all you can do at this stage - follow the medical advice.

    When it calms down he can look at ways to improve posture, core strength and flexibility.  I train regularly with Tai Chi and it has changed my life.  Other mindful exercise forms are Pilates, Yoga etc.  

    Best wishes

    Iain Barker

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    Do you think there is the remotest chance that it might be a kidney stone/ kidney infection?

    I only sasy this as I had a similar experience many years ago, and as I already suffered with a spinal problem I thought it might have been that flaring up again.

    After an MRI the reality turned out to be kidney related which required an operation.

    Under the circumstances I don't think you have any alternative other than to pester your GP, and if he/she does not act, then I would be tempted to get down to A&E and demand an MRI, as nobody can be expected to endure pain like you are describing.

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    Hi Cosmo, I thought I had replied but can't find it. I would taking your fiance back to A & E and refuse to leave until he gets the help he so desperately needs you will have to be very strong and stubborn but it's the only way. I had to do it once and was given a cocktail of drugs which I took the first dose of and when they kicked in and gave me relief I was able to go home and rest until the worst was over. I also think it's a trapped nerve and possibly muscle spasm as well. Gas and air might help in A&E. Good luck and don't be bullied into leaving until he has help. Do keep in touch. D
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    Thank you all so so much for your kind replies.

    I am currently waiting for a call from my gp (telephone consultation, hoping she will give him something strong for the pain this time, at least so he can get a few hours sleep. Thank you all again, next step will definately be straight back to A+E.


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      Hi Cosmo, I was just just wondering how things are going for you both. I ended up on A&E with my eldest grandson last night. He was in so much pain. He damaged a ligament or tendon a few weeks ago and it went again yesterday to the extent that I had to grab a cab and collect him from the roadside. He's on crutches till the worst is over but it's worrying that it have way with no warning. He's only 15. D
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    Hi to everyone who replied, sorry its taken a while to thank you all.

    Well its been a long few weeks, my fiance eventually had the MRI following a very stressful battle with many many health professionals.

    Emergency surgery was carried out on him as it was found that he had a condition called Caud equina syndrome.

    For anyone showing the same symptoms as my fiance, I urge you to make sure this is checked without delay, my dear Fiance is now left with a catheter and possible lifelong dissabilities.

    Please read up on this condition (CAUDA EQUINA SYNDROME)

    Both myself and my Fiance would hate for anyone else to suffer like this.

    Wishing you all well x

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    So sorry to hear everything you have both been through.  Good for your fiance that he had you on his side.  I wish you both all the very best for the future.
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    Hi Cosmo, I am so very sorry to hear that your fiance has had to suffer so much and ended up as he has.  Thank you so much for letting us all know the outcome, you have been in my thoughts often since your original message.  I do hope things improve for you both.  Sending you warmest wishes.  Dianne   
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