Soft poo for 6 months

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Ok so here goes not the best conversation but I am 35 years old and for the last 7-8 months I have 1-2 soft stools a day always first thing in the morning I say soft as not very often they are formed stools..if they are they are only small, lately I have been getting diarreah no more than twice a day though. I get no pain at all except from an achy back but no pain.

I went to my doctors who tested me for all sorts a full blood count and a CEA blood test which all came back clear. She has sent me for the camera only to soley put my mind at at rest as a worry like mad over cancer.

She says I will probably have irritable bowel syndrome but the more I read the more I see you get tummy ache with it and I don't have any. I am worried incase I have something else. Can anyone give me more of an insight of IBS

Thank you

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    IBS causes stomach pain.  I have IBS and I most definitely get pain along with constipation or diarrhoea. There is another condition called Functional diarrhoea and people with that don't get pain.  Sometimes doctors lump functional diarrhoea in with IBS.

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    Peoples stools can vary and it can be as simple as what your diet is. In Spain they can be more loose because of Olive Oil in their diet.

    If they confirm IBS they may put you on a revised diet depending on the cause of your problem. If your tests are ok discuss if a treatment plan would help


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    The thing about IBS is that its a diagnosis of exclusion so if the have done all the relevant tests to exclude serious illness then they will conclude its IBS.   The good news  is that serious conditions have been ruled out and if it were cancer there would be lots of other symptoms so you need to believe the docs

    IBS is an incredibly diverse you may or may not get pain. you may vary between loose stools and constipation.

    Think about what you eat and see if some things bring on particular loose stools or constipation 

    A very significant cause of IBS is worry which excacebates and even causes all the symptoms.  Did something happen 7 months ago that set  all this off.  If so can you try and deal with those issues . Are you busy do you have interests to take your mind off your concerns


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    Thank you for your reply' s you are very right I should believe my doctor as all my bloods were clear but I haven't been for the camera just yet.. that is booked for the 19th but again she only booked me in for peace if mind! My back is achy if that is even a word as I don't find it's painful all day were I have to take pain killers .

    I am constantly looking at my stool now whichbisnt good at 8am in the morning!!!

    7 months ago I had a cist on my overy which dissapeared on its own but at the time I said my bowels have changed and they just thought it was because of the cist.

    I keep reading Google on how CEA tests or full blood counts don't pick up cancer always. I am so worried I know I shouldn't read google.

    Thank you so much

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    I've been loosely diagnosed with IBS (my GP has said, after me going back and forth for over a year now, 'well, it has to be IBS!'wink but my main symptoms don't include stomach pain. 

    IBS, however, affects everyone differently. For me, it's occasional bloating/indigestion, unable to empty bowels properly and sometimes a fast transit time (food from mouth to toilet) - and don't worry about inspecting your poop. I suspect many people on here do it! I do! Lots of people who have IBS report stomach pain, but it's something I've never really experienced. 

    I've had colonoscopy, bloods, seen a private specialist and the old finger up the rectum numerous times. I agree, Google can make matters worse sometimes, but it can also offer insight to topics to bring up with your doctor when you see them.

    The more you look into IBS, the bigger the hole gets! Hopefully your mind will be put to rest after the tests and you can focus on minimising the symptoms and the daily annoyances that IBS can give you. 

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    Thank you for all your replys..

    I eat really heathly example yesterday i had porridge then salad for Dinner then for evening meal I had salmon veg and mash potato.. this morning I had thick diarrhoea but only once.. it's driving me mad now as I called my doctors again today and she said all my blood tests are fine.

    She did a CRP CEA and a full blood count.

    Am I over thinking and reading to much google as I am constantly thinking it's cancer.

    I have no pain except back ache if I am sitting funny or before bed.

    Many thanks

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    You may be right slings I know its not any cancer I can deal with anything else.

    I think a lot more symptoms would be happening to me if it was I suppose..

    The joys of being an adult!!!!

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    Hello, could you share if you got better ? I also get loose stools for 2 months now, all test look normal. Would you share your experience please ?

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