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I'm 43 female , suffer with health anxiety , If not felt well for a long time ,in months convinced iv had just about every C going , had various scans done on stomach , ovarys , And iv had so many blood tests done some up some down but had settled ,few months ago I started getting indigestion and lost some weight as trouble eating as painful because of indigestion I also have IBS so went on omeprozol 20mg one a day that helped I could eat better and gained weight , my consultant not to concerned , I had bad side effects do stopped after 3 weeks , indigestion bit better so I now take gaviscon when needed , seen consultant and started a fodmap diet with dietitian to help with IBS , IBS symptoms have improved and indigestion settled ... But I'm still loosing some weight ... I'm a very anxious person and suffer health anxiety so been in high alert for months and months ... Recent blood tests all normal ... I'm still so worried something els going on ... But what more can I do to get checked out ?

Please no scary stories as I'm so worried , thanks for listening

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    Hi there,

       Yes, worrying about ones health is always a draining thing! I HAVE had a ton of cancers and autoimmune illnesses and I STILL worry! So, you are not alone.

    WIth the FODMAP protocol, make sure you elemenate 'hidden' foods. For example, many foods you buy can contain onion powder, or garlic powder, or some fruit is used. Many juices on the market whilst they say they are pure often contain apple as its sugar and extra flavour. These things will set an IBS or Inflammatory Bowel off big time. So look at the labels!

    I am on the FODMAP protocol and had been feeling lousy for many many years prior to starting it. I did the breath testing and discovered many of the things which made me feel tired, bloated etc were on the list of no-no's. It is rrrrrrreally difficult to stay on the FODMAP diet especially when dining out, or buying a frozen meal for example but it can be done.

    I lost a ton of weight when I started the FODMAP so don't be too concerned by it. Once you have given up many things you used to eat you will look back and realise many foods actually have empty calories and much fats and sugars which maintain a bit of extra body weight. If you were to look at people in the 1920's you would find they pretty much ate similar to what we FODMAPpers do now. (Ok the stone fruits were always stewed but I don't eat them at all on the protocol) and you will see they were all thin people.

    Also, be aware many FODMAPpers can not tolerate lactose, or gluten. So if you haven't eliminated dairy yet, give that a go.

    The only advice I can give would be to go get a full blood testing for thyroid ( you might be hyperthyroid without realising, this can cause anxiety, weight loss) your iron levels and stores (anemia can also result in weight loss, anxiety and irritable bowel), Vit D3 ( if you live in England those levels can be way down!) Vit B12 ( loss of weight, and anxiety again!)

    Once you eliminate those factors you will most likely feel more in control of your destiny in health. Never knowing is the worst part, I think.


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      Thank you for replying , iv woken feeling so low today , my recent bloods were for thyroid liver , B12 vit D FBC iron , inflammation in bones all came back " normal " but looking at them they are low side ... I'm so worried something more going on ... Is there any other scans tests I can ask for ? I think the next one is endoscopy into stomach ... Which my consultant will do but has stated he's not expecting to find anything but will do if I want ...., I feel like I want everything checked and scanned ... GPs don't know everything and I feel like I'm being fobbed off all the time because of my anxiety ...

      The diet has been good iv noticed some positive changes but I do tend to keep it bland and safe foods ... X thanks for listening I feel very alone

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      Do you have your pathology report with all the results on it? It's helpful to know what the levels are.

      Have you had a colonoscopy? The endoscopy may not find anything abnormal. You could ask for a CT scan but they tend to be expensive and give un-needed radiation. Unless you have some suspicion specifically for something it is difficult to pinpoint what to ask for in further tests.

      For specific illness there are markers they can test for but unless you or the GP know what it might be then it is a stab in the dark.

      Certain cancers give out certain proteins and only the specific test ordered may or may not find it.

      Often it is a case of elimination rather than obvious causes.

      I'm of the opinion that too much research on the internet can cause undue worrying that something is wrong with us that is not being found. Honestly the really rare cases of something not being found for ages is extremely low.

      Maybe you can ask for some anti-anxiety medication to help you get through? It sounds you are getting depressed by it all. Believe me, I have been there! No shame in it to ask for some help.

      It's good you are having some positives from being on the diet, and you ought to keep them in mind. Your GP sounds like they are trying to help you, which is amazing! Most GP's will just roll their eyes and dismiss your feelings

      Hang in there, I know what it is like.

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      Thanks , it's the weight loss that's really worrying me ... If that was ok I wouldn't be so worried ... I just don't know where to go from here ... I had a sigmoidoscopy several years ago and not had an endoscopy.... My gastro consultant said as things settling will leave for now unless I want one ... I'm thinking I will go for that ... Although it terifies me .... Getting GP appointment is a nightmare ... But maybe will try tomorrow ... Feel so low with all this worry
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